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In the mid-60s, the country had turned its attention on Sunday afternoon network televsion to a new kind of quiz show, one not for payola but for scholarship money, and pitting the best brains from America's college campuses in a match of quick wits.

When, in spring, 1966, it was Rice's turn to go on  College Bowl, the team of Harriet Mauzy, Gordon Braden, Bill Kennedy and Lawson Taitte was unstoppable.  Rice blew through five opponents in consecutive weeks, culminating in a trophy-retiring 450-5 defeat of UT-Chattanooga.  The Rice team set all-time records in total points scored (1,760) and single-match points. 

Team members Mauzy and Kennedy had been in New York for a match, missing commencement exercises, and a special graduation exercise was staged for them on the show. 

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