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innad.jpg (11075 bytes)yeoldcollegeinnDR330.jpg (46762 bytes)On South Main Boulevard nearby the old Rice Field it stood, not much more than a shack but a place of  refuge after a tough loss for the Institute, and of welcome for the celebration after a Rice victory. Ye Old College Inn has been gone for almost 40 years, but in its heyday it had the kind of atmosphere that 90s-era sports bars often strive to mimic, but never really achieve. The College Inn saw the passage of many a Rice Institute season, and  from its vantage point many a tradition, celebration, and foible of the place was observed.   What follows are some of them....

oldelevtn.jpg (1961 bytes)Across from the Inn stood Rice Field, home of the Rice Owls from 1912 through 1949.
The old stadium wound up seating 40,000 -- thus making it larger than the current capacity of several other C-USA schools.  And it was torn down in 1951. The Rice track stadium now stands where Rice Field once lay.


maegletn.jpg (3844 bytes)One of college football's most famous plays -- a Rice touchdown.
Alabama's Tommy Lewis came off the bench to tackle Owls' Dickie Maegle en route to awarded 95-yard TD run in 1954 Cotton Bowl.


heismantn.jpg (3097 bytes)The Rice coach they named the trophy after.
John W. Heisman coached the Owls from 1924 to 1927.  It was his last coaching job before taking over management of the the New York Downtown Athletic Club. Later, they had a little trophy they named after him.

jfk62tn.jpg (7702 bytes)"Why go to the moon?  Why does Rice play Texas?"
In October, 1962, John F. Kennedy made one of the major policy addresses of his administration before 35,000 in Rice Stadium.  "Not because they are easy," JFK said, "but because they are hard."

jesstn.jpg (3165 bytes)Jess Neely showed the college football world how to win like a gentleman.
Neely coached the Owls from 1940 through 1966, leading them to four SWC championships and victories in the Orange and Cotton Bowls.  Coach Neely finished eighth on the list of all-time winningest college coaches.

mobtn.jpg (5947 bytes)Aggies, like elephants, apparently never forget.
Rice band mischief in '73 was  a day to live in A&M infamy--but only one of a number of fowl deeds visited on cadets by Institute over the years.


college2tn.jpg (4785 bytes)Nebraska, Florida State and Notre Dame all rolled into one.
The Rice '66 NBC College Bowl team blew away the competition, and set all-time records for the brain game.


nerds1tn.jpg (4851 bytes)Freshman "Guidance" took place on a broad range of subjects.
Rice students traditionally have been second-to-none in finding creative ways to maintain rites of initiation and let off steam.


stadiumtn.jpg (2921 bytes)Rice Stadium is one of three on-campus stadia to have hosted a Super Bowl.
On January 12, 1974, the Miami Dolphins defeated the Minnesota Vikings 24-7 in Super Bowl VIII in Rice Stadium.


summittn.jpg (4131 bytes)President Bush staged his administration's crowning event at Rice.
The 1990 Economic Summit of Industrialized Nations held its plenary sessions and ceremonial events on the Rice campus, as President Bush hosted Margaret Thatcher, Helmut Kohl and other international dignitaries.


yankee1.jpg (7779 bytes)The New York Yankees once were tenants of Rice.
Rice has become the owner of an interesting collection of real estate holdings, over the years--a result of donations from alumni.  None of them was more distinctive, or unusual, than The House that Ruth Built. Rice once owned it.


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