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08tulaneo16run1tn166.jpg (36235 bytes)
STAR.gif (898 bytes)Tulane photos...

08usmo12n6seq9tn.jpg (32947 bytes)
STAR.gif (898 bytes)'The play' -- Chase to Randolph to Thor...
look.gif (907 bytes)

08usmma81seq4tn166.jpg (30466 bytes)
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08tulsa 081tn.jpg (32987 bytes)
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arguably the finest --
embodying the ideal
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A season to remember --      Rice football 2008

Rice 38, Western Michigan 14
glorydays471.jpg (26474 bytes)

Rice gets first bowl win since '54, first 10-win season since '49 after jumping out to 38-0 lead; Reliant Sta- dium a sea of blue; Chase, JD go out with a flourish
08txbcover1.jpg (108595 bytes)

RICE FIGHT NEVER DIES -- Victorious Owls hail their fellow students after post-game trophy ceremony; nothing but smiles all around as Rice rolls to convincing victory over MAC foe (PTH photo)
08txbcover2.jpg (123495 bytes)

TERRIFIC TRIO -- James Casey, Chase Clement, Jarett Dillard pose with Caoch Bailiff in front of Texas Bowl trophy; Chase also picked up trophy of his own for game MVP (PTH photo)

08txbmadixonsidelinecatch1x.jpg (88014 bytes)
Toren Dixon -- whom Jarett Dillard referred as "the X Factor" in this game -- hauls in key catch for first down to keep Rice drive alive (Mark Anderson photo)

HOUSTON (Dec. 31) -- When Rice quarterback Chase Clement slashed 26 yards downfield and across the goal for Rice’s first Texas Bowl score, a resounding cheer – the likes of which have not been heard in years – welled up among the blue-clad Owl fans filling the home two-thirds of Reliant Stadium.

It was a joyful noise that echoed through labyrinths of time. It harkened back to Rice’s win over Texas in 1994; it wafted its way through years and years of football misfortune and misery. In an instant, it traversed the decades and descended upon a teeming Rice Stadium, deep in the past, some time in the early days of its existence, where it melded with the noise of a packed crowd of 72,000 onlookers – seemingly the whole city of Houston, there to cheer on its champion Owl team over a vaunted foe.

Those were the Glory Days of Rice football, and with Chase’s first touchdown, and with the 31 consecutive points that the Owls put on the scoreboard after the first seven, time itself warped back to such times, and in so doing, relegated five decades of Rice football irrelevancy to the dust bin of history.

It’s well-documented elsewhere that the Owls’ 38-14 romp in the park over Western Michigan gave the Institute Boys their first bowl win since 1954, and the resulting 10-3 record comprised the most wins for a Rice team since 1949. Being able to shovel dirt in the face of long-extant bugaboos is gratifying.
Story continues....updated.gif (971 bytes)   

08txbo80defenselessa144.jpg (37087 bytes)Texas Bowl video highlights

(videos including all of Rice's scoring drive highlights and other good stuff)

It's 'R' Time, indeed

By Joyce Pounds Hardy, Class of 45, BA '67

08uho81n16n12vx275.jpg (52140 bytes)
Chase to Thor:  good old-fashioned hard work (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Jan. 4) -- Well, it would have been a miracle, but it wasn’t. It was good old-fashioned hard work, an extraordinary game plan, extraordinary execution, and extraordinary players whose hearts showed what they were made of Tuesday night.

There in '54, there in '08
joyce167.jpg (3700 bytes)

From the Distaff End of the Bench

I don’t know when I have been more proud of a bunch of never-say-die Seniors, who led the way down that long road back to respectability. They never gave up on themselves or let the rest of the guys quit giving a hundred per cent.

We all know their story—three coaches in five years, highs and lows that rivaled a roller coaster, injuries that decimated the starting lineups, youngsters filling big shoes with on-the-field training, finally having a coach whom they could trust and who believed in them. That very special group proved that it really was “R” Time.

Offensive show now what captivates fans

froggy4.jpg (33043 bytes)
By Froggy Williams

HOUSTON (Jan. 21) -- I must say first that the rise of Rice football fortunes in the last three years one has to consider an up and down event.  In fact, it has been a great and tumultuous ride.

Let's start with 2006. After something of a rebellion by Rice partisans, we got ourselves a new football coach, a fellow by the name of Todd Graham. Todd has sort of gotten a bad rap at Rice because of the circumstances by which he left the University.

But Todd now is in a place much better for him, both figuratively and literally. He is the center of the athletic universe in Tulsa. It is impossible that he could ever have been the center of the athletic universe in Houston, comparatively speaking. Too bad he missed those years when it might have been  possible. Tulsa University IS virtually the only game in Tulsa town.

Enough said about Todd, he did his job here. There were a great many of  those who knew Rice could attract quality athletes. As it turned out, we already had some quality athletes, we just needed someone to get them motivated.

Rice football:  Top 10 moments of 2008
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Jan. 4)
Looking ahead to 2009
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Jan. 2)
Losing voice, gaining smile at Texas Bowl
(Houston Chronicle blogs/From the Student Section-- Dec. 31)
Rice shows ideal program is possiblelook.gif (907 bytes)
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 31)
Owls earn place in school historywavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 31)
QB sparks Rice to Texas triumph
(Ottawa Sun -- Dec. 31)

Contracts, Owls and ACLs -- oh, my
(Kalamazoo Gazette -- Dec. 31)
Two non-plays bury Broncos
(Kalamazoo Gazette -- Dec. 31)

'D' missing during key times
(Kalamazoo Gazette -- Dec. 31)

Jamarko tops Simmons' record
(Kalamazoo Gazette -- Dec. 31)

Reveal Hiller played last 3 games with torn ACL
(Kalamazoo Gazette -- Dec. 31)

Southern hospitality disappears for Broncos in Texas Bowl
(Kalamazoo Gazette -- Dec. 31)
Bronco QB played end of season with torn ACL
(Detroit Free Press -- Dec. 31)

Broncos get blitzed by Owls
(Detroit Free Press -- Dec. 31)

Rice QB leads Owls to win over Western Michigan
(Truro, Nova Scotia, Daily News/AP -- Dec. 31)

Rice 38, WMU 14 -- photo gallery
(Detroit Free Press -- Dec. 31)

Near-perfect performance in lthe Texas Bowl
(ESPNU -- Dec. 31)
Clement , Dillard close careers with Texas Bowl win
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 31)
Unheralded Owl defense delivers in finest hour
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 31)
Owls able to score points at will
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 31)
Scenes from Reliant Stadium
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 31)
Rice routs Western Michigan
(Associated Press -- Dec. 30)

Rice dominates Western Michigan in Texas Bowl
(Seattle Post-Intelligencer/Sports Network -- Dec. 30)

Garley to defend Owls in Texas Bowl
(Victoria Advocate -- Dec. 29)

wmubronco471.jpg (166241 bytes)

Yes, Rice has bowl history!
In swan song, Chase, JD give Owls
chance to get back on winning track

'We're all think- ing on the same page here'

HOUSTON (Dec. 27) – Going into the 2008 season, Chris Ptaszek was challenged by his coaches to contribute more than ever before to his team. And the senior three- letterman from Tomball, moved from the offense to defense just prior to commencing his senior year, rose to the challenge presented by that move, easily having his best year in an Owl uniform.

chrisptacek1a166.jpg (24231 bytes)
Tomball's Chris Ptaszek

Chris Ptaszek doesn’t need any reminders that next Tuesday night will be the last time he puts on an Owl uniform. When he steps off the field, it will be the last time for him, as well as twenty-one other seniors.

"It’s not like I’ll be going onto next season or next year," Chris acknowledged Friday in a brief interview before practice.
Story continues....

HOUSTON (Dec. 27) -- Tuesday's Texas Bowl game between Rice and Western Michigan is a contest many long-in-the-tooth Owl fans frankly had never expected to see, ere they passed from this orb.

Ironically, at the same time, it's a game that every Owl fan has come to anticipate with more than a tinge of regret and nostalgia -- a game that they knew had to come along eventually, but wished that it somehow, some way, might be pushed off just a bit more into the indefinite future.

For when the Owls and the Broncos tee it up at Reliant Stadium 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, the game will mark the last time ever that Rice's Dynamic Duo, quarterback Chase Clement and wide receiver Jarett Dillard, will evermore don the Blue and the Gray. It might well be the swan song as well, for iron man James Casey, who, if he elects to turn to the spring NFL draft as many expect him to do, will depart South Main in much the same way Clark Kent departed Gotham City for the last time, cape, tights, "S" on the chest and all.

A bittersweet moment, in the event, for Owl fans, new and old -- especially since a coveted bowl win over their MAC opponent would give the Feathered Flock a ten-win season for only the second time in the 91-odd years that Institute Boys have taken to the gridiron. It would also mark Rice’s first bowl victory since the 1954 Cotton Bowl produced a 28-6 win over Alabama.
Story continues....

'War Owl' ready for battle
Former Rice player shows true colors on duty in Iraq

1219_warowls2x.jpg (38619 bytes)BALAD, IRAQ (Dec. 20) -- Once an Owl, always an Owl. And once a champion, always a champion.

Ask Sgt. Clemente (Clem) Torres, who's thrilled enough with the Rice Owls' Texas Bowl appearance that he not only wrote to the team this week but also displayed his passion for all to see in Balad, Iraq, where he's stationed with the U.S. Army's Delta Company 3-159th Armored Reconnaissance Battalion.

“I thought it would be cool that you saw some pictures of what a War Owl looks like,” wrote Torres. “I sent you pictures of me in my War Owl helmet. If that doesn't pump you up, I wrote 'Go Rice Beat The Broncos' on an old biplane sitting next to our shop.”

Clem Torres has his own place in Rice legend, having started as a tight end on the Owl squad that beat the University of Texas in a 19-17 shocker in 1994, which broke a 28-game Longhorn winning streak against Rice.
Story continues....

08comfortzone471.jpg (25526 bytes)
08tulsa_089a471x1.jpg (75430 bytes)
Rice head coach David Bailiff overcame a rocky first year, now to become the most successful -- and most comfortably ensconced -- Owl coach since Jess Neely

HOUSTON (Dec. 15) -- The epic journey in a single year from a 3-9 record to a 9-3 season has got to belie sea changes in attitudes, beliefs, and even basic relationships among the players, coaches and supporters of a major college football program.

It's a journey that rarely takes place in college football, and is singularly unheard of at places such as Rice, with its perceived impediments to easy success on the gridiron.

But that voyage took place this year under the steady guide of head coach David Bailiff at the helm, who now sails his team into Rice's second bowl game in three years in a following sea and a fair wind.

Coach Bailiff tried to convince those who would listen during the dog days of August that he and his crew were about to sail into new waters this season. To all hands, it was clear, last year, that a feeling of command just wasn't there yet among the new Rice mentor, his staff and his players. That came as no surprise, given the turbulent nature of his predecessor's stormy departure.
Story continues....

Once every 50 years or so...
08smujdtdma471.jpg (82445 bytes)
...a guy like this comes along.  For setting team, league and NCAA receiving records, Jarett Dillard was named first-team All-American by the Football Writers' Association of America -- the first Owl to receive such recognition from the FWAA since Buddy Dial in 1958 (Mark Anderson photo)

Mid-Major Main Man08memochase4x1.JPG (192293 bytes)
Senior Rice quarterback Chase Clement has been racking up the post-season kudos, first being named C-USA MVP, then being tapped for the Underdog Award as the mid-major national player of the year, with likely more honors to come (PTH photo)
'I've heard they're located up in western Michigan'

Focus on winning bowl game,
making Rice football history

08dec8sendejolarge3a3.jpg (40629 bytes)
Andrew:  "Well, I’ve heard they’re located up in western Michigan -- that's all I know"

08dec8chaselarge1a3.jpg (41381 bytes)
Chase:  "It will be a great opportunity to accomplish a lot"

HOUSTON (Dec. 8) – It seems Notre Dame’s Texas Bowl no-show registered scarcely a blip on the radar screen for the home town contestants in that game – or so insisted Rice head coach David Bailiff and two of his key players here Monday.

Instead, the attitude is "business as usual" for this Rice team, which has the opportunity to earn a 10-win season for the first time in over 50 years as a representative of Rice’s football fortunes. That, in and of itself, is more than enough incentive to keep one’s eyes on the prize, Coach Bailiff and his players unanimously agreed.

"First off, we are absolutely thrilled to be staying at home and going to the Texas Bowl," the Rice head man insisted. "It will be a bowl that our players can cherish because of all the different events that the bowl gives – this is truly an elite bowl for our guys and they will absolutely love it."

First comes the bonuses incumbent with any bowl berth – the ability to work in several more weeks of practice, the chance to get back to fundamentals. "With our having this amount of time to get ready," Rice junior DB Andrew Sendejo said, "we will be able to go back and do some fundamental stuff; we will be able to break down some of the things that we did wrong in the UH game and we will be able to fix all those little things. And that’s going to help us be ready to play against Western Michigan."
Story continues....

'It was the bowl that we wanted'

No place like home base for Rice bowl aspirations

08txbowlpccdc1x216.jpg (42151 bytes)
AD DelConte: 'Super excited'

08txbowlpcdb1.jpg (39399 bytes)
Coach Bailiff:  'Another opportunity'

HOUSTON (Dec. 3) -- "It was the bowl that we wanted."

That unequivocal comment of Rice head coach David Bailiff rang through the R Room during Wednesday afternoon’s press conference wherein university Athletic Director Chris DelConte and Texas Bowl officials jointly announced Rice's participation in the upcoming third annual version of the City of Houston's own hometown bowl game.

"We are absolutely thrilled to be able to invite Rice to play in the Texas Bowl," said Texas Bowl manager Heather Houston. "Rice has had an amazing season and is one of the most exciting teams in the country. It will be a treat for football fans in Houston to see the Owls cap off this tremendous run right here at home."

With the choice, Rice officials clearly chose to emphasize building the fan base by way of playing before a large local audience of non-Rice-affiliated attendees.

"It's another opportunity for the people of Houston to come and see us," Coach Bailiff told a about 40 local press representatives gathered in the R Room, video cameras on. "It's a chance for Jarett and Chase to hook up one more time at home. There are nothing but positives."
Story continues.... new.gif (908 bytes)       Matt Musil-CDC interview....look.gif (907 bytes)

Rice seniors pursue legacy of winning  at Texas Bowl
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 30)
This one is special for many
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 30)

Like Rice, Western Michigan has high-powered offense
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 30)

Rice vs. Western Michigan: Five things to watch
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Dec. 30)
Offenses on display in Texas
(South Bend Tribune -- Dec. 30)

Offensive talent in this game is phenomenal
(Kalamazoo Gazette -- Dec. 30)
Passing attack may hurt Broncos
(Detroit Free Press -- Dec. 30)
WMU-Rice:   scouting report, prediction
(Detroit Free Press -- Dec. 30)
Western Michigan reaches Texas Bowl on character
(Detroit Free Press -- Dec. 30)
Western Michigan, Rice eerily similar
(Kalamazoo Gazette -- Dec. 30)
Western Michigan vs. Rice:  5 elements of impact
(Kalamazoo Gazette -- Dec. 30)

Texas Bowl latest reminder of how far WMU has come under Cubit
(Kalamazoo Gazette -- Dec. 30)

From the ashes:  Cubit rebuilds program
(Battle Creek Enquirer -- Dec. 30)

Owls, Broncos look for milestone win at Texas Bowl
(International Herald-Tribune/AP -- Dec. 30)
Rice juniors preparing to take the reins
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 29)
Former Brisox pitcher now record-setting receiver for Ricelook.gif (907 bytes)
Bristol, Va., Herald-Courier -- Dec. 29)

Seniors led Rice thorugh lean years
(Kalamazoo Gazette -- Dec. 29)

Bowl trip a homecoming for WMU assistant
(Kalamzaoo Gazette -- Dec. 29)

WMU beat reporter blogging from Houston
(Kalamazoo Gazette -- Dec. 29)

Broncos count on trio of receivers
(Detroit Free Press -- Dec. 29)

Texas Bowl:  the final practice
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Dec. 28)

Rice defense makes no excuses despite injuries
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 28)
Dec. 27 Texas Bowl press conference quotes
(TexasBowl.org -- Dec. 27)
Old chums Cubit, Driesbach to reunite in Texas bowl
(Kalamazoo Gazette -- Dec. 27)
WMU 'all hat and no cattle' at rodeo bowl
(Kalamozaoo Gazette -- Dec. 27)

Texas Bowl:  day two
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Dec. 27)
Bailiff, Rice a perfect match as Texas bowl nears
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 27)
Houston, Texas Bowl worth wait for Western Michigan
(Kalamazoo Gazette -- Dec. 27)
'We can accomplish so much more'
(CBS Sportsline -- Dec. 27)
WMU prepares for shootout in Texas Bowl
(Battle Creek Enquirer -- Dec. 27)
Broncos arrive in Houston
(BroncoBlitz.com -- Dec. 27)
Western Michigan, Rice face off in Texas Bowl
(Holland, Mich., Sentinel -- Dec. 27)

Definite homefield advantage for Owls
(Kansas City Star/The Sports Network -- Dec. 26)
Texas Bowl ready to take off
(Kalamazoo Gazette/AP -- Dec. 26)
Swanson, WMU get bowl-ready
(Muskegon, Mich., Chronicle -- Dec. 24)
Broncos' Armer kicks it into gear
(Janesville, Wisc., Gazette -- Dec. 24)

Rice faces Western Michigan in Texas Bowl
(Niles, Mich., Daily Star -- Dec. 24)

WMU AD:  Bowl game finances misunderstood
(Kalamazoo Gazette -- Dec. 23)
WMU gets five frosh all-league selections
(Niles, Mich., Daily Star -- Dec. 23)

Another win would really help establish program
(ESPN.com -- Dec. 23)
Scott Mitchell hitting it big in Texas
(Ottawa Sun -- Dec. 22)
Martens getting his kicks at Rice
(Rapid CIty, SD, Journal -- Dec. 22)

Owl recruiting weekend stacks up like this
(Houston Chronicle  <MK's blog> -- Dec. 21)
Bronco fans gearing up for Texas Bowl
(WMU News -- Dec. 21)
Texas Bowl Austin Wilkinson's swan song
(Montgomery County Courier -- Dec. 20)

Getting to know Western Michigan
(Houston Chronicle  <MK's blog> -- Dec. 19)

It's Bailiff vs. Cubit in annual 'why' game
(Dawgsports.com -- Dec. 19)
Six wins in a row yields post-Christmas bowl for Rice
(Fanhouse.com -- Dec. 18)

Chronicle names Bailiff league coach of year; Chase MVP; Bradshaw defensive newcomer of year
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 18)
The talented Mr. Bradshaw
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Dec. 18)

WMU upperclassmen credit past players
(Detroit Free Press -- Dec. 18)
WMU's Cubit to face off against former ally
(Detroit News -- Dec. 18)
WMU set for 'business trip'
(Battle Creek Enquirer -- Dec. 18)

Horn worshippers rank bowls from 34 to 1
(Austin American-Statesman -- Dec. 18)
WMU fans get Kalamazoo broadcast of Texas Bowl
(Kalamazoo Gazette -- Dec. 17)
Rice coaches enjoy new digs
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 16)
Ryan Craig gets Rudy Award nomination
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 16)
Rice-WMU is all about quarterbacks
(TheFootballExpert.com -- Dec. 16)
Owls seek second 10-win season in program history
(FoxSports.com -- Dec. 15)
Texas Bowl:   Installing the game plan
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Dec. 15)
Big-time spending at Texas Bowl gets Rutgers in hot water
(Houston Press -- Dec. 15)
WMU taking it easy on the practice front
(Kalamazoo Gazette -- Dec. 13)
Move over Froggy, Buddy: JD  FWA first-team All-American
(RiceOwls.com -- Dec. 13)
Jarett named CBS Sports first-team All-American
(CBS Sportsline.com -- Dec. 12)
JD a Walter Camp All-American -- again
(RiceOwls.com -- Dec. 11)
Chase named nation's best mid-major player
(NationalChamps.net -- Dec. 11)
Bailiff-Cubit Texas Bowl press conference videowavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
(TexasBowl.org -- Dec. 11)
Rice quarterback named league MVP
(Huntington, WV, Herald-Dispatch -- Dec. 11)
Bailiff, Cubit agree re bowl desirability
(TexasBowl.org -- Dec. 11)
Non-BCS matchups represent better games
(The Times-Delphic -- Dec. 11)

Rice, UH boast C-USA honorees
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 11)

Chase Clement closed out season as top fantasy quarterback
(AthlonSports.com -- Dec. 10)
Against WMU, Rice gunning for first bowl win in 50 years
(Detroit Free Press -- Dec. 10)

Interview:  Western Michigan Coach Bill Cubit
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Dec. 10)

Bailiff, Clement win top C-USA honors
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 10)
Give a hoot!   We salute the Rice Owls
(Fanblogs.com -- Dec. 10)
Owls excited about Texas Bowl matchup
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 9)
Rice playing for history in bowl game
(KHOU-TV/AP -- Dec. 9)

Owls' practice schedule; Tyler Smith returns
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Dec. 9)

Bailiff's Owls have shot at 10-win season
(Austin American Statesman -- Dec. 9)

Texas Bowl, Western Michigan a good fit
(Battle Creek Enquirer -- Dec. 9)

Big football year for WMU
(Kalamazoo Gazette -- Dec. 9)

'We're ready to saddle up and head down to Houston'
(Detroit News -- Dec. 8)
Rice discovers Bowl foe
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 8)
'We stayed in there; we fought for it'
(Kalamazoo Gazette -- Dec. 8)

Texas Bowl officials did fans a disservice
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog>  -- Dec. 7)

Western Michigan accepts Texas Bowl invitation
(The Texas Bowl -- Dec. 7)
Broncos headed for Texas Bowl
(BroncoBlitz.com -- Dec. 7)
Texas Bowl picks WMU to face Owls
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 7)
Rice to face Western Michigan in Texas Bowl
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Dec. 7)
Berman says it's Western Michigan
(Fox26Houston.com -- Dec. 7)
Casey, Sendejo named C-USA all-academic
(RiceOwls.com -- Dec. 4)
Owls will play bowl game in Houston
(The Rice Thresher -- Dec. 5)

08uhopleasemrcasey550tn144.jpg (38465 bytes)Bayou Bucket video highlights

(videos including all eight of Rice's TD drives, Brian Raines' interception, goal- line stand, defensive stops)

Could hardly wait for us to get the ball back again

08uhslbucketcerem9xvx4.jpg (57764 bytes)
A scene that wears well -- who'd ever get tired of looking at it (except the Coogs)? (PTH photo)

by Joyce Pounds Hardy
Class of '45  BA '67

HOUSTON (Dec. 1) -- Front page news...




Of course, those are my headlines. However the Chronicle did put us on the real front page, in color, headlines "BAYOU RUNS BLUE" which was the nicest sight since the scoreboard read Rice 56, Houston 42.

Joyce's on Cloud Nine
joyce167.jpg (3700 bytes)

From the Distaff End of the Bench

The Chronicle sports page also gave us top billing: OWLS TAKE OFFENSE, both with photos to die for, huge color celebrations of the team with each other and with the beautiful Bayou Bucket, which is now home with us.

A super effort by every lineman, every end, every back, every coach. I have never been so proud of a team for what it showed the world Saturday: Smart offense, devastating defense, perfect execution, and a game plan that bamboozled Houston all afternoon. I have never seen our men tackle and block with such fierce resolve, their hits were crisp, hard, sure stoppers. And they were still going strong at the last tick of the clock.

Rice 56, U of H 42
08uhbucketours471.jpg (24761 bytes)

08uhmabucket1a471a.jpg (86920 bytes)
Offense nearly perfect as Cougars fall with a thud
Chase surgical in his precision; Thor breaks Coog hearts with five-TD, 172-yard performance; Brian Raines rocks UH with game-changing interception
08uhmadixonfingerup.jpg (85616 bytes)

Whose house?   Whose Bucket?   Whose town?
Rice receiver Toren Dixon answers all three of those questions emphatically as he raises hand in  elation while crossing goal to put Owls up, 49-28 with 5:43 left in third quarter (Mark Anderson photos)

08uh1o3n12celebvx45.jpg (95128 bytes)
James Casey takes flight to congratulate Toren Dixon after TD's game-clinching TD reception (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Nov. 30) – Leave it to good- old- boy UH quarterback and part-time magician Case Keenum to put the capper on Rice’s dramatic 56-42 win over the Cougars Saturday.

"Rice came out, and they played perfect on offense and didn't turn the ball over," he said afterwards. "And when Rice plays perfect on offense, you can't get behind like that. You have to capitalize every chance you get. Every time you get the ball, you need to score, but there were three or four series there where we didn't."

"And that showed up on the scoreboard."

Indeed it did, as the Owls penetrated the UH red zone six times in the game and came up with six touchdowns to show for it. Rice scored touchdowns eight out of the first ten times it touched the football this day. The rest is details.
Story continues....updated.gif (971 bytes)    Complete box score, game stats....  Flashback: 'We own this town'...

Football defeats rival UH to capture coveted Bayou Bucket

(The Rice Thresher -- Dec. 5)
'You just got your a**es whipped...'
(Houston Chronicle Commons -- Dec. 4)

Owls will head to Reliant for Texas Bowl
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 4)
Matt Musil interview of Chris DelContelook.gif (907 bytes)
(KHOU-TV -- Dec. 3)

Casey speaks!
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Dec. 3)

And the Owls' bowl destination is...Houston
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Dec. 3)

Rice a team on the rise
(Bleacher Report -- Dec. 3)
Owls' bowl destination; Casey and the NFL
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Dec. 2)
DB:  Take the week off, boys -- you've earned it
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 2)
MK's final report card, comments
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Dec. 1)
UH offense falls short
(The Daily Cougar -- Dec. 1)
UH loss alters team's future
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'I'm glad Rice beat us'
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 1)

Rice, UH now turn their attention to bowls
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 1)
22 seniors had home finale Saturday
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Dec. 1)
Justice:   Bailiff's the right sheriff for Rice
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 30)
Rice seniors can finally put UH win on resume
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 30)
'We won't know anything until formal announcement is made'
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 30)
Rice denies Houston shot at C-USA crown
(San Antonio Express-News -- Nov. 30)
Bayou Bucket goes to Rice
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 29)
Rice denies Houston shot at C-USA title
(International Herald Tribune/AP -- Nov. 29)

Texas Bowl's eyes are on the Irish
(FoxSports.com -- Nov. 29)

Owls bring home the Bayou Bucket
(RiceOwls.com -- Nov. 29)
MK's live game blog, Rice-UH
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Nov. 29)

Time to just sit back and enjoy the scene

04sammynshasta08a300.jpg (67796 bytes)HOUSTON (Nov. 28) – Owl fans understandably might be expected to be on pins and needles, tinterhooks, whatever else feels prickly, as the clock ticks down to the 34th Bayou Bucket game between Rice University and the University of Houston Cougars, kickoff at Rice Stadium 2:30 p.m. Saturday (CBS-CS TV).

sammyroll1tn.jpg (5186 bytes)

After all, the Owls are currently sporting an 8-3 season record, and are tied for first place in the Conference USA Western division standings, with their 6-1 record being the equal of Tulsa’s and these same Cougars.’

There are, in fact, some huge cake-icing factors which may be brought to bear by a Rice victory Saturday. Such event would bring about a nine-win season for the Feathered Flock, which simply would be the first time since 1953 that such a lofty won-loss height was scaled on South Main.

And that, coupled with a not-very-likely Marshall win over the University of Tulsa Saturday, would propel Rice into the championship game of Conference USA, in line for a Liberty Bowl berth.  And the last time the Owls played in a league championship bowl game was the 1958 Cotton Bow
Continues....     Flashback: Rice 10, Houston 7 (Sept. 6, 2004)...look.gif (907 bytes)

08muscene4a144.jpg (43722 bytes)Rice-Marshall video highlights

(videos including Corbin Smiter's 45-yard TD pass-and-run, big early stop and first TD drive,  other TD drives)

Quite a story
'They will leave a legacy of winning'

08muo811stscorevx300.jpg (52933 bytes)
On Joyce's Christmas List: Just one, what the heck, three more magnificent performances by this guy (PTH photo)

by Joyce Pounds Hardy
Class of '45  BA '67

HOUSTON (Nov. 24) -- Number Eight and counting. Great Day in the Morning, we have done it, EIGHT! How sweet it is and will be even sweeter when we beat the U. of Who on Saturday.

Joyce's ready
joyce167.jpg (3700 bytes)

...ready to suit out and play linebacker!

Once again our offense showed diversity; Chase back there pointing his finger (I don't know what he is pointing at but then neither does the other team), checking the defense, checking the sideline, checking his offensive line, checking to see where Jarett and James are, 5-4-3-2 good Heavens, snap the ball! I can see going down to 1 when you're killing time, but most of the time you're just killing me.

Then a veritable plethora of receivers spray out like a shower head waiting for the bullet to come their way. It's a sight to see. Watching the game over again on CBS CS, the camera zeroed in on Chase's eyes inside that helmet, and it was spooky. He was concentrating so hard, his eyes staring out of that hole, that I felt as if he were looking right through me. Also, before the snap, there is a sort of fascinating rhythm to the turning of all the backs and receivers in sync toward the sideline before each play, while the line never moves.

Rice 35, Marshall 10

08mupennedup471.jpg (23003 bytes)
Rice defense corrals Herd attack from start to finish, while offense gets cranked up for 28-3 second-half run; the win moves Owls to 8-3, 6-1 in C-USA play
Table set for showdown with UH
08marshalld1stplay1a471a.jpg (136427 bytes)
Willie Garley (L) sets the defensive pace for Owls on the opening kickoff of Rice's 35-10 win over  Marshall, as the Rice 'D' kept the Thundering Herd behind the fences all day, giving the offense breathing room  to work out early kinks and run roughshod in second half(PTH photo)

08marshallo3tdcatchvx375a.jpg (82676 bytes)
Toren Dixon cradles TD catch to provide Owls with second-half insurance runs (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Nov. 23) – You bifocal-wearing Old- Grad types probably didn’t notice it, but it seems the problems the Rice Owl offense had in getting untracked the first half Saturday against the Marshall Thundering Herd defense lay in those sunglasses they were sporting beneath their helmets.

When the first half ended with Rice in a 7-7 stalemate with the visitors from West Virginia, head coach David Bailiff gathered his entire team in a knot around the 50-yard line, and even from a distance, one could see that his jaw was getting some exercise in the event. The lecture, Coach Bailiff admitted later, continued in the halftime locker room, and when the Owls came out to line up for the second-half kickoff, they brought with them a whole new attitude.

What kind of line did the resurgent Rice head man lay on his Institute Boys, then, anyway?

"I told them we’d been reading our press clippings for the last two weeks," he said afterwards, "but now it was time to take our sunglasses off and go to work."
Story continues.... updated.gif (971 bytes)    Rice-Marshall box score, full stats....

Record-setting duo has Rice cookin'
(CBS Sportsline -- Nov. 28)
Who's best on the Bayou?
(Houston Chronicle --  Nov. 28)
Bayou Bucket full of West title implications
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Nov. 28)
UH-Rice "Frenchy's vs. Benjy's"
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Sumlin, DB rivals off the field, fast friends off
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Notre Dame, Rice eyed for Texas Bowl at Reliant
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Sumlin, Bailiff talk Bucket at luncheon
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Casey named Academic All-American
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'How did we lose?'
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A meaningful Bayou Bucket
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Check out homer's blog and compare to MK's, head-to-head
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Marshall hopes to end disappointing season with win
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Edge to Cougars as they shoot for postseason
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Tulsa must snap out of road funk
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First look:   Rice v. Houston
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Ranked at no. 30, Owls appeared destined for Texas Bowl date with Notre Damelook.gif (907 bytes)
(CNN-Sports Illustrated -- Nov. 25)

Dillard a receiving machine
(Rivals.com -- Nov. 25)
The last SWC football game -- ever
(Houston Chronicle blogs -- Nov. 25)
Expect high-scoring game with UH
(Houston Chronicle <MK> -- Nov. 25)
Rice-UH game means even more this year
(Houston Chronicle <Murphy> -- Nov. 25)
Saturday will make the C-USA West champ
(The Daily Cougar -- Nov. 25)
The Black Knight, Part II; baffling snubs
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Nov. 24)

Bradshaw gets C-USA defensive honor
(RiceOwls.com -- Nov. 24)
Bucket matchup might be best college game of the week
(Houston Examiner -- Nov. 24)

Bucket luncheon slated for Wedensday
(RiceOwls.com -- Nov. 24)
Tulsa's Graham focuses on game, not title race
(Tulsa World -- Nov. 24)

Rice somewhere down there in non-BCS power rankings
(ESPNU.com -- Nov. 24)
Owls use passing game to rout Marshall
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 23)
Owls bring super twosome to Bucket
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Nov. 23)

Rice cooks MU with potent offense
(Huntington, WV, Herald-Dispatch -- Nov. 23)
You know it's not your day when...
(Huntington, WV, Herald-Dispatch -- Nov. 23)

(Pull out Rice-the-cereal-cliche for headline)
(GoHerd.com -- Nov. 23)
Owls' big second half tops Herd
(Ironton, OH, Tribune -- Nov. 23)
Marshall offense same- old, same-old
(Huntington, WV, Herald-Dispatch -- Nov. 23)
Clement passes for 4 TDs in Rice win over Marshall
(International Herald-Tribune/AP -- Nov. 22)
Clement becomes all-time C-USA passing leader
(ESPN.com -- Nov. 22)
Herd fried by Rice as Owls end MU bowl chances
(WVMU.com -- Nov. 22)
Keenum, Houston rally to beat UTEP
(Houston CHronicle -- Nov. 22)
Rice QB too much for Marshall in 35-10 victory
(Charleston, WV, Daily Mail/AP -- Nov. 22)
Big second half lifts Rice past Marshall
(Huntington, WV, Herald-Dispatch -- Nov. 22)
An Owl's diary:  Back to work
(New York Times -- Nov. 22)

08marshallo811sttdstudents471.jpg (114381 bytes)
Rice student section exhults as Jarett Dillard crosses goal line for yet another record-breaking score; this one put the Owls up to stay early in the third quarter (PTH photo)

Sammy's got plans for the boys from West Virginny
08marshalltoona471.jpg (162641 bytes)

Owls get reminder of Cadets' no- quit demeanor every 50 years or so, whether they need it or not

James A. "Froggy" Williams has settled into the role of unofficial Historian of Rice Football in recent years, having undertaken a well-received series of articles and memoirs for the Rice Historical Society. Mr. Williams has agreed to regale our readers, from time to time, with reminiscences of Rice's gridiron glory days, and can he ever tell the tale. This, folks, comes directly from the horse's mouth. After all, he was there for the peak of it, having been a consensus All-American end on the greatest Owl team ever, its 1950 Cotton Bowl champion,  earning membership in the College Football Hall of Fame in 1965.  Last week's Army game brought back pointed memories to Froggy.  Here, he tells his story of a Rice-Army game that took place 50 years earlier -- to the day. --PTH

froggy4.jpg (33043 bytes)
By Froggy Williams

HOUSTON -- Did I ever tell you about the time the Lonesome End came to town? I am sure I have not done so, but after last Saturday’s Rice-Army game, I really feel like I should tell you this story.

SI 58 armya300.jpg (63315 bytes)
Pete Dawkins was an All-American running back for the '58 Army team; the "Lonesome End"?  A fellow named Bill Carpenter

Obviously, the Owls’ win over the West Point Cadets served as a reminder of that day, exactly 50 years ago. Since this story is unique, I am ashamed to say I have missed telling this after making maybe three or four presentations on an era that should have included it. The date of this occurrence happened to be November 8, 1958. The date, though obviously coincidental, is entirely without any merit. But now let me set the stage for you. You may want to relate this story to your grandchildren.

Earl "Red" Blaik was the coach of the West Point Cadets. He had been there a long time and had great success. Incidentally, no other coach has approached Blaik's long record at West Point. Anyway, these Army boys were ranked number three in the nation going into that ’58 game with Rice.

Now I've gotta tell you something. There was almost nothing that could cause Jess Neely to prepare for a game more, than when he had a chance to knock off a high flying group from a prominent school. About the only thing approaching this situation was when Rice played Tennessee in the Orange Bowl January 1, 1947, after a winning season and a 1946 Southwest Conference Title. But I digress, as that is another whole story.
Story continues....look.gif (907 bytes)

Not exactly a happy camper
08uhtulsatgraham471.jpg (61015 bytes)
Former Rice head man Todd Graham prowls the sideline at Robertson Stadium Saturday as his Tulsa team fell to the University of Houston, 70-30; the loss dropped the Golden Hurricane into a three-way tie for the C-USA Western Division lead, with UH and, guess who -- the Rice Owls (Mark Anderson photo)x

08armyvideoscover.jpg (41562 bytes)Rice-Army video highlights

(videos including Chase's 61-yard TD run to make it 10-7; JD's 80-yarder; Corbin Smiter's 54-yard TD reception; defensive stops, more...)

nosuch471.jpg (22367 bytes)

08chasemug111.jpg (46808 bytes)
Chase Clement is undoubtedly the captain of the Rice football ship, and he's set sail on a challenging voyage this, his senior year (PTH photo)

by Joyce Pounds Hardy
Class of '45  BA '67

HOUSTON (Nov. 11) -- Chase Clement was quoted in the Chronicle as saying “We’ve done so much, we’ve come so far, that just winning isn’t enough.”  Whoa, Chase, speak for yourself. There’s no such thing as “just winning.” When you have been around as long as I have and can count Rice’s winning seasons on ten fingers, believe me, a win is a win is a win. You may not be proud of that last game, but we are.

Joyce's back..
joyce167.jpg (3700 bytes)

..and she's darned proud of the Owls' win over Army

Some of the adjectives describing our team puzzled me. Of course, Pollyanna here, didn’t notice their being “lethargic, hollow, fizzled, uninspiring, unfulfilled.” Coach keeps saying “We play one game at a time,” but there’s nothing wrong with some wild celebrating when that one game puts a W in the win column.

As for coming out flat after halftime, I guess I’ll have to start giving out those red Hot Tamales between halves since they always put a little fire in their bellies and a smile on their faces. Who’s the leader of this team? Sendejo? Raines? Clement? Dillard?  I can’t remember who the captains are but your work is cut out for you against Marshall and Houston. We are not going to fade.

Rice 38, Army 31
sevena471.jpg (25081 bytes)
Owls surge to 31-7 lead; make it stand up as defense holds off fourth-quarter Army rally
08armyo80tdcatch1a471.jpg (125386 bytes)
-- Rice's Corbin Smiter hauls in 54-yard third-quarter touchdown bomb from Chase Clement to put Owls up, 38-17 (PTH photo)

08armytrythorvx4.jpg (79243 bytes)
FIRST DOWN?  Rice's James Casey, Army defenders look toward down marker to see whether Cadets have held on fourth and one.   They had, but it turned out to be of no consequence (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Nov. 9) – On the first play of the fourth quarter of Saturday’s game between Rice and the U.S. Military Academy, with the Owls ahead by a seemingly comfortable mark of 38-17, deep in Army territory, Rice strong man James Casey took a short pass over the middle from Chase Clement and began his inimitable, body-busting ramble downfield.

At that point, prospects for a Rice rout of the Cadets looked somewhere between "good" and "certain," as the Rice offense, for all practical purposes, had not been stopped since early in the second period.

But the always-by-the-book Mr. Casey, with eyes on a 40-plus yard, broken-field touchdown ramble, just for a moment disregarded one of the bywords of the Rice offensive attack this season – that expression, "ball security."

As Thor stretched downfield for even more yardage, the pigskin was tucked between his fingertips and wrist, just at a point where Army defender Mario Hill could take a poke at it.

Poke, he did, and for the first time all season, James Casey lost a fumble, giving the Cadets new life at their own 30, with some 14 minutes left in the game.
Story continues....new.gif (908 bytes)               Complete stats, game summary....pdf12.jpg (737 bytes)

Versatile Casey is Rice's 'Superman'
(Charleston, WV, Gazette -- Nov. 21)
Herd has hands full vs. Rice duo
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Rice offense to test Marshall sturdy defense
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Casey is a versatile threat for Rice
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Possible Herd bowl trip goes through Rice
(West Virginia Headline News -- Nov. 21)
The pressure's on for Herd
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Do-or-die time for Herd seniors
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Marshall, WVU in need of football physician
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Record-setting duo has given stagnant program new life
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Marshall has new looks in works for high-octane Rice
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Clement, Dillard lead high-octane Owls
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Can Herd do a Houston agaisnt Rice?
(Huntington, WV, Herald-Dispatch -- Nov. 20)
Rice hopes extra time pays off against Herd
(Charleston, WV, Daily Mail -- Nov. 20)
Owls hope week off does them good -- again
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 19)
Rice high on GMAC's wish list
(Mobile Register -- Nov. 19)
Snyder:  MU QB just needs to relax
(Beckley, WV, Register-Herald -- Nov. 19)
Can't blame Herd woes on defense
(Charleston, WV, Gazette -- Nov. 19)
Thor 'can't wait to get back'
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Nov. 19)
No sophomore slump for Herd tailback
(Charleston Daily Mail -- Nov. 19)

Rice raining points, yards
(Charleston, WV, Gazette -- Nov. 18)
Rice will force Herd defense to shift gears
(Huntington, WV, Herald-Dispatch -- Nov. 18)
Houston win could motivate Herd
(Beckley, WV, Register-Herald -- Nov. 18)
Marshall reeling toward Rice
(Huntington, WV, Herald-Dispatch -- Nov. 18)
Herd beating itslef, but can't beat the spread
(Charleston, WV,  Daily Mail -- Nov. 18)
C-USA in mad dash for bowls
(Hattiesburg American -- Nov. 18)
Owls seek first 9-win season since 1953
(Memphis Commercial Appeal -- Nov. 18)

Coach Herman named finalist for QB Coach award
(RiceOwls.com -- Nov. 17)
Serenade for Herd's Snyder isn't pretty
(Charleston, WV, Daily Mail -- Nov. 17)

With Tulsa win, UH controls its own fate, but helps Rice, too
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 17)
Now both Marshall, UH games slated for TV
(RiceOwls.com -- Nov. 17)
JD on Walter Camp watch list
(RiceOwls.com -- Nov. 14)
An Owls' diary:  kicking back look.gif (907 bytes)
(New York Times -- Nov. 14)
Rice football finally sees the light
(The Rice Thresher -- Nov. 14)
Football outfights Army, 38-31, earn week off
(The Rice Thresher -- Nov. 14)
Owls are wild card in West Division standings
(Tulsa World -- Nov. 14)

Clement leads Owls to 38-31 Homecoming win
(West U. Examiner -- Nov. 13)

Owl defensive injuries; JD
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Nov. 12)
Knights, no longer golden, head to Marshall
(Charleston Daily Mail -- Nov. 12
JD named Biletnikoff semi-finalist
(RiceOwls.com -- Nov. 11)

Marshall-Rice picked for telecast
(Charleston Gazette -- Nov. 11)
Bowl chatter, news and notes
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Nov. 11)
Owls deserve bowl game; Coogs don't
(Houston Press -- Nov. 11)
Army was in position to win at end
(SportsNetwork.com -- Nov. 10)
QB Clement puts the soar in Rice's wings
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 9)
Owls down Army, secure winning season
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 9)
Army falls short in loss at Rice
(Hudson Valley Press -- Nov. 9)
Owls slipped into a coma, won anyway
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Nov. 8)

Clement pushed Rice over Army
(International Herald-Tribune/AP -- Nov. 8)

Army's rally falls short in loss to Rice
(Middletown, NY, Times Herald-Record -- Nov. 8)

Army's fourth-quarter rally falls short
(GoBlackKnights.com -- Nov. 8)

Senior QB throws three TDs to break C-USA mark
(RiceOwls.com -- Nov. 8)
An Owl's diary:  going bowling
(New York Times -- Nov. 7)

08armyochasetdrun4a471.jpg (149498 bytes)
HUFFIN' AND PUFFIN' -- Chase Clement seals the deal on his 61-yard first-quarter  touchdown run that put Owls up to stay -- but not before a few Rice  last-minute defensive heroics (PTH photo)

Army invades Rice Stadium Saturday; Sammy's ready
armycartoon471.jpg (175129 bytes)
(Cartoon from 1958 Rice-Army game program cover; game held at Rice Stadium)

STAR.gif (898 bytes)Flashback:  The 2006 Rice-Army game at West Point....look.gif (907 bytes)

Call him Captain Comeback II:
In the shadow of greatness

08armyweekchase1a375.jpg (63415 bytes)By Mark Anderson
HOUSTON (Nov. 5) -- It was fitting that one of Chase Clement's comeback victories during his Rice career was against SMU in Dallas last season. Chase grew up in the shadow of someone you may have heard of who had a few victories just like Chase's years before -- the famous quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, Roger Staubach, a/k/a "Captain Comeback."

Chase's family had the privilege - and still does - of having a relationship with Roger. Chase's grandfather is in the same business - commercial real estate -  as the former Navy All-American is in, and developed a close relationship over the years. Chase told this writer, "It's been several years since I have seen him, but growing up with my grandfather and his brother, we'd go hang out at his house and play basketball." Chase told us that Roger would "play ping pong, throw a baseball, and do all sorts of things."

But for Chase, perhaps the most vivid memory of Roger was not something that happened in Dallas, but a golf tournament in Austin. It was the last time Chase saw Roger as he caddied for Roger, Tom Landry, and his grandfather. "I was fortunate enough to go and caddy for him," Chase said. "I caddied for all three of those guys, so I got to be around some good people."
Story continues...

08utepgamecaseytd1a2h.jpg (29307 bytes)Rice-UTEP video highlights

(videos of Rice offensive series including Chase's td run to make it 21-17;  Thor's td run to make it 35-20; Casey's four-yard td reception; more...)

Rice 49, UTEP 44
Casey, Clement lead Owls to another nail-biter win
Rice now bowl-eligible at 6-3, 5-1
08utepd35tklsa471.jpg (116260 bytes)
-- Rice walk-on redshirt Travis Bradshaw got some bench time with the return of Andrew Sendejo against UTEP, but when Trav was on the field, he made the most of it (PTH photo)

08utepo12leapsvx4_edited-1.jpg (93168 bytes)
OH, FER CRYIN' OUT LOUD -- Rice's James Casey appears to be riding UTEP defender like a unicycle on this broken-field pass and run (PTH photo)

EL PASO (Nov. 2) – Let’s talk "Bowl eligibility" (now that we’re free to do so).

The Rice Owl offense showed Saturday night, in its execution, precision, maturity and skill, that, far from being a mere worthy bowl participant, it is a serious league championship contender and a formidable foe for any bowl opponent, BCS-level or not.

But then there’s that Rice defense and special teams – ah, those defenders and special teamers.

Rice had better pick an afternoon bowl game to play in this season because, from what they showed on the floor of the Sun Bowl against the University of Texas-El Paso, the aforementioned two departments are clearly not ready for prime time.

UTEP quarterback Trevor Vittatoe evaded Rice rushers and tossed four touchdown passes in the first 20 minutes of the game here Saturday, a contest which saw the Owls rally from an early deficit and gamely hold on for a 49-44 win by just being damned sure they kept on scoring at least one touchdown more than the other guys.
Story continues.... updated.gif (971 bytes)        Rice-UTEP statistics,  game summary....

Resurgent Rice likely bowl-bound
(Charleston, WV, Gazette -- Nov. 7)
Owls are bowl-bound again after third win in a row
(The Rice Thresher -- Nov. 7)
Time for Army to let it go
(ArmySports.com -- Nov. 7)

Clement is the one Army let get awaylook.gif (907 bytes)
(Middletown, NY, Times Herald-Record -- Nov. 6)
Army-Rice preview capsule
(Dallas Morning News/AP -- Nov. 6)
Rice-Army full preview
(OwlDigest.com -- Nov. 6)
Owls scoring points and flying high in C-USA
(Birmingham News -- Nov. 6)
Clement leads Owls to bowl eligibility
(West U. Examiner -- Nov. 5)

N. D. Kalu gets ready for life as ex-Texan
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 5)
Kalu leaves Texans as first-class act
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 5)
Rice seniors to leave behind winning tradition
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 5)

First look:   Rice versus Army
(OwlDigest.com -- Nov. 5)
Rice coach gives Army big respect
(Middletown, NY, Times Herald-Record -- Nov. 5)

Rice's spread offense 'basketball non-gratus'
(Middletown, NY, Times Herald-Record -- Nov. 5)
Rice passing offense, Army pass 'D' said rated 'even'
(ArmySports.com -- Nov. 5)

Army begins three-game road trip at Rice
(GoArmySports.com -- Nov. 4)

Owls frequent end zone at record pace
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 4)
Aw, com' on, Mike, it couldn't have been THAT bad
(El Paso Times video -- Nov. 3)
James Casey gets his due
(CUSA.com -- Nov. 3)
With drops, mistakes, 44 points not enough
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 3)
Dr. Jim Castaneda
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Nov. 3)
Army's two quarterbacks struggle vs. Air Force
(Middletown, NY, Times Herald-Record -- Nov. 2)
Heartbreaking end to home slate for Army
(ArmySports.com -- Nov. 2)
Vittatoe's pick-free run comes to end
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 2)
Catch-all Casey leads Rice over UTEP
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 2)

Rice victorious in battle of tough quarterbacks
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 2)

UTEP Coach Price post-game video
(KLAQ95.5 FM --Nov.2)
Clement puts up 6 TDs in Rice victory

(International Herald-Tribune/AP - Nov. 2)

Miners dug one hole too many          
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 2)

Miners comeback falls short
(El Paso Times -- Nov. 2)

Live blog:   Rice vs. UTEP
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 1)
Army defense:  real or mirage?look.gif (907 bytes)
(Owldigest.com/GoArmySports.com -- Oct. 31)

08utepo12score1a471_edited-1.jpg (91509 bytes)
-- Rice all-everything James Casey leaves UTEP defender in his dust as he crosses the goal line for first of his four touchdowns against the Miners (PTH photo)

It's Sammy vs. the Miners at the Dust Bowl
06utepcartoon550.jpg (38783 bytes)

08tulanecoverpic1a2.jpg (51299 bytes)Rice-Tulane video highlights

(videos of Owl first touchdown drive, second TD drive, TD pass to go up 21-0, blocked punt returned for TD, defensive stops...)
updated.gif (971 bytes)

Makes getting up early on Sunday morn joyful thing

Joyce Hardy
joyce167.jpg (3700 bytes)

From the Distaff End of the Bench

HOUSTON (Oct. 29) --





Now those are praises to die for. Is this our Houston Chronicle giving half-page photos and four inch headlines to our Rice Owls? What will they give us when we win number 6 and go bowling? I can hardly wait to see. It surely makes getting up early on a Sunday morning a joyful thing.

The Odyssey of C.J. Ugokwe
With 100-yard-plus rushing game against Tulane,
the junior from Plano finally comes into his own

08tulaneo28recs2vx375.jpg (91641 bytes)
The hard-running C. J. Ugokwe also picked up his first touchdown of the season against Tulane (PTH photo)

By Mark Anderson

HOUSTON (Oct. 28) -- The dictionary defines the word odyssey as, "a long, wandering, and eventful journey." Perhaps no player among the Feathered Flock can lay claim to an odyssey of a career at Rice more than running back C. J. Ugokwe.

08utepwkcjugo2vxtn08.jpg (15689 bytes)

The 5-11, 215-pound junior from Plano achieved a personal best Saturday with 111 key rushing yards in Rice's 42-17 victory over Tulane -- the first 100-yard-plus game of his career.

C.J. came to Rice in the recruiting class of 2005. He was recruited from Plano East High School by then-coach Ken Hatfield and his staff. His freshman year, he watched as Quinton Smith seized control of the running back position while C.J. wore a redshirt.

This is where C.J's odyssey took its first turn. Ken Hatfield resigned as head coach of Rice in November of 2005, and on New Year's Day, as new coach Todd Graham was named to replace Hatfield.
Story continues....

Rice 42, Tulane 17
08tulanebig471.jpg (29947 bytes)

08tulanedblock471.jpg (157659 bytes)
SMACKDOWN -- Rice defensive line goes high to block Tulane field goal attempt as first half clock expires; the Owls' Chris Jones grabbed the blocked try and sprinted 55 yards for the touchdown, adding exclamation point to the Flock's best half of football in a long, long time (PTH photo)
Owls ride big-play defense, precision offense, special teams thunder in storming to 35-0 halftime lead; then take foot off the gas and coast to 5-3, 4-1 in league

08tulaneo28run5xvx45.jpg (112842 bytes)
C. J. Ugokwe gets a slew of his 111 yards rushing on the day on this play; it was the first career century-mark day for the Owl running back (PTH photo)

NEW ORLEANS (Oct. 25) – The Rice Owls' charter plane likely didn't need to use an ounce of jet fuel to fly the team back home to Houston tonight. The momentum the Owls developed in storming to a 35-0 halftime lead over the Tulane Green Wave here Saturday afternoon surely should've been enough to get the Institute Boys safely back to Hobby sans engines.

So overwhelming was the Flock's first-half dominance over the Greenies, that Rice had coasted to a 28-0, early second-quarter lead before their unfortunate opponents had been able to garner more than a single first down..

But injury was added to insult when, on the final play of the first half, the whole center of the Rice defensive line rose up to block a Ross Thevenot field goal attempt (Scott Solomon got the spike), whereupon Chris Jones grabbed the caroming ball, wide open in the flat, and raced 55 yards for a touchdown after the clock had expired.

If there were precious few Tulane fans in the cavernous Superdome for the opening kickoff, there remained even fewer when a noticeable number of them began to file out of the stadium in disgust at the score, as the visiting MOB took the field.
Story continues....      More photos, highlight video to come....

Rice coach prefers efficiency on offense
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Banged-up Will Moss steps in to fill void
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On El Paso, Sendejo, the Black Knight, et al.
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Rice offense led by record-setting duo
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Owls focus on winning each week
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Veteran O-line makes Rice offense a double threat
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Of Rice football and the 'B' word
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Two new linebackers to start for Miners
(El Paso Times -- Oct. 29)
UTEP begins 'fourth quarter' of its season
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Linebacker Garmon filling leadership void
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Bye week gives Miners chance to get healthier
(El Paso Times -- Oct. 28)
Miners prepare to face another stellar quarterback
(El Paso Times -- Oct. 28)

DB looking brilliant with timeout calls
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Oct. 28)
Miners bond during rehabilitation
(El Paso Times -- Oct. 27)

UTEP's defense will be tested by Rice
(El Paso Times -- Oct. 26)

Miners will change defensive plan for Rice
(El Paso Times -- Oct. 26)

Toledo:   'It was a total failure on our part'
(Baton Rouge Advocate -- Oct. 26)
Tulane rushes for season-low 34 yards in Rice win
(Houston Chornicle -- Oct. 26)
Rice-Tulane:  de-fense, defense (clap-clap)
(Houston Chronicle <Mk's blog> -- Oct. 26)

Times-Pic photos:  Tulane loses to Rice
(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- Oct. 26)

Rice pounds Tulane 42-17, nears b*** eligibility
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 25)

Clement leads Rice over Tulane, 42-17
(Washington Post/AP -- Oct. 25)
Live blog:  Rice vs. Tulane
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 25)

Just when you think it couldn't get any worse
(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- Oct. 25)

Strong first half holds up for Rice as Owls roll Tulane
(NOLA.com -- Oct. 25)

Rice routs Tulane, 42-17
(RiceOwls.com -- Oct. 25)

Next stop:  The Big Easy
08tulaneprog471.jpg (201445 bytes)


08usmdhiview1a350in.jpg (57166 bytes)Rice-USM video highlights
(videos of two Jarett Dillard touchdown receptions, another by Toren Dixon, James Casey, a sack by Todd Mohr, Bradshaw, Leary, other big plays...)

Beautiful game, beautiful stadium, beautiful day
HOUSTON (Oct. 21) -- Hey all of you couch potatoes sitting indoors watching your TV games, you missed a great opportunity to experience what college football is all about Saturday afternoon. It was beautiful.

Back on track
joyce167.jpg (3700 bytes)

Joyce Hardy wonders where the rest of you were

Of course, Rice beating Southern Mississippi, 45-40, in a nip and tuck battle of the air balls certainly made it more exciting. This was another one of those jumping games where I get all my exercise for the week in 4 hours.

Not only did I jump up six times for Rice touchdowns plus a field goal, but for some unbelievable receptions for first downs, runs for tough yardage, a knock-the- ball-out-of-our- receiver’s-hands-fumble-bounce-catch-run- touchdown, and a grab-the–ball-out-of-the-opponent’s-hands- recovery for a Rice first down, but also an onside kick by Southern Miss in the last seconds of the game which was caught by a flying Casey, who was promptly flipped for a 360 in the air, to end the game.  Who needs 24 Hour Fitness?

Rice 45, Southern Miss 40

08usmindef471.jpg (26742 bytes)
08usmothortd3x471.jpg (125052 bytes)
GIFT HORSE -- Rice's James Casey swoops up ball on the first bounce after downfield fumble by receiver Patrick Randolph; it's smooth sailing ahead for Thor as he heads for paydirt (PTH photo)
Owls outpace USM, hang on for narrow victory that would'a, could'a, should'a been a blowout
Chase throws for 6 TDs, 3 to JD

08usmothorscoresvx45x.jpg (97077 bytes)
By the way, here's the end of James Casey's TD fumble recovery and TD run which started in the pic above -- "Bizarre" was Thor's reaction (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Oct. 18) -- What looked to be a knee-slapper turned out to be a heart-stopper, as the Rice Owls managed to stave off three, fourth-quarter Southern Missisippi touchdowns and escape with a 45-40 victory before an announced crowd of 11, 179 here Saturday afternoon, in so doing extending their league record to 3-1 and remaining in the thick of the division title race and the quest for a bowl game this season.

The Owls twice held three-touchdown leads in the second half, only to see them dwindle to five-point margins both times, thanks to some determined play by the USM offense, some frustratingly inconsistent Rice defensive play, and some rather bizarre calls by the fellows in the striped shirts.

In the end, it took a James Casey recovery of an onsides kick with 15 seconds left in the game to finally seal the deal, a play which capped a huge day for the Terrific Trio of quarterback Chase Clement, wide receiver Jarett Dillard, and do-it-all utility man Casey.

On the day, the stat sheet looked gaudy for all three Rice offensive standouts as Chase and Jarett padded their ongoing NCAA pitch-and-catch record while JD also continued to rewrite league record books with his three touchdown receptions. Chase threw for a total 444 yards and six touchdowns, including the three to Jarrett.

Besides recovering that game-sealing onsider, Thor, meanwhile, also added a downfield fumble recovery and 26-yard touchdown sprint in the fourth, along with a leaping, twisting, touchdown catch-and-run in the second quarter. His athletic moves, typical for the Owl utility man, left USM fans shaking their heads as they filed sullenly out of Rice Stadium. After all, it was the second year in a row that the Golden Eagles had struck out against the Mighty Casey.
Story continues....      First photos....      Final stats.....

Rice-Tulane pits prolific offense against top defense
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Rice has struggled away from home
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With Raines' injury, Williams moved back to LB
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Time off leaves Wave focused to take on Rice
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Tulane spends layoff working on cure for miscues
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Dillard reestablishes dominance
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 21)
'He's got greatness written all over him'
(ESPN.com -- Oct. 21)
Record watch; Matt Sign; poll question
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog>  Oct. 20)
Owls deep in the hunt for C-USA title
(CollegeFootballNews.com -- Oct. 20)
Chase, JD 'hot' according to this source
(CollegeFootballNews.com -- Oct. 20)

Eagles at the bottom of the standings
(Hattiesburg American -- Oct. 20)
Advice for USM fans:  be patient
(Hattiesburg American -- Oct. 20)
Fedora:   'They're dejected'
(Hattiesburg American -- Oct. 19)
Rice emerges as serious bowl contender
(Hattiesburg American  -- Oct. 19)

Davis, Brown come up big in Eagles' loss
(Hattiesburg American -- Oct. 19)

Mistakes overtake USM as loss streak continues
(Biloxi Sun-Herald -- Oct. 19)

USM's troubles mount in loss
(Biloxi Sun-Herald -- Oct. 19)
Tailspin:  Rice deals more misery to Southern Miss
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Oct. 19)

Owls moving up in ranks
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Oct. 19)
Clement, Dillard soar as Owls win
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 18)
Recap:  Rice 45, Southern Miss 40
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Oct. 18)

Clement throws for 444 and 6 TDs as Rice holds off USM
(ESPN -- Oct. 18)

Clements 6 TD passes lead Rice in shootout win
(International Herald-Tribune/AP -- Oct. 18)

USM snaps six-game league road win streak
(SouthernMiss.CSTV.com -- Oct. 18)

A mere 50 years ago this season....
riceut58.jpg (183041 bytes)
Buddy Dial and company led the Owls to a 34-7 victory over the University of Texas before a packed house of 72,000 at Rice Stadium.  For the City of Houston, it was the athletic, and social, event of the season.  Were you there? (Rice Campanile)
Fleeting moment in Texas game brought back flood of memories to one Owl

Ricefootball.net welcomes a new contributor to its pages, someone who quite neatly fits into the category of "Living Legend."  James A. "Froggy" Williams has settled into the role of unofficial Historian of Rice Football in recent years, having undertaken a well-received series of articles and memoirs for the Rice Historical Society. Mr. Williams has agreed to regale our readers, from time to time, with reminiscences of Rice's gridiron glory days, and can he ever tell the tale. This, folks, comes directly from the horse's mouth. After all, he was there for the peak of it, having been a consensus All-American end on the greatest Owl team ever, its 1949 Orange Bowl champion,  earning membership in the College Football Hall of Fame in 1965.  The old pass-catcher leads off with his recollections emanating from this year's 91st clash between Rice and the University of Texas. --PTH

froggy4.jpg (33043 bytes)
By Froggy Williams

There really has been a rather outstanding longtime rivalry between Texas University and Rice University. Oh yes, I know that Rice has not won a game with UT in many years. It was in 1994 that this last happened, when the Owls won by 19-17.

As Rice partisans know, Texas usually scores about fifty some-odd points. Rice will vary from one to maybe three touchdowns.  In this year's game, eventually won by Texas in Austin, 52-10,  it was the first time in many years that Rice actually led Texas at any point in a game. Texas did finally score the usual 50-plus  points, but what a heady feeling to know Rice was really in the lead in the early going. It is doubtful that any Rice partisan really thought the Owls would win. There may well be some younger Owls who have never seen the Owls lead the Longhorns!

What we needed was another Kosse Johnson.
Story continues....look.gif (907 bytes)

Look, up in the sky...it's a bird...it's a plane

08tulo12leapsxx471.jpg (276845 bytes)
Rice's James Casey provided several highlights against Tulsa, passing for, running for  and catching a touchdown pass for the Owls; here he's seen hurtling downfield in 29-yard pass-and-run over, around and through half of Tulsa defense (Mark Anderson photo)

Though painful, Owl mis-step needs to be put in perspective

by Joyce Pounds Hardy
Class of '45  BA '67


GALVESTON (Oct. 6) -- I was so upset Sunday that I couldn’t write about the game. Boy, that one hurt.

No tragedy in loss to Tulsa
joyce167.jpg (3700 bytes)

Joyce Hardy visits post-Ike Galveston



I knew that we weren’t bulletproof, but I thought we were past shooting our- selves in the foot, not once not twice but five times. And on TV--again. I hope CBS-C paid us something for that public humiliation. Whatever it was, it wasn’t enough.

However, today, Monday, I forgot about our misfortune, I forgot about our loss, I forgot about the ill wind that blew, and the surge of the Golden Hurricanes that sunk our dreams, I forgot about my pain over a football game. Today, I spent seven hours in Galveston.

Tulsa 63, Rice 28
Tulsa, Graham have their fun as Rice effort falters
14-14 second-quarter tie turns into blowout runaway as Owls are overwhelmed by their own gaffes, thin defensive ranks, Tulsa offensive slickness

08tulmagrahamvx4.jpg (51952 bytes)
STOCK PORTFOLIO WORRIES? Tulsa head coach Todd Graham seems pre-occupied as he emerges from the halftime locker room during Saturday's Rice-Tulsa game; as it turned out, his concerns were soon met by two quick Tulsa scores which put the game out of reach (Mark Anderson photo)

TULSA (Oct. 5) – Well, alright, we think we have the words to the Tulsa fight song pretty much down pat by now.

The couple hundred or so Rice fans who braved their way to the Oklahoma Hills to see their Owls take on arch-nemesis Todd Graham and his Tulsa Golden Hurricane this fine evening got to hear that fight song over and over and over again, as the finely-tuned and slickly-executing Tulsa offense -- with the help of a couple major  SNAFUs by the Owl special teams and the occasional curious Rice  offensive play call -- found the end zone often enough to pile up 63 points against the boys from South Main, while the good guys, alas, could come up with only 28.

The game was a nail biter in the first half, as Rice matched Tulsa score for score until the last moments of the second quarter. Then, with the score tied at 14 all, the Tulsans managed to return a squib kick to their own 43, and from there it took them only six plays to barrel the ball downfield for a score that gave the Golden Hurricane a 21-14 halftime lead.

There was no major cause for alarm among the Rice faithful at that time, however. The Owls as of halftime had matched Tulsa blow for blow, and had equaled them on the stat sheet as well. Rice quarterback Chase Clement’s passing touch appeared to be a little bit off his usual pinpoint precision, but even so, under his direction the Owls had cranked up two long drives for their 14 first-half points.

But this time, when the wheels came off, they came off in a hurry, and dramatically.
Story continues...          Final stats....

Southern Miss improving on defense
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JD gets CBS mid-season All-American nod
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Chase a finalist for Johnny U award
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Thor: 'I've gotten a ton of opportunities so far'
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Sometimes Nerds do something you're even proud of
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Practice shenanigans for Rice kickoff duties
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Eagles enter uncharted waters at halfway point
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Halfway point:   2008 story not yet finishedlook.gif (907 bytes)
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Eagles deal with adversity
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Rice on deck for Golden Eagles
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USM kicks off crucial two-game road trip
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Junior Garley, no longer gangly kid, now powerful footballer
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Owls set for some R&R
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Rice football, stadium undergo four-year metamorphosis
(The Rice Thresher -- Oct. 10)
Owls unable to recover from 7-point halftime deficit
(The Rice Thresher -- Oct. 10)

Tulsa's 386-yards rushing against Rice was  highest since '86
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 10)
Bradshaw to start for Sendejo against Southern Miss
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 9)
J-Hill: 'It's going to be a good transition either way'
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Oct. 9)
Bailiff to make decision on Hill
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 8)
Owls plan on using week off to recover
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 7)
Tulsa in a league of its own
(Orlando Sentinel -- Oct. 7)

Mid-season Owl football report card
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Another week, another record falls at Rice
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Graham not worried about Top 25 snub
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An Owl's diary:  a touchdown connection
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Graham:  'That's not why we played good'
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Tulsa running game gaining steam
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One-dimensional?   Tulsa runs over Rice, 63-28
(KTUL.com  <with video> -- Oct. 5)
JD sets record, but Owls get blown out
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 5)
Rice loss to Tulsa  -- excuses for the gaffes
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 5)

Tulsa beats Conference USA foe Rice
(Houston Chronicle/AP -- Oct. 5)

Tulsa stays undefeated with 63-28 rout of Rice
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 5)
Tulsa wins; a Top-25 spot next?
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 5)

Tulsa blows out Rice
(The Daily Oklahoman -- Oct. 5)

Tulsa, Graham bump off the MOB
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 5)

Turnover battle goes to TU
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 5)

Tulsa's Such leads nation, but only three punts on season
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 5)
'I came in here expecting to win'
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 5)

08untarnaud1a200.jpg (30899 bytes)Rice-UNT video highlights
(videos of Arnaud's quick pick-six, another record-breaking TD catch by Jarett Dillard, Chase's 26-yard TD run, and other big plays from Rice's 77-20 win over North Texas)

Sammy's ready....
08tulsacartoon.jpg (105831 bytes)

Enough to make me want to go to Tulsa -- almost

A romp in the park
joyce167.jpg (3700 bytes)

Joyce Hardy revels in UNT victory




by Joyce Pounds Hardy
Class of '45  BA '67

HOUSTON (Sept. 30) -- I wanted more!!  I was loving this. I didn't even know our scoreboard could go as high as 77.

Our box, full of screaming, joyful Rice Owls (except for my guest who was from North Texas) was jumping up and down as we were on a trampoline, high fiving, and making sure that we didn't miss the replay of another amazing touchdown. The fun was non-stop.

Clement to Dillard, Clement to Dillard, Clement to Dillard. They wanted all the hoopla to be "over with," but I would have been happy to see hoopla #42, #43, and #44. I am so proud of those two guys for breaking the NCAA record, especially in Rice Stadium where we could all bask in the glory of their accomplishment. And just think there are more games to play. It makes me want to go to Tulsa. Almost.

There were so many fine plays on this sunshiny, breezy autumn day, I didn't want it to end.


Rice 77, North Texas 20
broken471.jpg (24374 bytes)
Owl offense runs wild, Rice scores most points since 1916 in runaway victory over UNT; Chase, JD set NCAA TD reception record; defense gets two more pick-sixes
08unttdcatch471.jpg (92134 bytes)
Owl receivers hauled in five touchdown passes against UNT Saturday -- four from quarterback Chase Clement and one from halfback Jeramy Goodson (Mark Anderson photo)

By Bob Reinhold

HOUSTON  (Sept. 28) – Wow! Trap game? What trap game? Some Rice fans were worried that after four tough games -- and with Tulsa looming next week -- the Owls might be looking past North Texas. After all, UNT was winless and not a big "name" school.

But with great leadership from Chase Clement, Jarett Dillard, David Berken, James Casey, et al., the Owls were anything but flat as they stormed past the Mean Green, 77-20, here Saturday.

On a beautiful, albeit warm, Saturday afternoon at Rice Stadium the Rice offense put on a precision performance not  before offered  by the blue and gray since before World War I. Consider this:  10 first half possessions, and the final one was with only 1.8 seconds left in the half and we took a knee.  The result of those 10 possessions?  Eight Rice touchdowns.

Rice scored on its first six possessions -- and on the seventh UNT fumbled a punt whereupon the Owls scored three plays later. On its next possession Chase Clement and Jarett Dillard combined for their 41st TD combo to up the lead to 56-20 at the half.
Story continues....               Full game stats....

Owls swamp North Texas; next up, Tulsa
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Tulsa's Johnson makes Draddy watch list
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Blindside protectors share Canadian connection
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High-scoring offenses collide in Tulsa
(Hattiesburg American -- Oct. 2)

Graham has gift for self-promotion
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Oct. 1)

Rice, Tulsa reload for sequel to 2007 shootoutlook.gif (907 bytes)
(USA Today -- Oct. 1)
Numbers don't tell Rice's story on defense
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 1)

Rice, Tulsa meet in battle of two league undefeateds
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 1)
Two-headed monster coming to Tulsa
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 1)

Clement and Dillard are at it again
(BlackAthlete.net -- Oct. 1)

Clement sees susceptibility in Tulsa's defense
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 1)

Todd Graham's pre-Rice news conferencewavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
(NewsOn6.com -- Oct. 1)

Running back becomes dual threat for Tulsa
(The Daily Oklahoman -- Oct. 1)
Injuries:   good news and bad
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Sept. 30)
Rice's start not shockinglook.gif (907 bytes)
(ESPN.com -- Sept. 30)
These schools put the 'student' back in 'student-athlete'
(ESPN.com -- Sept. 30)
The most amazing campus I've ever seenlook.gif (907 bytes)
(Travels with Tina -- Sept. 30)
Owls familiar with gaps in Tulsa's defense
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 30)
Look for scoreboard to light up against Rice
(The Daily Oklahoman -- Sept. 30)
Black Knight returns -- we think
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Sept. 30)

Graham:  Chase one of best QBs in the country
(Tulsa World -- Sept. 30)

Spotlight on Clement, Dillard, Casey
(Tulsa World -- Sept. 30)
Who's hot:  Chase Clement and Jarett Dillard
(College Football News.com  -- Sept. 30)
Tulsa had starters in until the end
(Conway, Ark., Log Cabin Democrat -- Sept. 30)

Clement, Dillard grab C-USA POW honor
(RiceOwls.com -- Sept. 29)
Owls ready to take fireworks show on road to Tulsa
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 29)
Todd Graham:  Tulsa-Rice critical in conference race
(Tulsa World -- Sept. 29)
Graham:   UCA win his team's 'worst outing' of season
(Inside Tulsa Sports.com -- Sept. 29)

Bigger test to come for Tulsa's defense
(Tulsa World -- Sept. 29)

Perhaps now it IS panic time
(Denton Record-Chronicle-  Sept. 29)

UNT's Dodge hopes to start fresh
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Sept. 29)

Rice duo earns national honor
(NCAA.com -- Sept. 28)

Rice-UNT:  Swagger like us
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Sept. 27)
Clement , Dillard set NCAA mark in win over UNT
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 27)
"You could see the whole offense clicking"
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 27)
Rice more than handles North Texas, 77-20
(Associated Press -- Sept. 27)

Rice routs North Texas, 77-20
(The Sports Network/Idaho Statesman --Sept. 27)

An Owl's diary:  a team comes togetherlook.gif (907 bytes)
(New York Times -- Sept. 26)

08untotd1a471.jpg (122568 bytes)
Owl parade of touchdowns started early, kept  on coming against UNT (Mark Anderson photo)

When news eventually reached, wasn't  positive
"Beer good. Game bad. Thanks."
by Joyce Pounds Hardy
Class of '45  BA '67 (you figure it out)

HOUSTON (Sept. 23) -- Hurricane Ike, Vanderbilt, and Texas.

None out of three is no fun
joyce167.jpg (3700 bytes)

Joyce Hardy mulls the storm, Vandy, and Texas




Three pretty bad storms for Rice to have to weather in one week. The football team was faring about as well as their fans back in Houston, who were without power, too. The team took off for Tennessee just before the monster, who was swirling like a giant whirlpool covering the entire Gulf of Mexico, came ashore. So long Rice Owls, so long Galveston, so long Bolivar, so long Crystal Beach, so long Gilcrest, so long Houston.

On Saturday, when I realized that I had survived, exhausted from running from window to window for 24 hours with a flashlight, I had one consolation, as I lit candles all over the house (I no longer think that candles are romantic.) My freshly battery-loaded transistor radio, that $100 one that is powerful enough to pick up 97.5 FM, was ready for the Rice-Vanderbilt game. I clung to that little radio knowing that at 6pm I could at least let my mind settle on something else besides 120 mile an hour winds, more rain, downed trees, and no electricity.

Wrong. All I could get was whiny music. I checked to make sure that I had not mistakenly tuned to KTRU, but no it was the correct number. Same music, different station. With no computer, no newspaper, I didn't know who won the game for three days; until Buck was sawing giant limbs which covered my front yard and he discovered the Chronicle buried there under what used to be my Chinese Tallow tree. We lost.

Texas 52, Rice 10

Beef on beef, Owls
'good' but UT 'prime'

Another exercise in futility for Owls, who are over- whelmed by Texas’ athleticism, not to mention
98,000 fans and inconsistent play of their own
08texd30tkls7a471.jpg (91225 bytes)
Rice's Andrew Sendejo had 17 tackles in the Texas game; here he corrals UT quarterback John Chiles (Mark Anderson photo)

AUSTIN (Sept. 21) – About all that needs to be written about this 91st meeting between the University of Texas Longhorns and the Rice Owls can be summarized in a couple of paragraphs describing how the Owls failed to score in 11 plays inside the Texas five yard line, after having driven the length of the field down 21-3 in the second quarter.

Those Rice fans and alums who resent AD Chris Del Conte’s exhortations to chip in an extra grand apiece for prime basketball seats as, candidly, a quid pro quo for not having to participate in games like this should be subjected to the Ludovico Treatment, like Malcom MacDowell having their eyelids pried open and drops put in, then having to watch the video sequence of the Flock’s ill-fated goal-line assault over and over and over again.

Certainly, that goal line series was the most disheartening vignette for the long-suffering Institute Boys in this series, at least since when, in '91, the refs disallowed a Rice two-point play that would have given a much-deserved victory to the Owls, 32-31, instead of the 31-30 loss that went down in the books. But we digress.

The sordid scene was thus: Texas had just gone out in front, 21-3, courtesy of a 99-yard, 12-play drive and then a 60-yard flea-flicker pass play from Colt McCoy to Jordan Shipley. On the ensuing kickoff, a touchback, naturally, the Owls started at their 20, with 7:22 remaining in the first half.
Story continues.... updated.gif (971 bytes)      Box score, statistics....

UNT wideouts want showdown with Dillard
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Sept. 26)
Rice-UNT: Five things to watch
(Houston Chrobnicle <MK's blog> -- Sept. 26)
'You've got to know where Jarett Dillard is'
(Sherman Herald-Democrat -- Sept. 26)
Rice v. North Texas practice notes
(Houston  Chronicle -- Sept. 26

Owls finally back on home turf
(NCAA.com -- Sept. 26)

Mean Green's Drake looks beyond Ike
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 25)
'It’s going to come down to them being great tacklers'
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 25)
North Texas sees chance for offense to take flight
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- Sept. 24)
UNT seeks first victory of season
(Macon Telegraph/Sports Wire -- Sept. 24)
It made you wonder if Gary Kubiak were coaching Rice
(The Houston Press -- Sept. 24)
Rice falls to 2-2 after Longhorn blowout
(West U. Examiner -- Sept. 24)
UNT seeks improvement versus Rice
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 23)
DB:   'They're just playing great teams right now'
(Rice Owls.com -- Sept. 23)
Owls not overlooking North Texas
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 23)
For the masochistic:  video of UT's 11-play goal line stand
(YouTube -- Sept. 22)
UT halts Rice 52-10 with 11-play goal line stand
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 21)
McCoy breaks TD record as Texas rips Rice
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 21)
This series is getting out of hand
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Sept. 21)

Rice's rout:  tragedy or comedy of errors?
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 21)

Texas rolls over Rice, 52-10
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 21)

Texas defense gets the job done
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 21)
Rice led -- for a moment
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 21)
Shipley has great game for Texas against Rice
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 21)
UT's grand stand denies Rice
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 21)

Goal-line series shows UT defense much improved
(Killeen Daily Herald -- Sept. 21)

Horns go up top to bury Rice
(Texas Prep Insider -- Sept. 21)

McCoy leads Texas in rout of Rice
(KSAT/Sports Network -- Spet. 21)

McCoy sets record in Texas romp
(NCAA.com -- Sept. 21)

McCoy sets Texas record in blowout of Rice
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- Sept. 21)
McCoy sets UT passing TD record in win over Rice
(San Antonio Express-News -- Sept. 21)

08texo16escape471.jpg (123947 bytes)
Rice quarterback Chase Clement spent most of the evening running for his life, and a few times he even managed to escape for a bit (Mark Anderson photo)

06jfk62color550tn75.jpg (14202 bytes)Why-does-Rice-play-Texas Weekutprog64a471.jpg (192093 bytes)

Vanderbilt 38, Rice 21
Too little, too soon
Injury-plagued defense, vanishing-act offense, no-show special teams play all add up to doom effort against Vandy

08van16scores1x471.jpg (102140 bytes)
Chase Clement skips across goal line with relative ease as Owls pile on the total offense in first half against Vanderbilt (PTH photo)

NASHVILLE (Sept. 14) -- One of the oldest saws in the book has it that there are three aspects to the game of football – offense, defense and special teams. And to be in a position to win any given football game, a team has to win two out of three of those.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about Rice’s 38-21 loss to Vanderbilt Saturday was the fact that a superior performance in at least one of those categories might have been enough to sway the day, despite Vanderbilt’s ability to move the ball on the ground with little interdiction.

The Rice defense, which, after Brandon King went out with a career-ending injury in the second quarter, was playing without five of its best 11, still managed to hang on valiantly for a half before wearing down in the face of superior athleticism.

"We were missing some players tonight," Rice head coach David Bailiff said afterwards, in what has to be the understatement of this young season. Not even mentioning two injured senior linebackers, Brian Raines and Vernon James, who stand as the heart of the Owl defense, the Rice mentor pointed out, "Our starting defensive ends didn't even make the trip." 

The Rice offense executed like a fine Swiss watch in the first half, moving the ball up and down the field with ease. But that same offense seemingly appeared to fail to show up in the second half, when a good, but not great,  Vandy defense held the Owls scoreless for the entire half for the first time in recent memory.
Story continues...  updated.gif (971 bytes)         Box score, statistics....

Hurting Rice defense intends to hang tough
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 20)
Longhorns look to Major for info on Owls
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 20)

Bailiff aims to stop revolving door at Rice
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 20)

Owls are much, much better than last year...but...
(University Coop/From the Stands -- Sept. 20)
Rice vs. Texas:  Five things to watch
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 20)

Texas seeks to jump-start ground game against Rice
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- Sept. 20)

Texas looking to bounce back from time off
(News 8 Austin -- Sept. 20)

Horns hanging on to the ball
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 20)

Owls will be playing before more people tonite than in first three games combined
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 20)

Clement, Dillard on record-setting pace
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 19)

Cameron's knee; props to the President
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Sept. 17)
Rice has attention of Applewhite
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 19)

Rice preview:  Old friends meet again
(InsideTexas.com/KStateFans.com -- Sept. 19)

Second-half collapse costs Owls
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 19)

An Owl's diary:  the eye of the storm
(New York Times -- Sept. 18)
Waterlogged Owls have Horns ahead, worst behind them
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 18)
Longhorns prep for Rice's explosive aerial attack
(ESPN.com -- Sept. 18)
'Parity' a dirty word among traditional football powers
(El Paso Times -- Sept. 18)
Owls back on track -- sort of
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Sept. 18)
Rice-Texas a return to normalcy after hurricane Ike
(El Paso Times/AP -- Sept. 18)
Rice has its very own version of Tim Tebow
(Burnt Orange Nation -- Sept. 18)
Major Mojo returns to alma mater
(News 8 Austin -- Sept. 18)

Time off gives Horn injuries time to heal
(The Daily Texan -- Sept. 18)

Colt McCoy finds friend in Major Applewhite
(KHOU TV 11/AP -- Sept. 18)

Rice reopens with spirits intact
(KHOU TV 11 -- Sept. 18)
Owls, Longhorns tangle in Lone Star State showdown
(The Sports Network -- Sept. 17)
Five big series wins for Rice,  five for Texas
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 17)

Rice a frequent salve for UT rushing game
(Austin American-Statesman -- Sept. 17)

Mac's take on the Owls (live audio, 7 pm Wednesday)
(AM 1300 The Zone -- Sept. 17)

JD battles case of dropped passes
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 17)

BK to go under the knife
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 17)

Ike's aftermath weighs on many after Vanderbilt game
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 16)
With Reliant damaged, Texans mull playing at Rice
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 16)

How will Owls prep for UT with madness swirling around them?
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Sept. 16)

Stranded in Nashville:  Rice-Vandy fallout
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Sept. 15)
Mac:  'This is a time that's bigger than football'
(Austin American Statesman -- Sept. 15)
Mistakes prove costly for Owls
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 14)
Ten plays that beat Rice
(VandyMania/DawgPost -- Sept. 14)
Commodores dominate second half for third consecutive win
(Vanderbilt Hustler -- Sept. 14)
Killer instinct a new attitude for Commodores
(Vanderbilt Hustler -- Sept. 14)
Rice birds were a tough out for Vandy
(Nashville Tennessean -- Sept. 14)
Hurricane ruffles Rice's routines
(Nashville Tennessean -- Sept. 14)

Defensive changes hit mark for Vandy
(Nashville Tennessean -- Sept. 14)

Vandy pitches second-half shutout
(Nashville Tennessean -- Sept. 14)

Owls devise weighty solution for Vanderbilt attack
vandy54prog471.jpg (203849 bytes)
This John Churchill Chase cartoon appeared on the cover of the 1954 Rice-Vanderbilt game, played in Houston.  The Owls won, 34-14.

STAR.gif (898 bytes)ESPN vid of Jam's 'Game-Breaking Performance'....
look.gif (907 bytes)
STAR.gif (898 bytes)CBS/CSTV video highlights of Rice-Memphis....
Still saturated with the wonder of it all

She's back! And even MORE pumped up!
joyce167.jpg (3700 bytes)

Joyce Hardy celebrates the
Memphis win




HOUSTON (Sept. 9) -- Forget the Zantac!    Buck had to get the defib- rillator; his mother was fibrillating.  I'm wacky enough without you all banging on my heart. However, I'll just keep the jumper nearby for all the games and raise the decibels as I happily yell "GO  RICE   GO!"

In the breathtaking final seconds of the game, when Jammer (I love that name) intercepted that pass and took off running, Buck and I were up on our feet jumping up and down whooping like banshees, hollering "GO  GO  GO..." when the phone rang. I picked it up and yelled hello, still screaming  "GO   GO..." 

It was my son, Larry, calling from the hospital to celebrate with us. "What game are you watching?" as the noise hit a massive crescendo and Jammer (I love that name) crossed the goal line. "Rice, of course, we just made a touchdown to go ahead of Memphis with 11 seconds left on the clock."

Rice 42, Memphis 35
thunder471.jpg (22433 bytes)
08mema%20jammertd471x[1].JPG (166950 bytes)
Chris Jammer gives every ounce of his energy, straining as he crosses the goal line, after completing a 69-yard interception return that capped a 29-point fourth quarter rally against Memphis -- 22 of those coming in the last 6:28 of the game (PTH photo)
Wow! Jammer's walk-off Pick Six puts capper on stunning Owl comeback

08memmachasescramblesvx4[1].JPG (105192 bytes)
Chase Clement scrambles for key yardage starting at his own 6 yard line, first play of a 94-yard, game-tying touchdown drive (MA photo)

MEMPHIS (Sept. 7) – Even the most die-hard Rice Owl fan would have to be forgiven for exhibiting at least a slight bit of skepticism when the University of Memphis’wide receiver Maurice Jones moon-walked his way into the end zone for a 35-20 UM lead with just over eight minutes left in the game here Saturday night.

The 39-yard TD reception re-energized the home crowd of 28,351 and put what appeared to be a killing lance in the side of the Owls, who had battled back from a previous 15-point deficit and hung around long enough to have a chance in the contest.

After all, when your team’s vaunted offense is held to 90 total first-half yards and only five first downs in the first two quarters – and the best receiver in your school’s history drops a sure-fire touchdown bomb during that stanza – you have the right to conclude that it’s simply not your night, and pack up the equipment for next week.

But not this Rice Owl team.
Story continues....updated.gif (971 bytes)            Box score, statistics....

Vandy fan: we are among your greatest admirers
(VandyMania.com -- Sept. 12)
Vandy should cover the spread -- easily

(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Sept. 12)

Clement, Dillard hope chemistry leads to wins
(ESPN.com -- Sept. 12)
Commodore RB squares off against hometown team
(Nashville Tennessean -- Sept. 12)

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Rice brings high-flying offense to Vanderbilt
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Vanderbilt, Rice share similarities off the field
(Nashville Tennessean -- Sept. 12)
Vanderbilt video:  Rice preview
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Jammer tamesTigers with fourth quarter interception
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 12)
Rice preps for tough Vandy defense
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 11)

Vandy relies on secondary against Rice
(Nashville Tennessean -- Sept. 11)
Vanderbilt wary of  Rice's offense
(Nashville City Paper -- Sept. 11)

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Will Vandy finally go bowling this year?
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Rice's Casey goes from utility man to main man
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 10)

Rice's prolific offense takes on Vanderbilt's stingy defense
(Idaho Statesman/The Sports Network -- Sept. 10)

Owls prepare for possible extended stay in Nashville
(ESPNU.com -- Sept. 10)

Vandy win could boost exposure in Texas
(Nashville Tennessean -- Sept. 10)
VU leaning on talent and depth of its secondary
(Nashville City Paper -- Sept. 10)

CDC wants to unburden football team
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 9)

Step One to bowl is beating Rice, which should be easy
(CBSSportsline.com -- Sept. 9)

"We know Rice isn't going to lay down for us"
(Nashville City Paper -- Sept. 9)

The quiz bowl competition afterwards ought to be fierce
(DawgSports.com -- Sept. 9)
VU Coach Johnson discusses Rice game
(NCAA.com -- Sept. 9)
Vandy optimistic after 2-0 start
(Memphis Commercial Appeal  -- Sept. 9)

Commodore receives SEC POW award
(Nashville Tennessean -- Sept. 9)

After third win over ranked team, is Vandy for real?
(International Herald Tribune/AP -- Sept. 9)

CBS/CSTV video highlights of Rice-Memphis
(CBS Sportsline -- Sept. 8)

Soph tailback Hill moved to linebacker
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Sept. 8)

Rice wins in final seconds over Memphis
(West U. Examiner -- Sept. 8)

No athletic department, but much success at Vanderbilt
(USA Today -- Sept. 8)

Vanderbilt hopes to capitalize on South Carolina victory
(SI.com/AP -- Sept. 8)

Rice Owls:   An early look
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Coach West sounds off about loss to Rice
(MyFoxMemphis.com -- Sept. 8)

Another Sweeny Jammer shines
(Brazosport Facts -- Sept. 8)

Vandy receiver Reinert is out for the year
(Nashville Tennessean -- Sept. 8)

Tough loss or near win depends upon perspective
(Memphis Commercial Appeal -- Sept. 8)

Another gut-wrenching home loss for UM
(MemphisFlyer.com -- Sept. 8)

Thor nabs C-USA offensive POW award
(CSTV.com -- Sept. 8)
Rice-Memphis:  Most thrilling win ever?
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Sept. 7)

Nothing Tiger fans haven't seen before
(Memphis Commercial Appeal -- Sept. 7)

"This one hurts bad"
(TigerSportsReport.com -- Sept. 7)

Memphis Miracle!   Owls find a way, win 42-35
(OwlDigest.com -- Sept. 7)

ESPN video of Jam's 'Game-Breaking Performance'
(ESPN -- Sept. 7)
Rice uses late defensive TD to trump Memphis
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 7)
A night of records lifts Owls past Memphis
(CSTV.com -- Sept. 7)

"They were going to test me all day"
(Memphis Commercial Appeal -- Sept. 7)

Rice stuns Memphis with furious second-half comeback
(Memphis Commercial Appeal -- Sept. 7)

Tigers lose in sickening fashion
(WMCTV.com -- Sept. 7)

"He's like a Houdini out there"
(Memphis Commercial Appeal -- Sept. 7)

Jammer's interception lifts Rice over Memphis
(Houston Chronicle/AP -- Sept. 6)

MK's Rice-Memphis live blog
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 6)

Caseyafterthecatch471[1].JPG (157338 bytes)
James Casey rambles for 41 of his 120 fourth-quarter receiving yards; Thor had 11 receptions for 208 yards on the night (MA photo)

STAR.gif (898 bytes)Latest edition of JD's NYT diary....
STAR.gif (898 bytes)Rice's Dynamic Duo talk Owl football on ESPN....look.gif (907 bytes)

Owls go for second straight league win
08memphiscartoon471.jpg (170168 bytes)

Rice 56, SMU 27

domination471.jpg (24120 bytes)
08smud30scores471.jpg (94360 bytes)
Rice's Andrew Sendejo (R) celebrates with Kramer Lucio after interception return for touchdown, one of two scores off turnovers turned in by Andrew in the third quarter (Mark Anderson photo)
Big-play defense tees up Rice offense for big night

Chase throws six TD passes, the first four to four different receivers; JD gets three

HOUSTON (Aug. 29) -- The oft-maligned Rice defense rose to new heights here Saturday night, fairly blowing a befuddled SMU Mustang team out of Rice Stadium, turning one of two recovered fumbles and three interceptions into touchdowns as the Owls cruised to a 56-27 win over the Ponies.

Chase Clement led the Rice offense to 30 first downs and 466 total offense on the evening, but that latter figure was deceptive, because, after the defense scored two TDs and set up two more chip-shot scores in the third quarter, it was "game over," and the offense went into shut-down mode the rest of the evening.
Story continues.... updated.gif (971 bytes)    Box score, statistics....

Depth chart changes on tap
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> --  Sept. 5)

Rice should have upper hand in way of momentum
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 5)

In-tents tailgating for SMU game
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 5)

Rice duo looking for NCAA records at Memphis
(WAAY-TY/AP -- Sept. 5)
Latest edition of JD's New York Times diary
(New York Times -- Sept. 4)

Owl corners come up short on Memphis
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 4)
Rice seeks defensive consistency as Tigers lurk
(Memphis Commercial Appeal -- Sept. 4)

A recruiting take on Clement, Fanuzzi
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> --  Sept. 3)
Dynamic Duo, defense overpowering for Owls
(West U. Examiner -- Sept. 3)

Memphis' Hudgens expected back at practice Wednesday
(Memphis Commercial Appeal -- Sept. 3)
West sees potential in Memphis ground game
(Memphis Commercial Appeal -- Sept. 3)

Rice lacks speed of Ole Miss
(CollegeFootballNews.com -- Sept. 3)

Rice's Dynamic Duo talk Owl football on ESPN
(ESPN.com --Sept. 2)
Owl special teams not all that special
(Houston Chronicle  --  Sept. 2)
Rice not going to be able to sneak up on Memphis
(OwlDigest.com -- Sept. 2)

Tiger QBs get rattled in big-stage season-opener
(Memphis Commercial Appeal -- Sept. 2)

Reserve Memphis QB suffers concussion
(Memphis Commercial Appeal -- Sept. 2)

Defenseless:  Mustangs lose season opener to Owls
(SMU Daily Campus -- Sept. 2)
Mitchell sees mixed results in college debut
(SMU Daily Campus -- Sept. 2)

Jones sticking with Mitchell at QB
(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 2)

Take notice of Owls' stellar running game
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> --  Sept. 1)
Coach West breaks down Memphis' losswavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
(MyFoxMemphis.com -- Sept. 1)
West says learning new system part of defensive troubles
(Memphis Commercial Appeal -- Sept. 1)

Clement, Rice fly over SMU
(West U. Examiner -- Aug. 31)

Eye on Owls' opponents games of this week
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Aug. 31)

Owls break Ponies, 56-27
(OwlDigest.com -- Aug. 31)

Chase example of how experienced QB makes the team
(The Fan Blog -- Aug. 31)

Ole Miss takes down Memphis in opener
(Jackson Sun -- Aug. 31)

Clement ignites offense as Rice wins football opener
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 30)
Dream come true for Rice wide receiver
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 30)

56 points were Owls' 2nd-most scored in a season opener
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Aug. 30)
Rice spoils June Jones debut with Mustangs
(Dallas Morning News -- Aug. 30)

Jones made right call about SMU quarterback
(Dallas Morning News -- Aug. 30)

SMU receiver gets off to fast start
(Dallas Morning News -- Aug. 30)

A bat has landed on my laptop
(Dallas Morning News -- Aug. 30)

Rice's Clement tosses six TDs to spoil Jones' debut
(ESPNU.com -- Aug. 30)

Rice spoils June Jones' SMU debut
(MSNBC.com/AP -- Aug. 30)

You have to expect growing pains
(The Bleacher Report -- Aug. 30)

Jones:  "They are good...they really exposed us"
(San Diego Union-Tribune/AP -- Aug. 29)

Owls victorious in season-opener
(RiceOwls.com <with photos> -- Aug. 29)

Just a hop, skip and a jump to paydirt
08smud16contorts471ma.jpg (97699 bytes)
Rice quarterback Chase Clement just won't be denied as he contorts forward for extra yardage to get to the lip of the cup (Mark Anderson photo)

08smuprogram61a471x.jpg (145044 bytes)
STAR.gif (898 bytes)Pre-game Owl walk set....     STAR.gif (898 bytes)Extra Point Club tix still available...

STAR.gif (898 bytes)Replay of MK's live chat, noon Thursday....look.gif (907 bytes)
'Senioritis' has different
meaning on South Main

By Mark Anderson

08smuweekjdma1.jpg (41211 bytes)
Jarett:  "This is my senior year, and this is how we’re going to do it" (MA photo)

HOUSTON (Aug.28) — When the word "senioritis" comes to mind, one generally thinks of a fellow who is thinking "D"—as in "diploma." More often than not, when assignments are done, it’s usually on the "good enough for government work" theory. Senioritis is often associated with just counting the days until Graduation Day, when the next step in life begins.

That generalization, however, would not apply to the seniors on this Rice Owl football team.

This 2008 version of the Feathered Flock has three senior captains: Chase Clement, Jarett Dillard, and Brian Raines. These three young men could be said to embody Senioritis—The Rice (Right) Way. 

To get a grip on the current attitude of the Rice Owls, and the captains of the team in particular, one must go back to their arrival on Main Street and the changes that have happened since. While Brian Raines was from the Houston area (Ft. Bend Willowridge), Chase Clement and Jarett Dillard both hail from San Antonio.
Story continues....

Does anybody ever read this thing?

Reader interest appears to mirror
success of team – or lack thereof

Indicates average just under 3 million home page hits a year

sammyjalopy35.jpg (26342 bytes)HOUSTON (Aug. 25) -- In its eleven-odd years of existence, this publication has never announced readership figures of any kind. To begin with, the thought was that the highest possible circulation number was not an appropriate goal; rather, the idea was to provide a resource for the Rice football-adhering community, be it large or be it minuscule, to resort to in good times or bad, thick media coverage or thin.

And admittedly, there have been more of the latter than the former over the past decade. Too, with the relatively demure size of Rice’s cozy cadre of hardcore football fans, we never expected to break any kind of records for total readership.

Still, the questions occasionally come: Do you people have ANY readers at all? Wouldn’t you have more if you went "legitimate"?

Starting at the beginning of the’06 season, we endeavored to keep more than casual track of our readership, and so signed up for site-statistic provisions optionally afforded us by our web host.
Story continues....     Why we keep pushing that rock....

08smuchoachb6a3.jpg (45158 bytes)Coach Bailiff's Monday press conferencewavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"Rice feels like home.  This team feels like mine.  And that's exciting.  I like this football team....we have tremendous senior leadership. The seniors now realize that they can influence an entire football team -- and they've done that....I can't wait to get to work every morning..."
Part 1....
Part 2 (q&a)....

'I'll have that one on the rocks, waiter'
08scrimmajdice471.jpg (72382 bytes)
Rice All-American wide receiver Jarett Dillard gets a fast cool-down after a hard workout in the Houston heat and humidity; he obvious takes his whirlpool cocktail on the rocks (Mark Anderson photo)
Time to answer the dinner bell
08mediadaychase1a470.jpg (145793 bytes)

Senior Rice quarterback Chase Clement engages in a bit of carb loading before sitting down for interviews during Saturday's Media Day luncheon -- it's here, folks; let's play some football (PTH .ricetruckmural464notg.jpg (26725 bytes)
Clement, Dillard remain a dynamic duo

(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 29)

Game Day Central (with parking info)
CSTV.com -- Aug. 29)
Rice vs. SMU:  Five things to watch
(Houston Chronicle <M.K.'s blog> -- Aug. 29)
SMU-Rice on tap for 7 p.m.
(Dallas Morning News -- Aug. 29)

SMU football needs support from its fans
(SMU Daily Campus -- Aug. 29)

Mustangs start season with C-USA foe
(SMU Daily Campus -- Aug. 29)

Owls ready to repeat SMU win of last year, and the year before that, and...
(The Rice Thresher -- Aug. 29)

June Jones out to restore SMU's lustre
(Dallas Morning News -- Aug. 28)
SMU prepares for season openerwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
(Dallas Morning News -- Aug. 28)

Jones wants to eliminate 'negative' plays
(SMUMustangs.com -- Aug. 28)

Full slate of events set for season opener with SMU
(RiceOwls.com -- Aug. 28)

Replay of MK's live chat, noon Thursdaylook.gif (907 bytes)
(Houston Chronicle <MK's blog> -- Aug. 28
"My son is transferring to Rice, and I'm thrilled"
(MyFoxHouston.com -- Aug. 28)

Fanuzzi enrolls at Rice, will practice Monday
(Houston Chronicle <M.K.'s blog> -- Aug. 27)
"The young man wanted to come back home"
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 27)

Fox 26 Flash:  Bama QB to transfer to Ricelook.gif (907 bytes)
(MyFoxHouston.com -- Aug. 27)
Why can't Ponies win in Rice Stadium?
(PonyStampede -- Aug. 27)

Rice's Raines learns lessons from successful ex-Owl
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 27)

DMN SMU beat writer says Owls'll bring up the rear
(Dallas Morning News -- Aug. 27)

Lombardi watch list now has Braines
(RiceOwls.com -- Aug. 27)

MK says he's bought ticket on Jones' bandwagon
(Houston Chronicle <M.K.'s blog> -- Aug. 27)
Bencil Smith SMU legacy turned Owl
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 27)

Jones maketh his debut Friday
(ESPNU -- Aug. 27)

SMU will roll out Jones' Run-and-Shoot
(Dallas Morning News -- Aug. 27)
Rice game will be Jones' first as SMU coach
(Point-Spreads.com -- Aug. 27)

Arm has come along for SMU frosh QB
(Dallas Morning News -- Aug. 27)

Turner to be backup QB at SMU
(Dallas Morning News -- Aug. 27)
Which SMU QB plays Friday?
(Pony Stampede/Owldigest -- Aug. 27)

SMU a near lock for this one
(Dr.BobSports.com -- Aug 27)

Revisiting five gridiron questions
(Houston Chronicle <M.K.'s blog> -- Aug. 26)
An Owl's diary:  getting older and wiserlook.gif (907 bytes)
(New York Times/Jarett Dillard blog -- Aug. 26)

Bailiff no short-sighted salesman
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 26)

June Jones Monday conference call audio
(OwlDigest.com -- Aug. 25)

EPC Dinner summary
(OwlDigest/Owls' Nest message board -- Aug 25)
2008 Opponents' Preview:  Rice
(Coogfans.com/Owldigest --Aug. 25)

What to expect from Rice
PonyStampede.com -- Aug. 25)

Moustache mania: The winners
(Houston Chronicle <M.K.'s blog> -- Aug. 25)
SMU works against the clock
(Dallas Morning News -- Aug. 24)

Mock game; training camp awards
(Houston Chronicle <M.K.'s blog> -- Aug. 23)
High hopes for new season placed on familiar faces
(The Rice Thresher -- Aug. 22)

Moustaches the difference for '08 Owls?
(The Rice Thrsher -- Aug. 22)

Tulsa's success spurs foes to play catch-up
(Tulsa World -- Aug. 22)

Will Owls stop anyone from scoring?
(Huntington, WV, Herald-Dispatch -- Aug. 21)

Rice's Clement rewrites records
(Tulsa Beacon -- Aug. 21)

If you slept in, you missed Owls' final scrimmage
(Houston Chronicle <M.K.'s blog> -- Aug. 21)
850 attend SMU Kickoff Luncheon
(Dallas Morning News -- Aug 21

Rice has game plan for bringing in more fans
(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 20)

Salzman and Griffin to call Owls action
(CSTV.com -- Aug. 20)

SMU QB Willis sticking with the program
(Dallas Morning News -- Aug. 20)

It's time for SMU
(Houston Chronicle <M.K.'s blog> -- Aug. 20)
Kicking the Bayou Bucket:  Rice Preview
(Houston Chronicle UH blog -- Aug. 20)

Baylor-Rice series extended until 2016
(Waco Herald-Tribune -- Aug. 20)

June Jones already making changes -- big, weird changes
(Dallas Observer -- Aug. 20)

Changes keep coming for SMU football
(SMU Daily Campus -- Aug. 19)

Owls' Dilliard (sic), Clement aim to add wins to record careers
(Austin American Statesman/Rice Preview -- Aug. 19)

Dum-dah-dum-dum:   The depth chart
(Houston Chronicle <M.K.'s blog> -- Aug. 19)
Rice always pushing big rock up steep hill
(Wendell Barnhouse/Wizard of Odds -- Aug. 19)

Willis never quite fit into Jones' offense at SMU
(Dallas Morning News -- Aug. 19)

Owls lend a hand as O-Week begins
(CSTV.com -- Aug. 18)

Jones confirms it's Mitchell, Smith at QB
(Dallas Morning News -- Aug. 18)

JD named to Walter Camp watch list
(RiceOwls.com -- Aug. 18)

Staff meeting means Turk is coming
(Houston Chronicle <M.K.'s blog> -- Aug. 17)
Final act for dynamic duo at Rice
(ABC13.com -- Aug. 17)

SMU defense designed to produce big plays
(Dallas Morning News -- Aug. 16)

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A whole sports section full of  Rice football links


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Texas Bowl
post-game Rice
press conference
08txbpresser2a213.jpg (49674 bytes)
Coach Bailiff, Chase, Jarett, Thor, Sendejo, BRaines....wavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)

08txbcoachcubita120.jpg (20596 bytes)WMU Coach Bill Cubitwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'They were better than we are...they played really well, we didn't...'
Texas Bowl
Monday press luncheon
08dec8coachb1a10.jpg (17480 bytes)Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'Just tell me who, show me where, and we’ll go to work. We’re going to our second bowl game in three years. I’m not disappointed in anything'
08dec8chasetn1x.jpg (17497 bytes)Chase Clementwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'It looks like we’re going to have more of a home field crowd and that will work to our advantage. But I don’t think that means a whole lot.'
08dec8sendejo1tn1x.jpg (18060 bytes)Andrew Sendejowavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"I’m kind of old school. It was completely out of my control. So I don’t worry about it. I just enjoyed my week off...'
Texas Bowl
press conference videos
08txbowlpcgroup2a08.jpg (17419 bytes)Full press conference videowavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
08txbowlpcberken1a08.jpg (16063 bytes)David Berken wavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'We're just excited so many can come out and watch us...'
Postgame interviews
08armypgcoachb2a8x.jpg (14783 bytes)Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'I am absolutely so proud of this football team'
08armypgchase2a8x.jpg (14937 bytes)Chase Clementwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'It was so awesome to be able to bring this victory home'
08mupgthor4x1.jpg (16742 bytes)James Caseywavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'That’s what it was all about — sending the seniors out on top'
08tulaneweeksolly3tn1.jpg (19003 bytes)Scott Solomonwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'We' had a swagger about ourselves...we were ready...'
braines825a166.jpg (25770 bytes)Brian Raineswavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'I couldn’t catch one with two arms, but I catch one with one'
Rice-UH week
Monday press luncheon
08uhdb2a100.jpg (17325 bytes)Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"It's a tribute to the seniors...all they've done is worked hard and done what we've asked them, since we've been here"
08uhchase1a100a.jpg (18277 bytes)Chase Clementwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"With so much riding on it, we definitely want to come and out and have the best week of practice we've ever had..."
08uhjd1a100.jpg (16249 bytes)Jarett Dillardwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"We're going to have to come in this week and play a full game... because U of H is a good team; they've proved it the past two years"
08uhdavidberken3a100.jpg (17782 bytes)David Berkenwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"We started our first year in '04 against Houston and now we're ending it...it's going to be a lot of fun"
08uhjacorey1a100.jpg (18222 bytes)Ja'Corey Shepherdwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"The excitement we had winning the Bayou Bucket our freshman year -- we'd like to bring it back again"
Postgame interviews
08mupgcoachb1x1.jpg (16578 bytes)Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"Our best defensive effort from start to finish this season...proud of those young men, proud of this staff...we did a lot of the little things..."
08mupgchase1x1.jpg (15903 bytes)Chase Clementwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"It was good to see our guys say, 'Forget about next week; we're worrried about this week..."
08mupgthor4x1.jpg (16742 bytes)James Caseywavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"Like Coach was saying, we had our sunglasses on at first...but we kind of put them on their heels a little bit the second half"
08mupgjd1x1.jpg (15671 bytes)Jarett Dillardwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"When we came out the second half, we knew exactly what they were doing, so we were able to pick them apart"
08mupgtravisb1x1.jpg (16207 bytes)Travis Bradshawwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"It definitely helps us with our confidence, going into the Houston game"
08mupgchancet1x1.jpg (16187 bytes)Chance Talbertwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"We came out today just wanting to make them throw the ball...we did alright today"
Marshall week
Monday press luncheon
08marshallwkdb2a100.jpg (19102 bytes)Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'It's great to have the last two games at home. But also, the single most important thing is for us to be 1-0 this week. We can't look ahead'
08marshallwkchase2a100.jpg (18489 bytes)Chase Clementwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'The bye week helped ...Marshall has a good defense; we've seen how they've shut down their opponents'
08marshallwkjd1a100.jpg (16843 bytes)Jarett Dillardwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'I loved the time off; I loved just sitting at home watching the games... until Saturday night; then I was ready to play'
08marshallwkandrews2a100.jpg (18165 bytes)Andrew Sendejowavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'It feels good just knowing that we get some guys back; we can rotate them in and have some fresh legs and make plays'
Tudor Fieldhouselook.gif (907 bytes) opening day videos...wavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
postgame interviews
08armypgcoachb2a8x.jpg (14783 bytes)Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"It's about four quarters, and you have to play hard..."
08armypgchase2a8x.jpg (14937 bytes)Chase Clementwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"We shot ourselves in the foot when we got across the 50"
08armypgsmiter3a8x.jpg (14747 bytes)Corbin Smiterwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"It was my opportunity to step up and make a couple plays"
08armypgleary2a8x.jpg (14225 bytes)Joseph Learywavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"We worked on flying around and finishing ever play"
08armypgjd2a8x.jpg (14321 bytes)Jarett Dillardwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"I saw single coverage; I got so happy I jumped offsides"
Army week
Monday press luncheon
08armyweekcoachba1.jpg (18667 bytes)Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'The offense just tightens their own chin strap and buttons it up and they go and score 49 points. That's a tribute to the senior leadership...'
08armyweekchase3a1.jpg (19262 bytes)Chase Clementwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'Once we got to the second half we were able to do a lot better job getting down their alignments...we were able to settle down and just play our offense'
08armyweekjd1a1.jpg (17785 bytes)Jarett Dillardwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
''I'm not frustrated at all; I'm just looking for a way to get open in double coverage... it's not how you start, it's how you finish in this game'
08armywkandrews1a1.jpg (19507 bytes)Andrew Sendejowavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'Coach always tells us that the most important play is the next play, and that's the mentality that we try to have on defense'
postgame interviews
Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
James Caseywavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
Chase Clementwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
Andrew Sendejowavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
Jarett Dillardwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
UTEP week --
Monday press luncheon
08utepwkdb2xa1.jpg (18763 bytes)Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'I thought it was an absolutely great football game for us...(but) we've still got a lot of improvement to do... we're just trying to be 1 and 0 this week...'
08utepwkchase2a1.jpg (20601 bytes)Chase Clementwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'It definitely was a good win for us, though we didn't do it in the conventional way, running for 220 yards... C.J. was awesome...'
08utepwkcjugo1a1.jpg (19359 bytes)C. J. Ugokwewavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'It seemed like each play, I saw a huge hole... our offensive line has definitely improved on its run blocking... we know what we're capable of..."
08utepwktgarmon1a1.jpg (19883 bytes)Terrance Garmonwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'I got a better under- standing of what's going on, with this extra year in the same defense...I can help the other guys out...'
postgame interviews
Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
Chase Clementwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
Willie Garleywavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
C. J. Ugokwewavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
James Caseywavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
Tulane week --
Monday press luncheon
08tulaneweekdb1tn1.jpg (18621 bytes)Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"We've just got to keep working and playing hard. We're playing with great effort, and we're playing with passion. We just a have to tech- nically improve..."
08tulaneweektbradshaw3xtn1.jpg (19652 bytes)Travis Bradshawwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"I'm happy with some of my plays, but the ones that stick in my head are the missed tackles... but it's fixable"
08tulaneweeksolly3tn1.jpg (19003 bytes)Scott Solomonwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)"We missed too many opportunies, we missed too many tackles, but we're just excited to have the win"
08tulaneweekchase1tn1.jpg (19627 bytes)Chase Clement wavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)"It's only going to get a lot tougher; Tulane has one of the best defenses in the confer- ence ...they're able to play to our schemes..."
08tulaneweektdixon2tn1.jpg (19086 bytes)Toren Dixonwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"We're building a winning mentality; it's something that comes with time, and the guys buying in to it -- and we're expecting to win this year"
Rice-Southern Miss
postgame interviews
08usmpgdbtn1.jpg (16087 bytes)Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"That was a wild ride out there; it was unbelievable from start to finish..."
08usmpgthortn1.jpg (15761 bytes)James Caseywavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"As always, bad things happen in football games, but we persevered..."
08usmpgjdtn1.jpg (15500 bytes)Jarett Dillardwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"I went to Chase and said, 'hey, that's probably the ugliest pass you've thrown in your life...'"
08usmpgtoddmohrtn1.jpg (14954 bytes)Todd Mohrwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"The first sack I made, it felt really good, but the second, it was like, let's move on to the next play"
08usmpgdixontn1.jpg (15173 bytes)Toren Dixonwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"You want to move the chains, you've got to make plays..."
08usmpgtgarmontn1.jpg (14560 bytes)Terrance Garmonwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"When your number's called, you've got to do what you're supposed to"
Southern Miss week --
Monday press luncheon
08usmweekdb1a125.jpg (22557 bytes)Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'It is what it is and we just need to focus on Southern Miss and get this thing started right again after the break'
08usmweekbraines1a125.jpg (23309 bytes)Brian Raineswavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'I don't think the bye week could have come at a better time. It gave guys a chance to get away, reevaluate some things...'
08usmweekthor2a125.jpg (21739 bytes)James Caseywavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'We feel like everything is in front of us ... We can still do all of the things that we talked about early in the season'
08usmweekaustinw1a125.jpg (25823 bytes)Austin Wilkinsonwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'We're in the second year of this offense; not having to think about technique and knowing our assignments are big advantages'
08usmweekcheta2a125.jpg (23184 bytes)Cheta Ozougwuwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'You're almost never 100 percent in the game of football, but this week really helped me out on the injury aspect...'
Tulsa week --
Monday press luncheon
08memphisweekdb3a166.jpg (25915 bytes)Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'We had 20 missed tackles on the day. And that's something that we have to continue to stress and continue to work on ...'
08smujd3a166.jpg (22161 bytes)Jarett Dillardwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'We are excited about our win, but we're more excited about next week... we'll see what they can do to stop us'
chasesmu3xa166.jpg (28863 bytes)Chase Clementwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'As fun as those games are, you've only got 24 hours to enjoy them...it's on to Tulsa, and we've got a big task ahead of us'
06tnpgarmona166.jpg (21715 bytes)Terrance Garmonwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
'This game will will be all about execution... if we execute our assignments, if we play every play like it's the last snap, we'll be fine...'
Rice-North Texas
postgame interviews 
Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
Chase Clementwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
C. J. Ugokwewavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
Arnaud Gascon-Nadonwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
Jarett Dillardwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
postgame interviews
08smudb1xa166.jpg (24482 bytes)Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"That's two weeks in a row where we've had opportunities and not taken advantage of them..."
08smuchase6a166.jpg (23476 bytes)Chasewavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"There are those one or two plays that will stop each drive... you've got to just get rid of that... we just didn't execute..."
08smujd3a166.jpg (22161 bytes)Jarettt Dillardwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"Texas is a great team... but us dropping the ball in the end zone...me getting a penalty -- that's just Rice beating Rice"
08solomon1xa166.jpg (28166 bytes)Scottwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes) Solomon
"We've just got to make those plays... it's inexcusable... there were a lot of missed tackles that we should have been making..."
postgame interviews
08vandb1a166.jpg (22484 bytes)Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"You give a team like Vanderbilt the short field; they took advantage every time we did it."
08vanasendejo1a166.jpg (20851 bytes)Andrew Sendejowavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"For the first three quarters, we had the passion; we just let it get away..."
08vanbencils1a166.jpg (22759 bytes)Bencil Smithwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"We were in the right places at the right times... we were good enough, coming into this game, to get a win..."
08vanchase3a166x.jpg (20456 bytes)Chase Clementwavsymbol.jpg (726 bytes)
"We didn't take advantage when we had the chance... it's just a matter of making plays"
Memphis postgame interviews
08mempostgamejam1a166.jpg (21008 bytes)Chris Jammerwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"You didn't even start the game." "No, sir, I didn't." "But you ended the game."  "Yes, sir, I did..."
08mempostgamechase1a166.jpg (19941 bytes)JD, Chasewavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"We just told ourselves to take a deep breath, and put it behind us..."
08mempostgamedba166.jpg (24044 bytes)Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"These seniors never believe that they can't win.   We just keep plugging away...there's 10 guaranteed opportunities left..."
Vanderbilt week -
Monday press luncheon
08vandyweekdb1a166.jpg (28348 bytes)Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"One of the most remarkable football games I've ever been a part of. To score 29 points in the fourth quarter is amazing"
08vandyweekchase1a166.jpg (26991 bytes)Chase Clementwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"I love it. I love being in the fourth quarter. I love the two-minute drill. I think that's where our offense is most successful. It's where we enjoy being"
08vandyweekchrisp1a166.jpg (27227 bytes)Chris Ptaszekwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"You can't dwell too long on the past whether it's win or lose. We can be excited right now, but we've already taken the big step forward to go ahead and focus on Vanderbilt"
Memphis week -
Monday press luncheon
08memphisweekdb3a166.jpg (25915 bytes)Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"I'm proud of this football team...I thought we played absolutely   passionate football for four quarters -- and that's what it's going to take"
08memphiswkadejo1a166.jpg (27259 bytes)Andrew Sendejo
Andrew was named C-USA Defensive Player of the Week for his efforts against SMU....
08memphiswkthor3xa166.jpg (30158 bytes)James Casey
"We're all focused on Memphis; we're excited about SMU, but you can't get too low or too high -- we're just focused on Memphis now"
08memphisweekdberken1a166.jpg (27257 bytes)David Berken
"A capability that we didn't have last year, to be able to just run the ball down the field -- that's what we were able to do against SMU..."
SMU Post-game videos
08smuchase6a166.jpg (23476 bytes)Chase Clementwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"We didn't panic -- we came back to the sidelines, took a deep breath and said, 'Let's just go out and run our offense..."
08smujd3a166.jpg (22161 bytes)Jarett Dillardwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"That was the first time, actually, since I've been at Rice, where we really played a full game...we shut them down and finished"
08smudejo3xa166.jpg (23131 bytes)Andrew Sendejowavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"We made the big plays and prevented the big plays...we proved we can shut down an apparently high- powered offense...
08smubk4xa166.jpg (18763 bytes)Brandon Kingwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"I was trying hard...I should've dove in -- but I"m glad I at least got the team in a position to score..."
08smudb1xa166.jpg (24482 bytes)Coach Bailiffwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"I'm so proud of this football team because of the way we started...instead of pushing the panic button, we shifted gears..."
SMU Week -- Monday press luncheon
braines825a166.jpg (25770 bytes)Brian Raineswavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"We're better now that we were at any point last year, defensively... the important thing we have to do right now is to focus on SMU..."
jdsmu3a166.jpg (27642 bytes)Jarett Dillard
"I think I've played the game in my head a hun- dred times... I'm excited about what we're going to see -- defensive and offensively
chasesmu3xa166.jpg (28863 bytes)Chase Clement
"I think this is the most talented team we've had...there's more enthusiasm, a better attitude, than I've ever seen...:
Player interview
scrolldownx1.gif (1010 bytes)
jd5a166.jpg (29282 bytes)Jarett Dillardwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"They score; we've to to score more -- that's the offense's mentality..."
(See JD's NYTimes blog...)
shanet2a166.jpg (29460 bytes)Shane Turnerwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"Of all the coaches I met, Rice's I liked the best -- it was another reason that I came to Rice..."
chrisptacek1a166.jpg (24231 bytes)Chris
wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"I'm fully prepared for taking on the role of being a starter for our defense..."
08solomon1xa166.jpg (28166 bytes)Scott Solomon
wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"There's really no secret to defensive end; it's basically just going 100 per cent and playing with speed..."
chase3a166x.jpg (25915 bytes)Chase Clementwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)updated.gif (971 bytes)
"Last year we were looking too much toward the end result and not enought about taking it one at a time..."
asendejo3a166.jpg (25395 bytes)Andrew Sendejowavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"You can't look too far ahead; with each team,  you just have to focus on going 1-and-0 each week..."
braines2a166.jpg (25672 bytes)Brian Raineswavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"We've never seen this stadium full, and I think the emotional impact on the players would be tremen- dous..."
pierre2a166.jpg (27591 bytes)Pierre Beasleywavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"When I came back from playing  basketball, Coach Bailiff said my hand- eye coor- dination was quicker..."
davidberken2a166tn.jpg (27461 bytes)David Berkenwavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"With the bulk that our offensive line has put on this year, I think that our running game is going to step up..."
Ready, rarin' to go
coachbready2a166.jpg (36669 bytes)Coach Bailiff's Media Day press briefing...wavsymbol.jpg (416 bytes)
"If we focus on effort, show up every day in practice, and play with passion, the sky's the limit..."
look.gif (907 bytes)


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