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liberftybowllogo1.jpg (73191 bytes)
lovettpanorama08x473x100.gif (36238 bytes)
sammyjalopy118.jpg (3978 bytes) Next game:


South Bend, IN
Saturday, Aug. 30
(Time, TV TBA)

Last update
07/18/15 12:21 AM

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We Give a Hoot...

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13msumaIMG_2224tn170.jpg (35768 bytes)
MSU slideshow III: Portraits...

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Marshall slideshow III...

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The 2012 season...

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'08: A season to remember...

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The '06 season....


The 2013 season
Rice Owls:  2013 Conference USA Champions

noicing475.jpg (33588 bytes)

After promising Liberty Bowl start, Owls are unable to make adjustments, fall to jacked-up Mississippi state's size, speed, precision
13msuIMG_0180a475x.jpg (152589 bytes)
Phillip Gaines scoops up fumble caused by Marcus Hill; the turnover led to Rice's only touchdown of the day and produced an early 7-0 lead (Mark Anderson photo)

13msuIMG_0242a475x.jpg (124711 bytes)

Taylor McHargue evades tackle on scramble  during Rice's opening possession of the game (Mark Anderson photo)

MEMPHIS (Dec. 31) -- Not only did the Mississippi State Bulldogs deny the Rice Owls the frosting for their Conference USA championship confection, they broke in and damn near ate up all the cake.

After taking a promising 7-0 lead midway in the first quarter, the Owls pretty much tucked their heads under their wings on those fancy new helmets the rest of the way as the Bulldogs rolled to a 44-7 victory.

Perhaps that’s too harsh an assessment, for it was a pumped-up and energized MSU team that delivered a haymaker that a much more heavily recruited and highly-touted set of jaws would have been hard pressed to resist.
Continues....     Box score, statistics....     SID photos....        Mississippi State links....x

Prescott's emergence key for Mississippi State
(Kansas City Star/AP -- Jan. 3)
Owls can't say, 'Who cares' anymore after loss
(Houston Chronicle -- Jan. 3)
Despite Owls' bowl result, it was impressive year for them
(Sports Illustrated -- Jan. 1)
Mississippi State deals Owls bitter end to sweet season

(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 31)
Rice running game hits a wall
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 31)
Hopes for adding final chapter come to abrupt end
( -- Dec. 31)
Mississippi State pounds Rice in Liberty Bowl
(ESPN -- Dec. 31)
Memphis BBQ: Mississippi State smokes Rice
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Dec. 31)
MSU took control in second quarter and never looked back
(SB Nation -- Dec. 31)
State QB breaks record, fans break noise rule
(Fox Sports -- Dec. 31)
Ten things we learned from Rice-MSU game
(Bleacher Report -- Dec. 31)
Mississippi State dominates Liberty Bowl, sparking 2014 plans
(Fox Sports -- Dec. 31)
Rice chasing history, Mississippi State in Liberty Bowl
(Washington Post/AP -- Dec. 31)
Owls on verge of all sorts of crazy history
(New Stuff Here -- Dec. 31)

Rice-Mississippi State Owlook
13msuowlook475.jpg (41977 bytes)

HOUSTON (Dec. 26) – As the Rice Owls touched down in Memphis Thursday to begin preparations for their upcoming game with Mississippi State in the 55th Annual Liberty Bowl Dec. 31, young and old grads still basked in the glimmer of the moment, because, for the first time in 56 years, the Institute will enter its bowl game as league champion.

03sammytnsmall.jpg (3537 bytes)

After picking up season win number 10 in dispatching Conference USA eastern division winner Marshall with relative ease in the league championship game, on the day after Christmas the Owls are exactly where they’d wanted to be when they broached the matter back in the dog days of August.

"What an exciting time for us. What a fitting tribute to those 23 seniors. To have an opportunity to go win an eleventh ball game for the first time in the history of the school and to win a Liberty Bowl championship, that's everything that was on the goals the team set," Coach Bailiff  told press.

‘It was pretty much a no-brainer’
kutzclass475.jpg (30819 bytes)
Owl linebacker Michael Kutzler walked on, persevered, took advantage of opportunities – and wound up having monster senior year as major cog in Rice championship machine
0013kutzmanziel1a475x.jpg (122301 bytes)
Michael Kutzler sits Johnny Manny on his fanny in second half of Rice-Texas A&M game, one of his 11 tackles on the day (Mark Anderson photo)

13kupgkutzsnap3vx375x.jpg (68535 bytes)
'Seeing after all that we've been through, we're very happy in the feeling that we've left this place better than we found it' (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Dec. 22) – Lads who are both fleet of foot and sharp of intellect might wish to consider long and hard whether they should undertake the arduous journey that is the lot of the college football walk-on – especially if it is at an place so academically demanding as Rice University. Certainly that should be the case, shouldn’t it?

Not at all, says Rice senior linebacker Michael Kutzler, who had pondered such question four-plus years ago as a virtually unnoticed prep school tight end and linebacker. "Division 1 football -- and Rice is one of the best schools in the nation. I thought it was pretty much a no-brainer."

Kutz had been toiling anonymously in the vineyards for the better part of three years, picking up a varsity letter and eventually a scholly for his perseverance and for his special teams work, until the call came just before this year’s season opener at Texas A&M, when the anticipated linchpin of the Rice defense, senior linebacker Cameron Nwosu, was scratched as a no-go.

So here’s Michael Kutzler, as a fifth-year senior making the first start of his career, in front of 89,000 screaming Aggies in 100-degree weather. In that inhospitable environment, his career suddenly blossomed, one could say fairly well exploded, as he led the Owls with 11 tackles, generally making mischief for Ag quarterbacks, including a solo sit-down of Mr. Everything, Johnny Manziel.
Continues....      Video highlights of Kutz' pick-six against Kansas.... 12msucartoon1a475a.jpg (127930 bytes)
Coach Bailiff named Bryant Award Finalist, to be feted at Jan. 15 dinner in Houston....
dbcoty.jpg (28812 bytes)

13mar2_MG_0904avx425.jpg (61667 bytes)
Rice head coach David Bailiff has now led Rice to two consec- utive  bowl games (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Dec. 13) -- David Bailiff, who lead Rice to its first outright conference title in football since 1957, has been named the 2013 Conference USA Coach of the year in voting by the league’s 14 head coaches.

Rice reached its first C-USA Championship Game as West Division Champions with a 7-1, rebounding from a loss on Halloween at North Texas to win its last three games.

Next up for the Owls is the Mississippi State Bulldogs at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis Dec. 31.

Rice 41, Marshall 24:  Game highlights...


Owls get official invite to Liberty Bowl...13marpginvitesnap1a475.jpg (101793 bytes)
Memphis bowl exec presents formal bowl invite to Owls before gathered press; for the reaction in Rice's dressing room see here....(PTH photo)
Rice 41, Marshall 24
champions475.jpg (33662 bytes)
outclass475.jpg (44619 bytes)
Taylor, Turner, Ross, McHargue propel offensive onslaught while defense shuts down Marshall run game, contains Cato
bound475.jpg (28367 bytes)
13marIMG_0139a475x.jpg (129557 bytes)
TAYLOR-MADE TD -- Rice's Jordan Taylor is in the clear and on his way to the pay station to complete 75-yard scoring strike from Taylor McHarque that put Owls up 14-0, rocked Herds on heals in first quarter (PTH photo)
13mar_MG889a475.jpg (116886 bytes)
GOAL ATTAINED -- Owl seniors Charles Ross (L), Taylor McHargue, Donte Moore, Paul Porras, plus game MVP soph Luke Turner hoist their league championship trophy -- first time that's been done on the hallowed grounds of Rice Stadium since 1957 (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Dec. 8) – Perhaps the time has now come for Rice’s old grads to concede, alright, now we can die and go to heaven.

Or are we there already?

While it may not yet be heaven, it certainly isn’t Iowa. With the Owls’ inspirational 41-24 victory over the Marshall Thundering Herd Saturday afternoon, the old Institute secured its first outright conference football championship since 1957.

Now, at last, so many long-suffering alumni and supporters were finally able to heave in a deep breath of the rarified air of ultimate victory that has escaped their lungs for ever so long.

And it felt just a tiny bit about what heaven just has to be like.
Continues....           Box score, statistics....

Phil has no regrets after picking Rice over MSU
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 30)
DB:   'We have one more goal left'
(DawgsBite/Scout -- Dec. 30)
Liberty Bowl offers intriguing matchup
(Sports Illustrated -- Dec. 30)
Bulldogs, Owls both on late season roll
( -- Dec. 30)
Rice key lay in getting Ross going
( -- Dec. 30)
Porras on Gaines' speech: 'I wish I had it on tape'
(Mississipi Press -- Dec. 30)
Bailiff has done wonders in turning program around
(Yahoo Sports -- Dec. 30)
Lewis hopes physicality trumps Rice's experience
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Dec. 29)
DB: 'Chicken fried steak on the menu everywhere I've been'
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 29)
Coach Vinklarek traveled long road
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 28)
Phillip Gaines' 'line in the sand' sparks Rice revival

(Memphis Commercial Appeal -- Dec. 28)
Bulldogs look to continue momentum
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Dec. 28)
Friday bowl practice sights and sounds
( -- Dec. 28)
Marshall's win lends prestige to C-USA
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 28)
Richards fills needed role at center
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 27)
Bulldogs back at Liberty for first time since 2007
(For Whom the Cowbell Tolls -- Dec. 27)
Pregame contests end in tie
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Dec. 27)
Camaraderie high at welcome party
(Rice News -- Dec. 27)
MSU's 'Little Les' has deep ties at Rice
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Dec. 27)
TMac winding up stellar career
(Memphis Commercial Appeal -- Dec. 27)
Expect a heavy dose of Charles Ross
(Tacoma News-Tribune/The Sports Network -- Dec. 26)
Turnaround isn't strong enough a word for it
( -- Dec. 26)
In EA Sports simulation, it was Rice 49, MSU 46
(SB Nation -- Dec. 26)
Liberty Bowl could prove to be unfriendly venue for Owls
(Yahoo Sports/AP -- Dec. 26)
Only prior meeting between Rice, MSU turned out a State forfeit -- Dec. 26)

Mullen, Bulldogs head to bowl for fourth straight year
(Memphis Commercial Appeal -- Dec. 23)
So who needs med school?  MSU DB has backup career as tattoo artist
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Dec. 23)
Liberty matchup will produce upset by Rice
(Bleacher Report -- Dec. 23)
Last season's loss in Memphis was turning point for Owls
(Hattiesburg American -- Dec. 22)
Rising Rice:  Owls 16-4 since last visit to Memphis
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Dec. 22)
Knowing the opponent:  The Rice Owls
( -- Dec. 21)
Full page Chron ad touts Rice football, academics
(Parliament -- Dec. 22)
Late-season surge lists MSU spirits

( -- Dec. 20)
SEC fines MSU for noisemakers
(ESPN -- Dec. 20)
SEC toughens up on MSU's noisemaker use
(Jackson Clarion-Ledge -- Dec. 20)
Bowl could turn into virtual road game for Rice
( -- Dec. 20)
Analyst says Prescott better than Tebow
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Dec. 18)
DB named finalist for Bryant
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 18)
Owls not satifisfied with just keeping it respectable
(Athlon Sports -- Dec. 18)
Positional changes highlight MSU early bowl prep
(Columbus Dispatch -- Dec. 16)
Prescott emerges as MSU's main quarterback
(Miami Herald/AP -- Dec. 16)
Liberty Bowl tickets baffle some MSU fans
(WTVA Tupelo/Columbus -- Dec. 16)
Rice preps for Mississippi State's, er, noisemakers
(Jackson Clarion-Ledger -- Dec. 14)
Bailiff named league coach of year
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 13)
Tyler Russell ends MSU career with shoulder surgery
(CBS Sports -- Dec. 13)
MSU has gone 0-5 against ranked teams
(Rant Sports -- Dec. 12)
Bulldogs have short bowl trip ahead
(DeSoto, MS, Times-Tribune -- Dec. 11)
Owls are nothing to hoot at when it comes to filling stadiums
(WREG-TV Memphis -- Dec. 10)
When it comes to grad rates, Rice, BC should be playing for national championship
(South Bend Tribune -- Dec. 10)
Rice dominates all-C-USA teams
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 10)
To bowl committees, it was 'Same Old Vandy'
(SBNation/Anchor of Gold -- Dec. 10)
Owls place league-high 10 men on all-conference
( -- Dec. 10)
Weis must dig the meerkat: Reagan to OC at KU
( -- Dec. 10)
'This is what college football is all about'
( -- Dec. 10)
Liberty officials passed over Vandy to pick Miss State
(The State/AP -- Dec. 9)
Rice a program on the uptick
( -- Dec. 9)
Miss State gets gala affair with Rice in Liberty
(Jackson Clarion-LEdger -- Dec. 9)
It's Liberty time for the Rice Owls
(Houston Press -- Dec. 9)
It's official:  Rice - MSU in Liberty Bowl
(Associated Press -- Dec. 8)
It looks like Mississippi State - Rice Liberty is a go
(For Whom the Cowbell Tolls -- Dec. 8)
Liberty-bound Rice received votes in major polls
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 8)
Hard work and love:  how Rice became football champions
(Culturemap Houston <MK> -- Dec. 8)look.gif (907 bytes)
Rice rolls past Marshall for first conference crown since '57
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 7)
Watch locker room scene as Owls get Liberty Bowl invite
(The Sporting News -- Dec. 7)
Rice defense shuts down Herd to earn Conference USA title
(Sports Illustrated -- Dec. 7)
Rice dominated from the onset and didn't let up
(Huntington Herald-Dispatch -- Dec. 8)
Herd was outworked, outsmarted, outplayed
(Charleston Gazette -- Dec. 7)
Owls rely on bruising ground attack to subdue Herd
(Washington Post/AP -- Dec. 7)
Owls defend home turf in dominating fashion
(NBC Sports -- Dec. 7)
Rice starts, finishes strong to earn Liberty Bowl bid
(Katy News -- Dec. 7)
Marshall left out in the cold
(HuntingtonNewsNet -- Dec. 7)
Rice running game, defense overwhelm Marshall
(Yahoo Sports -- Dec. 7)
'They didn't understand what we were doing'
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 7)
Marshall got outsmarted
(Huntington Herald-Dispatch -- Dec. 7)
For first time in 56 years, Rice can celebrate a title
(Fox Sports -- Dec. 7)
Cody Bauer:  Keeping Cato in pocket was key
(WV Metro News -- Dec. 7)
Slow start undoes Herd again
(Huntington Herald-Dispatch -- Dec. 7)
Rice students get their hands on C-USA trophy
( --  Dec. 7)
Owls have now taken 9 out of last 10
(Kansas City Star/The Sports Network -- Dec. 7)
At Rice, future of another stadium also in question
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 7)

athome475.jpg (60188 bytes)

07marshallcartoon4vx45.jpg (22278 bytes)

HOUSTON (Dec. 5) -- It borders on the trite to start off with mention of the decades- long drought on South Main leading up to Saturday's C-USA championship game between the Rice Owls and the Thundering Herd of Marshall University. But there it is.

03sammytnsmall.jpg (3537 bytes)

You probably weren't born the last time a single Rice football game entailed such trophy-case implications. Rice head coach David Bailiff wasn't alive yet. Most of the parents of the current Rice squad were yet to make an appearance on this orb.

Yet here we are: instead of 1957, suddenly it's 2013 -- how time flies -- and the dear old Institute has once again resumed its David-like stance, slingshot at the ready, against the Goliaths of college football, just as it once did in the days of chrome and tail fins.
Rice Fight Never Dies!

This week:  Rice vs. Marshall
Old Sammy's rolling out the welcome mat...
08marshalltoona471.jpg (46241 bytes)

FLASH:   Rice hosts!!!
Rice-Marshall ticket information....look.gif (907 bytes)
Rice 17, Tulane 13

defense475.jpg (48521 bytes)
Rice defenders first shut down, then hold off, Tulane while getting just enough offensive support to seal win, take division
13tulaneIMG_0274a475.jpg (131631 bytes)
Rice quarterback Taylor McHargue scrambles for first down yardage to keep first half scoring drive alive (Mark Anderson photo)

HOUSTON (Dec. 1) -- It’s often said that statistics are for losers.

The Rice Owl defense tore a chunk out of that maxim here Saturday in the process of shutting down the Tulane Green Wave offensive attack for better than three quarters, and then holding on for dear life to put the game away. In doing so, the Owls put up some gaudy defensive stats the likes of which have not been seen on South Main in many a moon.

The final score was 17-13, Rice, but the narrow margin was hardly indicative of the pounding that the determined Owl defensive unit put on the frustrated Green Wave. It was another one of those games where the Owl offense was hardly at its clicking-est best, although Tulane’s opportunistic defense had a great deal to do with that, as well.

But, oh, does that defensive stat sheet look good.

"I'm so proud of how our defense played, to not give up a first down in the first half," a satisfied Rice head coach David Bailiff said, post-game. "They had 26 yards rushing on the game. The game ball goes to the defense. Coach Thurmond and his staff did a magnificent job."
Continues....                Box score, statistics....

President Bush wishes Rice good luck before title game
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 6)
Back to the future as Owls seek conference title
(Houston Press -- Dec. 6)
Loss could send Owls to Heart of Dallas
(USA Today -- Dec. 6)
Owls trying to break long title-less streak
(Beckley Register-Herald -- Dec. 6)
Their first years as official RU pub and Rice in finals: coincidence?
(The Manchester Pub NYC -- Dec. 6)
Herd holds Rice quarterback in high regard
(Charleston Gazette -- Dec. 6)
Marshall attempts to replicate past glories
(The Marshall Parthenon -- Dec. 6)
Solid ground game opens up Herd pass attack
(Charleston Gazette -- Dec. 6)
Rice, Duke, Stanford all playing for marbles Saturday
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 5)
DB:   Saturday's forecast perfect football weather
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 5)
Chuck insists (ball) security will be tight
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 5)
'That's Huntington weather exactly, 41 and rain'
(Huntington Herald-Dispatch -- Dec. 5)
Marshall OL said ready for Covington
(Huntington Herald-Dispatch -- Dec. 5)
Close encounters of the third down
(Charleston Gazette -- Dec. 5)
Rushing games move to the fore
(Beckley Register-Herald -- Dec. 5)
Owls will play for C-USA championship
(The Rice Thresher -- Dec. 4)
Marshall visits Rice with C-USA title on line
(Fox News -- Dec. 4)
Defensive development reason Owls, Herd still in game
( -- Dec. 4)
Defense will be the difference at Rice
( -- Dec. 4)
Owls awaiting runaway Herd in C-USA title game
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 4)
Bob Allen:  Rice doing it the right way
(KHOU Houston -- Dec. 4)
National media may be overlooking game but Texas shouldn't
(Texas Football -- Dec. 4)
If league office got wish, Marshall would host
(Huntington Herald-Dispatch -- Dec. 4)
Taliaferro, from walkon to workhorse
(The Marshall Parthenon -- Dec. 4)
Ross of Rice to be handful for Herd
(Huntington Herald-Dispatch -- Dec. 4)
Rice coach compares Cato to Heisman winner
(Huntington Herald-Dispatch -- Dec. 4)
Commits react to Owls winning the West
(Owls Insider -- Dec. 3)
C-USA contenders Marshall, Rice will return next year
(Bluefield, WV, Daily Telegraph -- Dec. 3)
Confirmation Petersen out for year with knee injury
(Charleston Gazette -- Dec. 3)
Herd ground game matured last year at Rice
(Charleston Gazette -- Dec. 3)
Site of game decided minus conspiracy
(Huntington Herald-Dispatch -- Dec. 3)
C-USA math sends Marshall to Houston
(Huntington Herald-Dispatch -- Dec. 3)
Marshall fans still fuming over game venue decision
(Huntington Herald-Dispatch -- Dec. 3)
Palm: 'Absolutely appropriate and fair'
(Beckley, WV, Register-Herald -- Dec. 3)
Home game not always advantage in C-USA championships
(Charleston Gazette-Mail -- Dec. 3)
Houston championship game a shame all around
(The Marshall Parthenon -- Dec. 3)
TMac:  'Throw stats out the window'
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 3)

Wave goodbye: breaking down Rice's win over Tulane
( -- Dec. 2)
Marshall AD shoots down conspiracy theories
(Huntington Herald-Dispatch -- Dec. 2)
Cato: “We found out at 8:30 and by 8:31 I’d moved on”
(West Virginia Metro News -- Dec. 2)
Suspended Marshall back had 4 TDs last year against Rice
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 2)
Herd excitement grows as league championship bout nears
(WOWK News -- Dec. 2)
Road to C-USA title goes through Rice
(Charleston Gazette-Mail -- Dec. 2)
Marshall's Grooms arrested on domestic battery charges
(West Virginia Metro News -- Dec. 2)
Flashback:   More Marshall football players arrested
(Topix Morgantown -- Aug. 27)
Owls to host championship game thanks to BCS ranking
(Houston Chronicle -- Dec. 2)
Marshall will travel to Rice
(Huntington Herald-Dispatch -- Dec. 2)
Coaches go right to work after big victory
(Huntington Herald-Dispatch -- Dec. 1)
Herd likely headed to Rice Stadium, but won't know for sure until Sunday night
(Charleston Gazette-Mail -- Dec. 1)
Rice holds off Tulane to earn C-USA West crown

(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 30)
Rice outlasts Tulane, advances to C-USA title game
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 30)
Seniors stake claim to one more home game
( -- Nov. 30)
Tulane not able to vault itself into championship game
(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- Nov. 30)
Rice trips Tulane to advance to C-USA championship game
(Washington Post/AP -- Nov. 30)
Despite 7 sacks, 2 takeways, Tulane falls
( -- Nov. 30)
Tulane falls to Rice in defensive struggle
(The Sports Network/Kansas City Star  -- Nov. 30)
For Wave, it was only 6 first downs, 123 yards total offense
( -- Nov. 30)

rolldice475.jpg (40269 bytes)

homecomingtulane471vx4.jpg (118245 bytes)HOUSTON (Nov. 27) – So it’s all come down to this.

Saturday, Rice meets Tulane on the Rice Stadium home turf, with a 2:00 p.m. kickoff. This time, it’s for a shot at all the marbles, as no matter what else comes to pass, a Rice victory would result in a Conference USA Western Division pennant, and assure the Institute a place in the C-USA championship game to be held the following Saturday.

03sammytnsmall.jpg (3537 bytes)

About where, nor against whom, nor anything else about that topic, will we say another word, though. It's a bit premature for that. But answer us this: if, on the 30th day of August, you, dear reader, as a loyal Owl, were offered a choice:  you could either be assured of an 8-3 season, 6-1 league record going into the season’s final game with Tulane, with destiny in the Owls’ own hands – or, you could roll the dice, and take your chances on the season – which alternative would you have picked?

One can look back at the narrow losses to the University of Houston and North Texas, and say, man, oh man, we should’a been 10-and-1 at this point.

Greenies next up....08tulaneprog471.jpg (52904 bytes)

Rice 37, UAB 34 (OT)

winsawin475x.jpg (32963 bytes)
Loss looked to be in the cards, but Owls persevere for OT win on night when team was snakebit, exhausted, off-balance
13uab 447bobwinner475x.jpg (175475 bytes)
BOB FOR THE WIN -- Wild Owl Luke Turner scampers across with winning touchdown in overtime, much to the relief of his mates, dismay of opponents (PTH photo)

113uab 511vx4.jpg (117955 bytes)
Rice QB Taylor McHargue scrambles for 41 yards to set up Owls' second TD (PTH photo)

BIRMINGHAM (Nov. 22) -- The game between the Rice Owls and the University of Alabama-Birmingham Blazers here Thursday night appeared scripted for an excruciating, maddening, season-destroying Institute loss.

The Owls had blown a ten-point lead not once, but twice in the second half, and, with a narrow 31-28 lead and under three minutes to play, had the football wrested from the arms of their reliable senior quarterback at their own 33 yard line.

The scant crowd of home team fans was sensing that an upset of the season was in the making, as the Blazers steadily drove goalward while the clock ticked down. With third and two, UAB, at the Rice 14, and 1:36 left to play, the Blazers called time out to plot a last-ditch offensive strategy.

Senior defensive end Cody Bauer turned and faced his ten teammates on the field, exhorting them like a seasoned infantry lieutenant about to send his squad over the top.
Continues....                 Box score, statistics....  

Rice seniors laying a winning foundation
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 30)
Tulane has nothing to lose this week
(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- Nov. 30)
Turnaround has Wave eyeing C-USA title
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 30)
Boswell, Santos make for friendly rivalry
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 29)
LSU transfer spearheads Tulane defensive effort
(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- Nov. 29)
Marshall dumps ECU to win C-USA east division
( -- Nov.  29)
Six reasons to see Rice-Tulane game Saturday
( -- Nov. 29)
Tulane players vocal, upbeat, spirited for Rice
(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- Nov. 29)
Bailiff, Tanner Leland, and differential equations
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 28)
'We have to execute and hit all our P's and Q's'
(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- Nov. 28)
Tulane needs win, help from La Tech
( -- Nov. 28)
Rice model for where Tulane wants to be
(Baton Rouge Advocate -- Nov. 28)
Owls haven't really defeated any decent schools
(Houston Press -- Nov. 28)
Rice football commended for academics
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 28)
Rice OC Reagan to take offense to Kansas
( -- Nov. 27)
Coach Thurmond nominee for Broyles Award
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 27)
Tulane pondering the possibilities
(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- Nov. 27)
Tulane leans on defense
(The News Tribune/The Sports Network -- Nov. 27)
Tulane's Johnson talks about UTEP win, Rice game
(Bayou Buzz -- Nov. 26)
Rice among four top Academic Achievement honorees
( -- Nov. 26)
Rice seeks division crown, first league title
(CBS Houston -- Nov. 26)
'They're winning all these games by getting turnovers'
(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- Nov. 25)
Rice one game from title bout with win over UAB
(Sugar Land Sun -- Nov. 25)
Rice tangos with Tulane for shot at C-DOA title tilt.
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 25)
Wave wil beat Rice; defense too tough for Owls
(The Wave Report/Rivals -- Nov. 24)
Spot in C-USA title game awaits Herd-ECU winner
(Charleston Daily Mail -- Nov. 24)
Owl nemesis Darkwa back with Tulane for one more shot
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 24)
Rice controls destiny for divison crown, but behind 8-ball for championship game
(San Antonio Express-News -- Nov. 24)
Tulane swamps UTEP in most one-sided league victory
(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- Nov. 24)
UNT loses shot at West title with loss to UTSA
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Nov. 24)
Bottom line:  Rice gets it done
( -- Nov. 22)
Sparse attendance greets Rice at UAB game
(Birmingham News -- Nov. 22)
UTSA still in race for league crown even after Rice victory
(San Antonio Express-News --- Nov. 22)
Rice championship hopes still alive after OT win

(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 21)
UAB loses heartbreaker in overtime against Rice
(Birmingham News -- Nov. 21)
It was quite simple, Blazers couldn't stop the run
(Birmingham News -- Nov. 21)
Ground game leads Owls to overtime win
( -- Nov. 21)
Two sacks in OT session seal Blazers' fate
(The Olympian/The Sports Network -- Nov. 21)
Turner's TD run edges Rice past UAB
(Hiltonl Head Island Packet/AP -- Nov. 22)
Frosh Davis spells senior Ross, helps Owls to OT win
(Washington Post -- Nov. 21)

owlssay475.jpg (47551 bytes)

HOUSTON (Nov. 20) – For starters, let us hope that this short week will work out better for the Rice Owls than did the previous one.

The Owls took on North Texas in Denton on Oct. 31, five days after a 45-7 home beat-down of UTEP. Didn’t work out so well. The Owls lost. Shouldn’t’ve. But they did.

03sammytnsmall.jpg (3537 bytes)

Now, as Rice gets ready to face the University of Alabama-Birmingham at Legion Field in the storied iron city Thursday night, there’s no room for another loss if the Owls are to continue to entertain any hopes of yet coming up with the Conference USA crown.

The game kicks off at 6:30 p.m. central time, with TV coverage by Fox Sports 1.

Rice 52, Louisiana Tech 14
charles475.jpg (44466 bytes)
Ross romps for record five TDs as Owls dominate from start to finish
13lt26n12a475x.jpg (123702 bytes)
Charles Ross gets a pat on the shoulder from teammate Turner Petersen after the big Senior Rice running back ran for 215 net yards, 5 TDs in Owls' thorough domination of Louisiana Tech (PTH photo)
13ltIMG_0274a475.jpg (169085 bytes)
Charles Ross breaks into clear on Owls' second   possession in a statement-making 45-yard run to set up second Rice TD (Mark Anderson photo)

HOUSTON (Nov. 17) -- Louisana Tech obviously had no answer for the performance onslaught of Rice's heavyweight champion running back Charles Ross Saturday.

So thorough was the Rice domination of the now 4-6 North Louisianans that, indeed, by the time the Bulldogs' team bus rolled back into Ruston in the wee hours of Sunday morning, the Bulldog players probably were still trying to figure out what the damn question was.

Ross, a 6-1, 235-pound fifth-year senior from Schertz Clemens rolled for 215 rushing yards en route to a five-touchdown performance that tied the Conference USA record and established a new superlative in the Rice record books. And, while he was at it, Chuck in Charge also became the seventh Rice player in school history to rush for 1,000 yards in a single season as he and his teammates stormed to an inspired 52-14 victory over Louisiana Tech on Saturday night at Rice Stadium before 19,707 Homecoming attendees who braved rain showers during the game.

That rainfall, though intermittent, managed to keep the turf – and the football -- slippery all night, provoking more than a couple of wild-and-wooly sequences of events, though all, in the end, worked out to the Owls’ advantage, if nothing less than by force of will.
Continues...         Box score, statistics....        SID game photos....

UAB wants fans to move seats for TV game
( -- Nov. 19)
Owls rebound from previous loss
(The Rice Thresher -- Nov. 19)
Improved work ethic helps UAB senior
( -- Nov. 19)
Rice erases thoughts of seasons past
(Houston Press -- Nov. 19)
Chuck, Boz earn weekly C-USA honors
( -- Nov. 18)
Owls to travel to Birmingham to face UAB
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 18)
UAB focusing on small victories, short week
(Huntsvilee, Al., Times -- Nov. 18)
Rice heats up for big win over Tech
(Ruston Daily Leader -- Nov. 17)
Ross, Owls honor coach with homecoming win
( -- Nov. 16)
Ross leads the way as Rice runs over Louisiana Tech

(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 16)
Rice gets emotional homecoming win over La Tech
(Montgomery Count Observer -- Nov. 16)
Owls strike early, often in dominating win
(Charlotte Observer/The Sports Network -- Nov. 16)
Bulldogs struggle to stop Rice running game
( -- Nov. 16)
Wild, two-fumble play propels Owls to easy win
( -- Nov. 16)
Bulldogs bulldozed in lopsided loss to Rice
(Monroe News-Star -- Nov. 16)
Rice's Bailiff coaching three days after father's death
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 16)

pace475.jpg (44980 bytes)

12latechcartoon.jpg (14683 bytes)HOUSTON (Nov. 14) – The Rice Owls will fete  Homecoming alumni Saturday as they take on the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs in a 6:00 p.m. Rice Stadium matchup, a game that the Flock simply must register in the "win" category if they expect to hold serve in the Conference USA western division race.

03sammytnsmall.jpg (3537 bytes)

La Tech comes into town on an uptick, having won three out of its last four games, earning a 3-2 conference record thus far against four wins and five losses overall. So the Bulldogs are still not out of the chase for bowl eligibility and will have ample incentive to put away a road win over the Owls, who come into the game as 17-point favorites.

That is not to say that the Techsters have exactly come on like gangbusters this season; their four victories have come over opponents that cumulatively have posted a 6-and-31 season record thus far. In other words: their victims have been worse than the Owls’ victims.

North Texas 28, Rice 16
13untcaught475.jpg (31634 bytes)
Owls fail to hold early lead as turnovers, defensive breakdowns, special team lapses trump Rice's statistical domination
13unt010a475x.jpg (129834 bytes)
James Radcliffe and his mates kept UNT offense bottled up all night except for one big run, one big pass play (Mark Anderson photo)

13unt2799a375.jpg (65915 bytes)
New Rice Athletic Director Joe Karlgaard watches the proceedings at UNT with obvious concern (PTH photo)

DENTON (Nov. 1) -- When Taylor McHargue's perfectly-placed post pattern found a leaping Jordan Taylor in the North Texas end zone to give Rice an early 16-7 lead here Halloween night, it looked as if the Owls had the world by the tail with a downhill pull.

The Rice offense was clicking, while UNT wasn't moving the ball at all.   The only scoring noise made by the Eagles was a flukey fumble return for six after the pill was uncharacteristicaly coughed up by ace senior running back Charles Ross.

Certainly that revolting development was an outlier, and the Owls were well on their way to Rice's sixth win in a row.

Or so it seeemed. 

But that's when the wheels fell off.
Continues....                      Box score, statistics....

Taylor steps into expanded role on offense
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 16)
La Tech faces big test against Rice
(Shreveport Times -- Nov. 16)
Honor jersies highlight homecoming activities
( -- Nov. 16)
LaTech has bowl eligibility in sights
( -- Nov. 14)
Former league rivals back in session
(Kansas City Star/The Sports Network -- Nov. 14)
Tech QB situation still unclear
(Monroe News-Star -- Nov. 14)
Bulldogs have won 3 out of last 4 games
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 13)
Tech unsure of starting QB Saturday
(Ruston Daily Leader -- Nov. 13)
Bowl game in sight for La Tech
(Monroe News-Star -- Nov. 13)
'Duck Commander' made collegiate debut vs. Rice
(Houston Chronicle --  Nov. 13)
Holtz: 'They have a really great football team'
( -- Nov. 11)
LaTech sees players develop in Southern Miss win
(Shreveport Times -- Nov. 11)
Rrrrrwwaack!   Duck Dynasty star debuted against Rice
( -- Nov. 11)
Luke Willson flourishes with Seahawks
(Windsor, Ont., Star -- Nov. 10)
Tulane suffers death by penalty in loss to UTSA
(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- Nov. 10)
After 9 years, UNT is bowl eligible
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Nov. 10)
Rice, A&M agree to home-and-home contests
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 8)
Owls get week off before hosting LaTech
(The Sports Network -- Nov. 7)
JK comments on Stanford football funding
(The Wall Street Journal -- Nov. 7)
Tulane's 4-pick loss brought fan base down to earth
(New Orleans Times-Picayune -- Nov. 7)
Last month sets up well for UNT
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Nov. 6)
Egads! Thresher actually uses term  'school spirit'
(The Rice Thresher -- Nov. 6)
C-USA confident it will find places for all bowl-eligible teams
(Orlando Sun-Sentinel -- Nov. 6)
C-USA race should be fun to watch
(SB Nation -- Nov. 5)
Could Owl, Irish paths cross in bowl stakes?
(Bleacher Report -- Nov. 5)
Owls lost a game they probably should have won
(Houston Chronicle -- Nov. 4)
'Rice is a good team with pride in their program'
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Nov. 4)
UNT's win over Rice last night was huge
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Nov. 1)
North Texas beats Rice to earn bowl eligibility
( -- Nov. 1)
North Texas makes statement on goal line
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Nov. 1)
North Texas ends Rice's five-game win streak
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 31
Big plays spell doom for Owls
( -- Oct. 31)

Rice stumbles in loss to North Texas
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 31)
UNT scares up bowl eligibility
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Oct. 31)
Jimmerson, Chancellor help North Texas beat Rice
(Washington Post/AP -- Oct. 31)
Jimmerson runs for TD, catches another in UNT win
(Charlotte Observer/The Sports Network -- Oct. 31)
Rice win streak stopped by North Texas
( -- Oct. 31)
UNT bowl eligible for first time since 2004
(Yahoo Sports -- Oct. 31)
Big plays doom Owls against North Texas
(Your Houston Observer -- Oct. 31)

Owls find themselves knocking on driver's seat door, but UNT in way

13utep301a475.jpg (124597 bytes)
Charles Ross had  what's for him a typical workday against the Miners -- 153 yards rushing (Mark Anderson photo)

DENTON (Oct. 30) -- Seems downright spooky, but it so happens that on Halloween Night, the Rice Owls and the University of North Texas Eagles are set to face each other in a nationally televised game that has significant implications in the Conference USA 2013 race, both within the Western Division and as a whole.

03sammytnsmall.jpg (3537 bytes)

In prior years, this matchup would have garnered about as much regional and national attention as a game between a couple of your better West-Texas six-man teams, but this time, with Rice leading the Western Division tied with Tulane at 4-0, and with UNT fast on their heels at 3-1, the outfit who wins this game has the inside track on not only a division crown, but also the much-coveted home team spot in the league championship game. So more than a few folks are likely to be tuned in, especially in places like Huntington, W. Va., Greenville, N.C., and down New Orleans way.

The word from around Denton is that this game, for UNT is "huge," "enormous," "the biggest game since Grant Teaff," "the most important game since 2001" – while over on South Main, the smoke signals are much more subdued, Rice’s senior-studded squad taking this upcoming bout as just another day at the office, albeit important enough to burn the midnight oil over.

13ma1a220.jpg (70961 bytes)Rice-UTEP video highlights
(See here video of the scores, the big plays that gave Owls their runaway win)

Rice 45, UTEP 7
13utepcakewalk475.jpg (35573 bytes)
Taylor McHargue, Jordan Taylor combine for three touchdown bombs, Ross gets 153 yards rushing, defense makes big plays -- result:  a blowout win for Owls
13utep658a475x.jpg (171879 bytes)
KA-BLOOEY! Rice's Jordan Taylor hauls in 72-yard TD bomb to blow game wide open in third quarter; it was one of three touchdown receptions he had on the day (Mark Anderson photo)

HOUSTON (Oct. 26) – With just over five minutes left in the first half of Rice’s game with the University of Texas - El Paso Saturday, the Owls had just taken a 17-7 lead over the Miners when quarterback Taylor McHargue hooked up with his wide receiver, Dennis Parks, for a 17-yard scoring strike.

A good followup defensive series was urgently needed to rock the Miners back on their heels and insure a relatively comfortable halftime lead for the Owls.

But after Rice pinned the visitors back to their own 16 yard line on the ensuing kickoff, a most unwelcome development occurred when UTEP’s freshman all-everything running back, Aaron Jones, burst into open and dashed 81 yards for what seemed to be a quick-strike rushing touchdown of prodigious proportions.

But Rice defensive back Julius White wasn’t having any of that. From his position, he high-tailed diagonally across the field, and arrived just in time to bump the UTEP speedster out of bounds at the Rice three yard line, thus averting a touchdown which would have brought the score to 17-14 and portended a dog-fight for the remainder of the contest.
Continues.....          Rice-UTEP box score, statistics....

Four-foot-nine sensation has big future ahead of him
( --  Oct. 30)
Win over UTEP a bowl-building blowout
( -- Oct. 30)
Stopping Rice running game will be crucial
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Oct. 30)
Rice defeats UTEP, is bowl eligible
(The Rice Thresher -- Oct. 29)
Rice loaded with players offered at UNT
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Oct. 29)
UNT keeping mum on injury updates
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Oct. 29)
Rice's Carter focusing on homework after debut
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 29)
Mean Green heads into new territory this week
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Oct. 29)
DB's appearance on Tim Brando show
( -- Oct. 29)
Taylor, Ross, White earn helmet stickers
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 29)
Nordstrom learning to fly with Rice
(The Woodlands Online -- Oct. 29)
Owls mine UTEP to attain bowl eligiblity
(Houston Press -- Oct. 29)
UNT exhibits good brand on both sides of ball
(Football Game Plan -- Oct. 29)
College football’s newest “Rudy” far more inspiring than original
(Buzz Feed Sports -- Oct. 28)
Rice enters short week on high note
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 28)
UNT, winners of three in a row, on a roll
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 28)
Mooch injured, out for UNT game
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 28)
UNT victory sets up huge showdown with Rice
(Denton Record-Chronicle -- Oct. 28)
North Texas needs just one more win to become bowl-eligible
( -- Oct. 28)
'When you practice every day, it's like clockwork'
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 26)
Rice beats UTEP 45-7; keeps pace in C-USA race
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 26)
Rice attains bowl eligibility with win over UTEP
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 26)
Rice rolls over UTEP, 45-7
( -- Oct. 26)
College football's smallest player gets his first carry
(New England Sports Network  -- Oct. 26)\
Showers hurt in 45-7 loss to Rice
(El Paso Times -- Oct. 26)
Owls were a machine offensively Saturday
(Kansas City Star/The Sports Network -- Oct. 26)
After opening stop, it was all downhill for Miners
(SB Nation/Miner Rush -- Oct. 26)
Rice's 8 consecutive league wins breaks its own 1949 record
(El Paso Times -- Oct. 26)
Taylor, McHargue, Ross spark Owls to fifth straight win
( -- Oct. 26)

On road to bigger, better things, Owls seek to avoid stumble against UTEP

HOUSTON (Oct. 24) -- The Rice Owls will attempt to put another notch on their pistol grips as they take on the University of Texas - El Paso Miners in a 2:30 kickoff at Rice Stadium Saturday.

03sammytnsmall.jpg (3537 bytes)

The Miners bring in a 1-5 season record thus far, 0-3 in league play, under first-year head coach Sean Kugler, including an 0-for-four losing skein in the Sun Bowl. But they showed up tough in their most recent two home games, a 38-35 loss to La Tech and a 34-20 defeat at the hands of Tulsa.

The Miners clocked their only win of 2013 thus far against the Owls' most recent opponent, New Mexico State, whom UTEP  outscored 42-21 in Las Cruces in September.

They also had the benefit of a week off going into this Saturday's tilt, so wary Owl fans should be able to construct any of a number of negative scenarios which may lead the Owls to stumble on their way to bowl eligibility and a clean, 4-0, conference record.

But in truth, this is a game in which only one team can beat the Rice Owls, and you know who that is.  Or rather, you know who we are.

Stahle Vincent this year's Rice football HoF honoree

STAHLE1a375.jpg (65788 bytes)
Stahle Vincent still checks in pretty much at his playing weight as he closes out a career as a successful HR executive in North Carolina (Greensboro News & Record photo

HOUSTON (Oct. 23) – One of Rice’s all-time greats, and an old friend to many long-time followers of the Feathered Flock, Stahle Vincent, a member of the Rice class of ‘72 and record-breaking running back for the Owls, will be inducted into the Rice Athletics Hall of Fame at Saturday’s football game between the Institute and UTEP.

Stahle never wished to be characterized as a pioneer, but in fact he was one, being one of three African-American members of the Rice football recruiting class matriculating in the fall of 1968. Vincent, along with Rodrigo Barnes and Mike Tyler, were the first three, and they all left their positive marks on the university.

Not the least of those was Vincent, a Greensboro, NC, native and graduate of the city’s Dudley High School, where he was all-everything, both academically and athletically. Then he pretty much replicated the same course at Rice.

In 1971 he set the SWC all-time record for most carries in a season (243), and a Rice all-time record most yards net rushing in a season (945). While excelling academically and in student government, Stahle also set additional Rice records including most rushing plays for a season, most total plays (rush and pass), and the most rushing plays in a game.

After his NFL career was cut short by injury, Stahle was successful as an entrepreneur in the sporting goods business, before picking up his master’s degree and settling down to a long run as a human resources management executive.

"I went to Rice looking for the same experiences as other college-bound teenagers," Stahle once said. "What I encountered was a unique set of challenges that prepared me for life after college."

Rice 45, New Mexico State 19
13cruise475.jpg (29368 bytes)
Owls jump to early lead, roll on to win as rushing game dominates
13nm2841a475.jpg (180059 bytes)
Jordan Taylor leaps to pull down 17-yard touchdown pass from Taylor McHargue, extending Owls' halftime lead over NMSU to 28-12 (Shari Vialpando photo)

13nm2570a400.jpg (92338 bytes)
Rice QB Taylor McHargue skids for first-down yardage as one of his road graders throws a block (Shari Vialpando photo)

LAS CRUCES, N.M. (Oct. 20) – Although Taylor McHargue said afterwards that his Rice Owls still haven’t displayed their best brand of ball, the Institute Boys negotiated well enough Saturday to come away with a 45-19 victory over still-winless New Mexico -- the South Mainers’ third win in a row on the road.

The veteran senior Owl quarterback led Rice to 515 yards total offense, picking up 90 of those on the ground himself while rushing for three TDs and passing for another.

But the big star of the day for the Feathered Flock was running back Charles Ross, who rumbled for a career-topping 167 yards on 26 carries. Won’t say Mr. Charles-in-Charge toted the mail for the Owls, but thought we saw him drop off several special delivery letters and a couple of parcel posts along the way.

In so doing, the burly senior made it clear that any vestiges of his four-week-old knee injury have been left behind in the weight room.

Of course, his performance meant that entire enemy defenses will be keying on him for the remainder of the season, but that certainly ought to open myriad other offensive opportunities for Rice OC John Reagan to take advantage of. There’s no doubt about that, is there?
Continues....                 Box score, statistics....

Rice students trade in those nasty orange, maroon t-shirts
( -- Oct. 25)
Rice's philosophy:  take what's given you
( -- Oct. 25)
O. J. Brigance talks about life, new book
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Tulane looks to stay unbeaten against Tulsa
( -- Oct. 25)
Is this the weekend UH, Rice clinch bowl spots?
(Houston Press -- Oct. 25)
UTEP kick returner Autrey Golden injured in practice
(El Paso Times -- Oct. 25)
Rice builds success the right way
(El Paso Times -- Oct. 25)
Showers intends to make UTEP a contender
(Killeen Daily Herald -- Oct. 25)
UTEP back preparing for Rice
(KTSM Newschannel 9 -- Oct. 24)
Owl running attack dynamic, prolific
( -- Oct. 24)
UTEP safety Miller has veteran presence
(El Paso Times -- Oct. 24)
Coach Bailiff's UTEP week press briefing
( video -- Oct. 23)

Kugler grateful for rest, looking ahead to Rice
(KROD 600am ElPaso -- Oct. 23)
Reluctant trailblazer Stahlé Vincent revisits road to Rice
(Greensboro News & Record -- Oct. 23)
Rice, UTEP appear to be heading in opposite direction
(Kansas City Star/The Sports Network -- Oct. 23)
Boz earns second C-USA player of week honor
( -- Oct. 23)
One-on-one with the TMac
(Comcast Sports Houston -- Oct. 23)
Owls can become bowl-eligible against UTEP
(Comcast Sports Houston -- Oct. 23)
Miners aim to get more from receivers
(El Paso Times -- Oct. 23)
45-19 win moves Owls closer to bowl game
(The Rice Thresher -- Oct. 22)
UTEP Coach Kugler faces press after off week
(MinerDigs -- Oct. 22)
Owls to wear the pink helmet 'R' at UTEP game
(College Spun -- Oct. 22)
Miners focus on stopping the run
(El Paso Times -- Oct. 22)
Rice-Tulane for all the marbles?  Quite attainable
(Charleston Daily Mail -- Oct. 22)
Rice returns to successful running ways

(Global Post -- Oct. 21)
Rice now has 9 wins out of last 11 games
(San Antonio Express-News -- Oct. 21)
Owls on track for a 10-win season?
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 21)
Typical problems plague Aggies in latest loss to Rice
(Las Cruces Sun-News -- Oct. 21)
Ross powers Owls past NMSU
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 19)
Owls, McHargue cruise to fourth straight win
(WSBT 22/The Sports Xchange -- Oct. 19)
Aggies fall in hole early, lose to Owls
(KTSM 9 El Paso -- Oct. 19)
Aggies lose 'pink game' to Rice
( -- Oct. 19)
Owls rack up season-high rushing totals, top NMSU
( -- Oct. 19)

nmsuowlookhed475.jpg (48905 bytes)
LAS CRUCES, NM (Oct. 17) – Bet you didn't know that the Rice Owls were headed to the Rio Grande Valley this weekend. They are. It's just the upper, upper, uppermost Rio Grande Valley.

Las Cruces, New Mexico, is not the dust bin one might think it is, instead nestled attractively and comfortably in the Mesilla Valley on the banks of the Rio Grande, about an hour's drive out of El Paso, with pecan trees, fields of cotton, and much desert oasis flora and fauna awaiting the unsuspecting visitor.

03sammytnsmall.jpg (3537 bytes)

Las Cruces has an interesting mix to offer. Even so, it's not exactly in the middle of a hotbed of football fanaticism. Life is slower and easier here. But it's been hard for the New Mexico State University Aggies to find opponents willing to travel to Las Cruces. Minnesota did so in September. Now it's the Owls' turn.

Rice fans may contemplate the lot of the football independent as they focus on this upcoming match, because NMSU, in the interregnum between the demise of the Western Athletic Conference and its football-only entry into the Sun Belt come 2014, is going it alone.

Rice 27, UTSA 21
catchup475.jpg (41421 bytes)
Up 27-7 late in third, Owls fall flat on offense, leaving it up to defense to save the day
13saIMG_0370a475.jpg (186808 bytes)
Donte Moore makes catch along sideline for key first down (Mark Anderson photo)

SAN ANTONIO (Oct. 12) -- At least it can be said that the Rice Owls will keep you glued to your seat to the very end.

Comfortably, you ask? That's a separate issue.

This time, fortunately the end turned out not to be a bitter one, the South Main contingent narrowly escaping the Alamodome with a 27-21 victory over the UTSA Roadrunners in a contest that, three-quarters of the way through, looked to be a potential name-your-score Owl victory.

But it took a Jordan Taylor recovery of an onsides kick with just over a minute left in the game to preserve what moments earlier had been a 27-7 Owl lead.

The Owls had their foot at the throat of their feathered foes when senior quarterback Taylor McHargue faked the handoff to Charles Ross and sneaked in from six yards out to give Rice that three-TD lead midway in the third quarter.

The Rice defenders continued to dig in their heels when they forced a six-and-out on the Roadrunners' next possession.  Setting up shop at their 34-yard line, the Owls were sitting pretty on the verge of what looked to be their first   blowout win of the season.

But that's when somebody let the air out of the tires.
Continues....               Box score, statistics....

Rice players shower support on team mom
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 17)
Owls one of only two teams to score every time in red zone
(Athlon Sports -- Oct. 17)
Aggies ready for Rice, pink
(Las Cruces Sun-News -- Oct. 16)
NMSU QB Davis an electric runner with questionable arm
(Global Post -- Oct. 16)
Surmising season's second half for NMSU
(Alamagordo Daily News -- Oct. 15)
It could all boil down to Rice-Tulane
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 15)
NMSU 'tough enough' to wear pink jerseys
(Las Cruces Sun-News -- Oct. 15)
Owls face an NMSU team eager to break losing skein
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 15)
Still room for improvement for 4-2 Owls
(Owl Sports Watch -- Oct. 15)
NMSU to meet Rice for first time Saturday
( -- Oct. 14)
O.J. Brigance outlives prediction he'd be dead by 40
(Dallas Morning News -- Oct. 14)
Rice has work to do
( -- Oct. 14)
Aggies' pride is their only saving grace
(Alamagordo Daily News -- Oct. 14)
NMSU makes changes, tries to get faster for Rice
(Albuquerque Journal -- Oct. 14)
Loss to Rice another failed opportunity for UTSA
(KENS-TV5 -- Oct. 13)
Winning with problems: breaking down Rice win over UTSA
( -- Oct. 13)
Late comeback not enough as RIce beats Runners
( -- Oct. 13)
Owls keep 'Runners in a funk

(San Antonio Express-News -- Oct. 12)
Rice remains perfect in league play with win over UTSA
( -- Oct. 12)
Owls' flat finish not enough to derail win over UTSA
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 12)
Rice survives flat second half to beat UTSA, 27-21
(San Antonio Express-News -- Oct. 12)
Owls threaten to blow game open, then hold on for win
(San Antonio Express-News -- Oct. 12)
Methodical Owls hold on for win over scrappy Roadrunners
(KENS-TV5 -- Oct. 12)
Rice holds off fourth-quarter 'Runner comeback
( --  Oct. 12)
Owls nab 7th league win; 4th conference road win in a row
(Kansas City Star/The Sports Network -- Oct. 12)
Coker: 'Really a gut-check, really a disappointing loss'
(San Antonio Express-News -- Oct. 12)
Rice plays mistake-free in win over UTSA
(San Francisco Chronicle/AP -- Oct. 12)
Fumbled punt, missed field goals hurt UTSA cause
(The Daily Paisano -- Oct. 12)
run475.jpg (44989 bytes)

SAN ANTONIO (Oct. 10) – To play, or not to play – that is the question.

At least that is the question facing the Rice Owls, their head coach David Bailiff, trainers, and team doctors regarding a certain big fellow named Charles Ross, who leads the team in rushing thus far this season despite having been sidelined with an inury for the past two games, and the better part of one before that.

03sammytnsmall.jpg (3537 bytes)

The return of the 6-1, 235-pound human bulldozer, a three-letterman senior out of nearby Schertz Clemens, would be a huge boost for the run-minded Owls as they prepare to line up Saturday against a stout defender of the rushing game in Coach Larry Coker’s UTSA Roadrunners, in a 3:00 p.m. kickoff at the Alamodome.

It’s supposed to be televised, but good luck finding the broadcast. The game is not listed on the DirecTV program guides, and, as it is being delivered by Time-Warner Cable, almost certainly won’t be delivered by competing cable outfits. And it won’t be on Owlvision, either.

Won it in a knockout
12tulsacartoona475a11.jpg (25262 bytes)
Rice 30, Tulsa 27 (OT)

dillard475a.jpg (30099 bytes)
After Owls blow two-TD halftime lead via scoreless second half, young Dillard pulls fat out of fire in OT with 25-yard TD reception
13rice vs tulsa 057.jpg (174624 bytes)
Rice's Taylor McHargue was slowed, but not stopped by Tulsa's defense, as he was 13 of 21 with two TD passes, including the game winner to Darik Dillard (David Bykowski photo)

TULSA (Oct. 5) – The last time the Rice Owls defeated the Tulsa Golden Hurricane, the year was 2006, and the margin of victory came by way of a 25-yard touchdown pass to Rice's All-American wideout, Jarrett Dillard -- which gave the Institute boys a three-point overtime win.

Saturday, the Rice Owls defeated the Tulsa Golden Hurricane, and the margin of victory came by way of a 25-yard touchdown pass to that self-same Jarrett Dillard's little brother, Darik -- which once again brought the Institute boys a three-point overtime win.

Talk about deja vu all over again.

It took another  harrowing destruction-derby run down victory lane before the Owls were able to pull this one out, though. So what else is new, you say?
Continues....              Box score, statistics....

Brooks, Singletary give 'Runners defense a boost
(KENS-TV5 -- Oct. 12)
Coker doing best to keep program improving
( -- Oct. 12)
One-on-one with David Bailiff
( -- Oct. 11)
DB honored as local sports role model
(Houston Press -- Oct. 11)
Rice a surprising 'dog in UTSA game
( -- Oct. 10)
Road construction means get to Alamodome early
( -- Oct. 10)
Owls look to stay undefeated in league play
(Columbus Ledger-Enquirer/The Sports Network -- Oct. 9)
UTSA's Kam Jones back for Rice game
(San Antonio Express-News -- Oct. 9)
Rice gets first win over Tulsa since '06
(The Rice Thresher -- Oct. 9)
Ross said close to returning
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 8)
Nwosu status up in air, weighing his options
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 8)
'Football is for everyone, but it's not for everyone'
( -- Oct. 8)
UTSA yardage leader back in pads
(San Antonio Express-News -- Oct. 8)
Seriously, Rice, UH both could go bowling
(Houston Press -- Oct. 7)
Owls help special needs kids' dreams come true
( -- Oct. 7)
Dillard beat-down of Tulsa a family tradition
( video -- Oct. 7)
Coker says UTSA will be rested, ready for Rice
(San Antonio Express-News -- Oct. 7)
Tulsa QB Green:  'Not the first time I've been booed'
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 6)
Turnover problems continue to haunt skidding UTSA
( San Antonio -- Oct. 6)
Rice's Dillard delivers overtime win over Tulsa
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 5)
Rice's OT touchdown ruins Tulsa's furious comeback
( -- Oct. 5)
Tulsa was conservative, Rice was bold
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 5)
Rice recovers in overtime to defeat defending league champ
( -- Oct. 5)
Rice wins overtime thriller at Tulsa
( -- Oct. 5)
TMac's 2 TDs help Rice outlast Tulsa in overtime

(Washington Post -- Oct. 5)
Tulsa drops heartbreaker to Rice in OT
( -- Oct. 5)
Owls hold off Watts, Hurricane
(WSBT22/The Sports Xchange -- Oct. 5)
New Rice AD Karlgaard hits ground running
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 5)

Owls travel to Tulsa
barnburnerno475.jpg (41954 bytes)

HOUSTON (Oct. 3) – The Rice Owls travel to Tulsa, Oklahoma, Saturday for another one of those "swan song" games, this one, the last currently scheduled game between the South Mainers and the University of Tulsa until further notice, what with Tulsa’s impending move to the American Athletic Conference.

Tulsa-area scribes have made a bit of to-do about the cessation of the rivalry, but Owl fans may need to be forgiven if their typical comeback to that might be, "Meh, ‘rivalry?’ What rivalry?"

03sammytnsmall.jpg (3537 bytes)

The lack of competitiveness shown by the Owls in losing the last six straight games against the Golden Hurricane certainly would stand to have something to do with the perceived dampened enthusiasm. But even with evenly-matched and ensconced teams going tong-and-nails against each other, Rice-Tulsa just doesn’t appear to convey the electric charge of an Owl game with A&M or Texas – or even SMU or TCU, for that matter.

Of course there was that little tiff in 2007 when the Rice followers insisted Tulsa had ‘poached’ first-year Rice head coach Todd Graham after the rookie head man led Rice to its first bowl game in 45 years.
Continues....     Flashback:   Rice defeats Tulsa in double overtime...

It's Tulsa time....

06tulsatoon468w.jpg (30503 bytes)
The Rice Owls take on the Tulsa Golden Hurricane at Chapman Stadium at Skelly FIeld, Tulsa, Oklahoma, kickoff at 2:30 p.m. Saturday (TV: CBS Sports Network)

13faucheerpic1a224.jpg (60312 bytes)Rice-FAU fourth quarter highlights...
(See here video of the turnovers, the scores, the big plays that gave Owls their 11th-hour win...)

Rice 18, FAU 14
dbailsoutoa475.jpg (45727 bytes)
Owl defense wrests game away from FAU in final five minutes of play, after offensive breakdowns, strategy errors appeared to have put game beyond reach
13fau2a475a.jpg (109799 bytes)
Senior Rice DE Cody Bauer closes in on FAU quarterback; a split-second later James Radcliffe slapped the ball free, Cody chased down the loose pigskin, scooped up the fumble on the run and scored from 7 yards out to make it FAU 14, Rice 12 (Mark Anderson photo)

13fau1a475.jpg (99918 bytes)
Darik 'Junior' Dillard approaches goal line en route to 20-yard TD run that put Owls up to stay -- shockingly (Mark Anderson photo)

HOUSTON (Sept. 29) – With six minutes to go in Saturday’s Rice-Florida Atlantic game, when FAU frosh quarterback Greg Hankerson hit his receiver Nexon Dorvilus for a 15-yard TD strike, it appeared to among even the most diehard of Owl fans that the handwriting was on the wall, and that this highly-anticipated season was on the precipice of going right down the tubes.

The 14-6 lead thusly yielded seemed insurmountable for a Rice offense that had sputtered the entire evening, having coughed up ten punts, 3-for-16 on third down conversions, and an anemic 66 total yards passing; a couple of long Chris Boswell field goals being the only things standing between them and a goose-egg.

Things looked even worse a minute later, when Rice went three-and-out for the sixth time in the game, giving FAU the ball back with 5:08 to play. There was a visible move for the exit turnstiles at that point, and many of those who bucked up and stayed on probably could have used a Roman vomitorium to relieve themselves, having witnessed the whole sorry spectacle.

But football games, like life its own self, can turn on a dime.
Continues....              Box score, statistics....

Rice game a 'must win' for Tulsa
( -- Oct.4)
Tulsa series special to Dillard
( -- Oct. 4)
Rice's leading rusher 'close' to returning
(NBC Sports -- Oct. 4)
Tulsa in last matchup with Rice
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 3)
Tanner Leland named national scholar-athlete candidate
( -- Oct. 3)
Tulsa tries to right the ship
(Charlotte News and Observer/The Sports Network -- Oct. 3)
Ross' playing to be a game-time decision Saturday

(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 2)
Flashback:   Rice defeats Tulsa in double overtime
( -- Nov. 12, 2006)
Tulsa seeking reversal of fortunes
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 2)
Bailiff concerned with Rice's sputtering offense
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 1)
Owls 1-0 in league play as they head to Tulsa
The Rice Thresher -- Oct. 1)
PhD former Rice quarterback:  'I don't have a high IQ'
(Cleveland Plain Dealer -- Oct.1)
Tulsa's biggest issues addressed
(Tulsa World -- Oct. 1)
And the defense shall lead them:  Rice defeats FAU
(Houston Press -- Sept. 30)
Pelini sees opportunity in loss to Rice
(Florida Sun-Sentinel -- Sept. 30)
Boz' onsides kick against UH nominated for Geico play of year
( -- Sept. 30)
How will Tulsa's 1-3 start affect Saturday's attendance?
(Tulsa World -- Sept. 30)
Blankenship:   Rice one of best teams in league

(Tulsa World -- Sept. 29)
Rice manages to avoid embarrassing home loss
( -- Sept. 29)
Dillard, Bauer, Callahan stand out
(RiceOwlsInsider --  Sept. 29)
Rice-FAU video highlights, clips
( -- Sept. 29)
Rice comes alive late to take care of Florida Atlantic
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 28)
Defense lifts Owls to victory over Florida Atlantic
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 28)
Defense leads Owls past Florida Atlantic

( --- Sept. 28)
FAU collapses late, falls to Rice, 18-14
(Florida Sun-Sentinel -- Sept. 28)
Defense rises up to rally Owls past FAU
( -- Sept. 28)
Late turnovers doom FAU in loss at Rice
(Palm Beach Post -- Sept. 28)
Pelini:  18-14 loss to Rice is 'on me'
(Florida Sun-Sentinel -- Sept. 28)
FAU blows 8-point fourth-quarter lead in loss to Rice
(University Press -- Sept. 28)
The collapse:  FAU only needed to run some clock
( -- Sept. 28)
Rice rallies past Florida Atlantic
(Lindy's Sports/The Sports Exchange -- Sept. 28)

UH 31, Rice 26             
frustration475.jpg (29430 bytes)
13uhmark2a475.jpg (98068 bytes)
Owls gave it all up the entire game but miscues, both strategic and on-field, cost them a 'damn sure should'a' win against UH (Mark Anderson photo)

13uhmark1a475.jpg (115062 bytes)
Things looked good for Owls, bad for Coogs early as Turner Petersen scampered 57 yards with TD pass out of the wildcat for 7-0 Rice lead (Mark Anderson photo)

By Mark Anderson

HOUSTON (Sept. 22) -- The Rice Owls started off the Bayou Bucket game here Saturday practically igniting Reliant Stadium like a house afire, and along with it their opponent, the Houston Cougars. But in the end the Owls themselves were burned by mistakes and penalties that cost them a victory Saturday in a most maddening and frustrating way.

The 31-26 loss dropped Rice to 1-2 in non-conference play on the season. Beyond that, since there’s no further Bayou Bucket on the schedule unless Rice and UH officials decide to renew the rivalry, it means Houston has taken three of the last five Bucket games and effectively shall maintain bragging rights on the Institute until further notice.

That wasn't the way things started out on Saturday, though.

Things looked pretty good when Owls caught the Coogs napping on Rice's opening possession, Luke Turner coming in at wildcat quarterback for Rice with the ball at the Owl 38-yard line.

Rice a team FAU's Pellini wants to emulate
( -- Sept. 27)
FAU must contain Rice's ground game
(Florida Sun-Sentinel -- Sept. 27)
Florida Atlantic defense braces for potent Rice running attack
(Palm Beach Post -- Sept. 27)
FAU offense should finally get going this week
( -- Sept. 27)
FAU could steal road win in first-ever meeting with Rice
(University Press -- Sept. 27)
Even though Rice has issues, a tough task for FAU
(Fresno Bee/The Sports Network -- Sept. 27)
Ross reported questionable for Saturday's FAU game
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 26)
Owls hope to claim first league victory
( -- Sept. 26)
Two teams share nickname, meet for first time
(Bradenton Herald -- Sept. 25)
FAU's Dukes says he'll play against Rice
(Palm Beach Post -- Sept. 25)
Next game amounts to 'must-win' for Owls
(Owls Insider -- Sept. 25)
After UH loss, Owls start prep for league play
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 24)
George Schulgen:  SA paper should give better coverage to Rice
(San Antonio Express-News -- Sept. 24)
Bailiff laments Rice's missed chances in UH game
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 23)
Pelini saw big game coming out of his QB Johnson
(Palm Beach Post -- Sept. 23)
Owls fall to Cougars in Bayou Bucket
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 21)
Owls' late surge falls achingly short
( -- Sept. 21)
Bucket has special place in local sports landscape
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 21)
Boz tricks Cougars with onside kick
(Sports Illustrated video -- Sept. 21)
Houston survives scare from Rice
(Boston Herald/AP -- Sept. 21)
O'Korn leads Houston in win
(Kansas City Star/The Sports Network -- Sept. 21)
Levine:  Unfortunate one of the teams had to lose
( -- Sept. 21)
Boswell's rough day no concern to Owls
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 21)
Trickery earned style points, but not points on board
( -- Sept. 21)
Even though you’re pathetic, athletically inferior, rich, crybaby nerds, you’re our nerds
(Daily Cougar via Rice Thresher -- Sept. 21)
You must be quite despondent (which means extremely sad)
(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 21)
The 'Ugly Trophy' stays with Houston
(CBSSportsLocal -- Sept. 21)
Cougars survive thriller against Rice
(The Daily Cougar --  Sept. 21)
Coogs hang on for narrow Bayou Bucket win
( -- Sept. 21)
Boswell's kick was brilliant and unexpected
(The Bleacher Report -- Sept. 21)

Rice 23, Kansas 14
smash475.jpg (30879 bytes)
Kutzler's pick-six, Boz' 56-yarder, gritty defense propel Owls to win on day when offense has its issues
2013kupth2 224a475.jpg (161756 bytes)
Rice's Michael Kutzler is on his way to the house after picking off a Jake Heaps pass to put Owls up over Kansas, 7-0, first quarter (PTH photo)

HOUSTON (Sept. 14) – When ESPN showed a rerun of the Bear Bryant biopic "Junction Boys" Friday evening, the Rice Owls must have been watching it in their hotel rooms.

The irascible old A&M and Alabama coach, known for his hardscrabble ways as characterized by his hot, West Texas two-a-days, undoubtedly would have approved of the effort the Boys from South Main put up Saturday against their foes from Kansas.

Some days you bring it and it just don’t come along, goes the Bear Bryant philosophy. But when that happens you just shake the cockleburrs from your rear end, stick those knuckles down into the caliche, and get on with the business of knocking heads.

That pretty much describes the tenor of Rice’s 23-14 victory over the Kansas Jayhawks before 22,000-plus at Rice Stadium. Saturday night. With starting quarterback Taylor McHargue ‘s going only 14-of-31 passing and two interceptions, and the accompanying inability of the Owl offense to finish out sustained drives, the defense and special teams merely took control, and made as many plays as was needed to bring home the bacon.
Continues.....         Box score, statistics...

Ross finishes what Kutzler starts in win over Kansas
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 15)
Lone Star letdown:  Offense disappoints in loss to Rice
(Lawrence Journal-World -- Sept. 15)
Rice kicks its way past Kansas
( -- Sept. 15)
Rice adds to Kansas' road misery
(Kansas City Star -- Sept. 15)
KU rushing game stifled by Rice
(The Shiver: Everything Jayhawks -- Sept. 15)
Rice-KU postgamer video clips
( -- Sept. 15)
Jayhawks' offense sputters in 23-14 loss
(KC Kingdon -- Sept. 15)
The road losing streak continues
(Rock Chalk Talk -- Sept. 15)
Rice wins home opener over Kansas
(Fox News/AP -- Sept. 15)
Rice-Kansas photo gallery
( -- Sept. 15)
Where do the victories come from?
(Kansas City Star -- Sept. 15)
Weis too ambitious in taking on coach, coordinator chores
(Lawrence Journal-World -- Sept. 15)
KU linebacker Heeney glum, mum
( -- Sept. 15)
Kansas drops winnable game to Rice
(University Daily Kansan -- Sept. 15)
Reagan sees promise in Jayhawks' D-line
(KC -- Sept. 15)

Rice to take on Kansas Jayhawks
plotthickensa475.jpg (45265 bytes)

HOUSTON (Sept. 12) -- How soon have the Rice Owls entered into what seems to be the most crucial part of their season.

Two key non-conference games loom, both within the confines of the City of Houston. Win them both, and the perception is that the Owls shall be on their way to a most gratifying fall campaign. But lose them, and they're back to Square One, the place they usually occupy during the month of September.

03sammytnsmall.jpg (3537 bytes)

Before the Owls take on the Houston Cougars at Reliant, first up come the Kansas Jayhawks, who visit Rice Stadium for the first time since the 1961 Bluebonnet Bowl, when they tee it off against the Flock at 6:30 p.m. Saturday (CBS Sports TV; check your local listings and hope for the best).

This is a team that the Owls defeated in stirring fashion on the road last September, stealing a 25-24 win in Lawrence on the strength of Chris Boswell's last-second 48-yard field goal.

Joe Karlgaard, with PhD from Minnesota, takes helm
northdakotan.jpg (46764 bytes)
13newadJK1a475.jpg (135986 bytes)
Thirty-nine-year-old Joe Karlgaard, senior associate athletic director at Stanford, was named Rice's ninth Athletic Director Monday.  The North Dakota native, with a PhD from the University of Minnesota, spoke to gathered press and alumni at a news conference at the Rice Stadium "R" Room Monday morning.  Karlgaard also has had AD experience at Oberlin College (PTH photo)
Links to coverage....       Official Rice Athletics video....look.gif (907 bytes)
President Leebron introduces Joe K.....     Dr. K. addresses media....

Texas A&M 52, Rice 31
13tamusolide475.jpg (46150 bytes)
Owls start strong, roll on offense, but unforced errors allow Aggies to break open close game, coast to win
13tampthh1 621a475.jpg (180949 bytes)
Rice's Jordan Taylor stretches for the goal line after nabbing caromed pass to bring Owls to within 28-21, just before halftime (PTH photo)

13tammark1 483vx4.jpg (115493 bytes)
Rice senior running back Charles Ross was a beast against the Aggies, rushing for 107 yards and two TDs on the day (Mark Anderson photo)

COLLEGE STATION (Sept. 1) – If Rice head coach David Bailiff's standard for success is to finish each game a better team than when the Owls start it, then Saturday’s neighborhood scuffle with the Texas Aggies can only be classified as an abject failure.

That’s only because there’s no way the Owls could have come out of the starting blocks any better than they did.

Rice gamely took the field before 87,000 screaming fans at Kyle Field Saturday in hundred-degree weather, and picked right up where they left off in the Armed Forces Bowl last December, a 33-14 whipping of the Air Force Academy.

This day, the Owls came out chewing up yardage, with impressive touchdown drives the first two times they touched the ball. The first went 96 yards in only five plays. The second went five-for-57.

Meanwhile, the Rice defense was getting one-first-down-and-outs in two out of the first three possessions by the homestanding, seventh-ranked Aggies.
Continues....                  Box score, statistics....

Rice enters KU game with higher expectations
(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 14
KU players say revenge on minds

( -- Sept. 14
Slide may be broken, but roadblocks persist

(Hutchinson, KS, News -- Sept. 14)

Three ways to beat Rice

(Through the Fog -- Sept. 14)

Tale of the tape:  KU vs. Rice

( -- Sept. 14
Call it an upset if Kansas beats Rice

( -- Sept. 14
Losing valiantly just doesn't cut it anymore

(Houston Press -- Sept. 14)

The argument for running the football

(Rock Chalk Talk -- Sept. 14)

'We were getting ready to celebrate being 2-0'

(Topeka Capitol-Journal -- Sept. 13
Have Jayhawks found their deep threat?

(Lawrence Journal-World -- Sept. 13)

Jayhawk fans can absolutely take over Rice Stadium

(Lawrence Journal-World  -- Sept. 12
Ending road drought drives Hawks

(Topeka Capitol-Journal -- Sept. 12
Owls prep for first home game against KU

(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 12
Mangino disciples find home at Rice

(Topeka Capitol-Journal -- Sept. 12
Kansas-Rice:  Previewing the Owls' offense

(Rock Chalk -- Sept. 12
Sims eager for Rice after sitting out loss

(Lawrence Journal-World -- Sept. 12
Kansas-Rice:  Previewing the Owls' defense

(Rock Chalk -- Sept. 12
Rice-Kansas:  Keys to the game

(OwlsInsider -- Sept. 11
Owl star LB likely to sit against Kansas

(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 11
For Kansas, Rice offers opportunity and danger

(Kansas City Star -- Sept. 11
Saturday's road game is moment of truth for KU football

(Univeristy Daily Kansan -- Sept. 11
KU preparing to end 19-game road skid

(University Daily Kansan -- Sept. 11
A look at the Rice offense

(Through the Phog -- Sept. 11
Kansas tries to end road futility against Rice

(Fox Sports -- Sept. 11
Jayhawks aware of Rice QB talent

(KU Sports -- Sept. 11
In Karlgaard, Dakota boy makes good

(Bismarck Tribune -- Sept. 11
Weis:  Revenge not a factor

(University Daily Kansan -- Sept. 10
Weis held out several JUCO transfers in first game

(University Daily Kansan -- Sept. 10)

Joe Karlgaard named new Rice athletic director

( -- Sept. 9
Rice hires new AD from Stanford

(Houston Business Journal -- Sept. 9
Karlgaard named new Rice AD

(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 9)

Karlgaard re Andrew Luck's effect on Stanford fundraising

(The Business of College Athletics -- Sept. 26, 2012)

Leebron announces Joe Karlgaard as new AD

(Rice Athletics/YouTube video -- Sept. 9
James Casey's long road to the NFL
look.gif (907 bytes)

( -- Sept. 9
Turner won't miss time because of shoulder

(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 9
Rice key test for KU

(Lawrence, KS, Journal-World -- Sept. 8
KU's Combs has to work his way up ladder

(Kansas City Star -- Sept. 9)

Report Stanford's Karlgaard to be named new Rice AD

(Fox26 News -- Sept. 8
Rice selects Karlgaard as next Athletic Director

(Houston Chronicle -- Sept. 8)

Source says Rice hires Karlgaard

(KHOU-TV -- Sept. 8)

Karlgaard former Stanford athlete, Oberlin AD

( -- Sept. 8
Joe Karlgaard on Twitter

Oberlin AD discusses all things Oberlin

( -- Sept. 8, 2010
Heaps had decent debut in Kansas

(Salt Lake City Deseret News -- Sept. 8)

TV coverage of KU-South Dakota game

( -- Sept. 7
KU 'D' returns only 4 starters from last season

(Rock Chalk Talk -- Sept. 7
Owls take early lead, fall short to Aggies

(The Rice Thresher -- Sept. 6
'Are you kidding me?'  Comments galore on JT's catch

Owl offense outgained vaunted A&M attack

(Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- Sept. 6
Rice game shows JF problem bigger than taunting tactics

(Dallas Morning News -- Sept. 5
Weis continues KU football clean-up efforts

(University Daily Kansan -- Sept. 5
For KU, the pivotal game could be Rice

(Kansas City Star)
Christian Covington sack of Johnny Manziel (video)

( -- Sept. 5
Another look at Jordan Taylor's TD carom catch

(YouTube -- Sept. 5
Mom has some 'splainin' to do re Manziel

(Mail Online - UK -- Sept. 4
Leno pokes fun at Johnny Football for Rice game gaffe

(You Tube -- Sept. 3
Analysts lining up to say Manziel acted like 'punk'

(Bleacher Report -- Sept. 3
Naturally, it didn't go all that well

(Houston Press -- Sept. 2
Manziel taunting lands him on bench

(You Tube - Sept. 2
FTAB halftime performance at Rice game

(You Tube -- Sept. 2
MOB's 'autographed' T-shirts worn by pep band at A&M

(SB Nation -- Sept. 2
Owls encouraged by showing at Kyle

(Bryan Daily Eagle -- Sept. 1
Ross was a human pinball machine

(Bryan Daily Eagle -- Sept. 1
'That's what makes him Johnny Football.  We love it'

(Bryan Daily Eagle -- Sept. 1
A&M, Manziel had one adventurous second half

(SB Nation -- Sept. 1
Rice heartened after giving good old college try against A&M

(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 31
Chron headline:  A&M's win over Rice a 'rout'

(Houston Chronicle -- Aug. 31
Manziel cheered for play and benched for mouth

(New York Times -- Aug. 31)

A&M started slowly but pulled away once Manziel came i
(Chicago Tribune -- Aug. 31)

Jump ball touchdown kept Owls close for a half

(SB Nation -- Aug. 31
Johnny Football didn't start, and he didn't finish

(Dallas Morning News -- Aug. 31
Manziel taunts Rice with in-air 'autograph'

( -- Aug. 31)

Manziel throws three TDs to lead A&M

(ABC Sports/AP -- Aug. 31
Big plays, Manziel's return lift A&M

(Houston Examiners -- Aug. 31)

Manziel sparks, exasperates A&M in victory

(USA Today -- Aug. 31
Manziel issued unsportsmanlike flag, criticized on ESPN

(USA Today -- Aug. 31
After promising first half, turnovers, Manziel doom Rice

(Washington Post -- Aug. 31
Johnny Manziel needs to mature

( -- Aug. 31
Sumlin:  'That wasn't very smart'

( -- Aug. 31
Aggies still have work to do

(ESPN CFB Nation -- Aug. 31
Manziel's return:  brilliant play tinged with stupid moves

( -- Aug. 31
A&M defense slashed by Owls' ground game

(Bleacher Report -- Aug. 31
JF trolls NCAA with gestures during game

(New York Post -- Aug. 31)

Recount of Owls' win over number one A&M in 1957

( -- Aug 31
owlsopen475.jpg (40116 bytes)

COLLEGE STATION (Aug. 30) – With regard to this upcoming Rice-Texas A&M season opener, our sympathies go out to you who are betting persons.

What on earth does it do to the betting line for Johnny Football to sit out the first half only? How is the game affected by the enforced absence of two Owls who're arguably the team’s best defenders, in Cam Nwosu and Phil Gaines?

What’s the line? 26? 27? Really, as Hillary says, "what difference does it make?" as far as the Owls and their fans are concerned.

Tulsa’s 34-7 shellacking at the hands of Bowling Green (Ky) State University Thursday night looks to be sending notice that the C-USA Western Division race is wide open and winnable, so winnable, in fact, for the Owls, that no outcome short of absolute obliteration Saturday should dampen their confidence and enthusiasm for big things to come.

PEACESIGN5.jpg (50389 bytes)

a&m73programa475.jpg (170195 bytes)

HOUSTON (Aug. 28) – There’s hardly an Owl who's now alive who doesn’t remember that famous day and year.

It was the ‘73 One Day War, the day the earth stood still; Owl band having spoofed precious A&M traditions and icons, Owl team having eked out a stunning, last second victory – Aggie corps having attacked in response with relative fanaticism and staying power, and blowing the whole thing out of proportion ever since.

But surely that Day of Infamy was an isolated occurrence; college rivals don’t attack, attempt to maim, and falsely imprison their opponents over a simple spoof, do they? No such group of former collegians possesses such fanatical adherence to true belief, do they? Well, OK, perhaps LSU fans when they’re roaring drunk – but it’s the alchohol talking, nothing else..

No, it turns out these guys the Feathered Flock is getting ready to meet on the field of friendly strife Saturday do indeed come from a slightly different cut of cloth. The issue has been tested and proven time after time, decade after decade.

Learning curve banks sharply on Highway 6seasonofinches475.jpg (47403 bytes)

08texasbowl035a45vx.jpg (99401 bytes)
Owls celebrate after '08 Texas Bowl win -- could happier days be here again? (PTH photo

HOUSTON (Aug. 24) -- "Football is a game of inches" -- the old bromide was first proclaimed so long ago that not a living soul likely remembers who first said it.

Of course it is a truism. A game played yard-by-yard with a chain and sticks to gauge play-by-play progress inevitably comes down to trivial distances and tiny breaks, big plays notwithstanding. So it is, as it always turns out to be – but not the least of which this season promises to be for the Rice Owls.

During Rice’s two most recent runs of excellence – the 2008 season and the last half of the 2012 campaign – experience, senior leadership, and the simple phenomenon Coach Ken Hatfield used to refer to as "the ability to rise above coaching" prompted phoenix-like skeins in which what previously might have wound up disappointing losses turned into thrilling and elevating wins, one seeming to follow the other with accelerating intensity.

Early season momentum has hardly been a typical feature of David Bailiff-coached Owl teams, which tend to start the season in a slow, lumbering sleepwalk, grabbing their first morning cup of coffee in late September and showing up for work only after the annual retreat of Daylight Savings Time.

Preseason honoree Gaines
set for breakout campaign

13MDphillipg3a300px2.jpg (69279 bytes)
Preseason C-USA Defensive Player of the Year and Rice senior cornerback Phillip Gaines is primed for a marquee campaign (PTH photo

By Mark Anderson

HOUSTON (August 7) – It’s been a wild ride the past few months for Rice cornerback Phillip Gaines.

After moving to the head of the class with a monster second- half-of-the-season last year, the senior defensive leader for the Owls in July was named by league coaches as their preseason pick for Conference USA Defensive Player of the Year.

That 2012 season, and especially the part where Rice won five out of its last six games and then tromped Air Force in the Armed Forces Bowl, was a tour de force for Phillip, as he forged the Owl defensive secondary into a well-respected unit seemingly by sheer force of will – and this, after missing most of the 2011 campaign with an injury.

Gaines was a consensus 2012 All-Conference USA selection after leading the league and finishing second nationally with 18 pass breakups. His pass breakups saved 38 points from scoring, including six touchdown pass attempts plus a two-point try that would have sent the Rice-Tulane game into overtime at the Superdome

Most of the time,   but  not in '57
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Collegeinn3.jpg (1941 bytes)
Liberty Bowl postgame
13libertypgsnap9tn224.jpg (48060 bytes)
Coach Bailiff, James Radcliffe, Charles Ross
Liberty Bowl press luncheon
13prelib53n12snap5xTN220.jpg (46045 bytes)
Nate Richards, Charles Ross
on first impressions from game films of Mississippi State

13prelibchriscsnap3tn14.jpg (31501 bytes)Christian Covington
'I can't single myself out; it's a collective unit, from the defensive line to the defensive front; the success we've had is a testment to the senior leadership'
13prelibdbsnap2tn14.jpg (31517 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'Everything on the list of goals this senior leadership set, in mid- December, are still intact; it's been an amazing run for us'
Marshall postgame
13marpgtmacsnap1tn14.jpg (33286 bytes)Taylor McHargue
'I'm so proud of our student body to turn out the way they did; there was a lot made about this game, that is was going tobe played here'
13marpgbobsnap3tn14.jpg (31926 bytes)Luke Turner
'When I caught the pitch I made sure it was going to be a wide open pass; just did what I do in practice'; they really didn't understand what we were doing'
13marpgjordantaylorsnap1vx14.jpg (32947 bytes)Jordan Taylor
'We knew coming in that we were going to have to put up some points; it was great to come out and start the way we did'
13marpgcodybsnap1tn14.jpg (32446 bytes)Cody Bauer
'Keeping Cato in the pocket; that kid can do some amazing things when he scrambles, getting pressure on him was really a key tonight'
13marpgdbsnap2vx14.jpg (31456 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'Wow, was that an incredible sight to look across the field to see; I'm not sure every student on campus wasn't out there today'
Marshall week
13marshallwkdbsnap2tn12.jpg (29206 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'To play defense like that consistently for four quarters, that was just a great performance; a fabulous effort by all 11 men on the field: the defensive coaches had a magnificent game plan'
13marshallwktannerlsnap2tn12.jpg (27162 bytes)Tanner Leland
'Rakeem's incredible; commands the offense;   knows who's open, has great vision; he's a great quarterback and it's a challenge to contain him'
13marshallwktmacsnap3xtn12.jpg (28488 bytes)Taylor McHargue
'Once the season's over we can look back, but right new we're just focused on this one game; it is excitng to have the championship game here'
Tulane postgame
13tulanepgdbsnap1tn12.jpg (29079 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'Tulane had a great defense; we did too. Offense scored enough points to win; that's what counts. We're standing here as West Division champs -- how sweet does that sound?'
13tulanepgtmacsnap1tn12.jpg (28963 bytes)Taylor McHargue
'It's no secret that we've leaned on our defense all year;  they've played great defense, forced turnovers. Hat's off to Tulane; they came in and played tough'
13tulanepgchriscsnap1tn12.jpg (26906 bytes)Christian Covington
'We knew it was going to be a battle of the defenses; they tested us in every phase of the game. I give credit to the senior class.   I'm at a loss for words'
13tulanepgphilgsnap1tn12.jpg (28265 bytes)Phillip Gaines
'You only get a couple of opportunies like this in a life time, and you can't miss it.  We do what we've been coached to do, and the rest will take care of itself'
Tulane week
13tulanewkdbsnap1tn12.jpg (28515 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'Way too many mistakes; something we've got to eliminate, fast, for a team like Tulane -- but we got an incredible night from Jawon Davis'
13tulanewkchriscsnap3tn12.jpg (27470 bytes)Christian Covington
'Michael Kutzler really stepped it up as a vocal leader; to have him step up and call us out has really motivated us as a defense'
13tulanewktmacsnap3tn12x.jpg (28104 bytes)Taylor McHargue
'We have to play a lot better than that to beat a good Tulane team; solid on defense, they live off turnovers'
UAB postgame
13uabpgdbsnap2tn12.jpg (28240 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'We weren't playing well enough to get ourself off the field; but those young men played hard everyy play; we continued to battle; the offense got us in position to win'
13uabpgjowandsnap1tn12.jpg (27506 bytes)Jowan Davis
'It came and I took my chance; I  told Chuck that I was going to do everything I could to bring the 'W' home, and we got the win'
13uabpglturnersnap2tn12.jpg (23048 bytes)Luke Turner
'They called a speed option, and I knew they wanted me to cut it up, and find a soft spot, and that's was I was able to do, and got in the end zone...'
13uabpgcodybsnap1tn12x.jpg (29206 bytes)Cody Bauer
'We had to get it done; our backs were against the wall; somebody had to step up and say, hey, it all comes down to right now, the entire season...'
UAB week
13uabweekdbsnap1tn12.jpg (28288 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'It was our most complete game of the season; all three phases performed well; the best first down production we've had all season'
13uabweektpetesnap3tn12.jpg (28180 bytes)Turner Petersen
'I was shot a text by Charles that I have full privilege to speak on his behalf, if you have any questions for him...'
13uabweekcbauersnap1tn12.jpg (26903 bytes)Cody Bauer
'It's exciting to be back a hundred per cent; three weeks ago I had a knee surgery, and absolutely let loose this game; it was a lot of fun....'
LaTech postgame
Coach David Bailiff
13ltpgdbsnap1.jpg (34737 bytes)
Rice head coach David Bailiff shows what kind of man his Owls have as a head coach in his post-game comments....
13ltpgcharlesrsnap1tn12.jpg (25420 bytes)Charles Ross
'Reaching a thousand yards was a personal goal of mine this year; it was all made possible by my teammates, by the O line'
13ltpgcodybsnap1tn12.jpg (26138 bytes)Cody Bauer
'This team is completely different than we were a year ago. We’re a family. It shows in the way we play'
13ltpgdbsnap3tn12.jpg (28491 bytes)DB on the game
'The way the offense decided to take the ball tonight and how they took the ball down the field to score I thought set the tone for the football game'
LaTech week
13ltwkcoachTsnap5tn12.jpg (21198 bytes)Coach Thurmond
'The North Texas game was interesting in that they never snapped the ball past the 40 yard line, yet we lost the game'
13ltwkcoachpsnap3tn12.jpg (27225 bytes)Coach Patterson
'A long layoff isn't bad in November... you are facing teams that are jelling; it gives you an opportunity to get better'
13ltwkcoachRsnap5tn12.jpg (27076 bytes)Coach Reagan
'We're 0-3 when we turn the ball over to the other team; 6-0 when we have fewer or the same number of turnovers'
UNT postgame
13untpgdbsnap2tn12.jpg (26462 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'There were parts there tonight where we just really looked like a special football team, and other times in the game we come apart. We have to figure out why we're doing that'
13untpgtmacsnap1tn12.jpg (30220 bytes)Taylor McHargue
'We really never found any momentum. We'd have a big play and then shoot ourselves in the foot. And I've got to take care of the football. At the end of the day, that's the biggest thing'
UNT week
13untweekdbsnap2tn12.jpg (28095 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'Offensively it was a close as we'd come to a complete game; still had a little water in our gas tank the first quarter; defense, special teams were solid'
13untweekjaycartersnap3tn12x.jpg (26785 bytes)Jayson Carter
'I would say it is a milestone in my life; it was like "wow, I finally got that out of the way;" I haven't seen anything like on ESPN; have had to study'
13untweekjtaylorsnap2tn12.jpg (27234 bytes)Jordan Taylor
'It's going to be a hard-nosed football game; North Texas has a good team, and they bowl eligibility on the line'
13untweektlelandsnap1tn12.jpg (27778 bytes)Tanner Leland
'We enjoy being relied upon now; expections for the defense are a lot higher'; the younger players are doing a good job of stepping in'
UTEP postgame
13uteppgjtaylorsnap1tn121a.jpg (29305 bytes)Jordan Taylor
'We knew what we were going to get all week; we knew we were going get press coverage; that they were going to test us at wide receiver'
13utepcrosssnap3tn12.jpg (27123 bytes)Charles Ross
'I think it's been a learning process; we're learning how to win the close games; each week there's been an improvement'
13utepjwhitesnap1tn12.jpg (25576 bytes)Julius White
'Over the weeks, we're improving; we're learning how to play together, and our chemistry is coming together'
13nmsuweekdbsnap1tn12x.jpg (28984 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'I'm so proud of this team; we're 6 and 2, bowl eligible, I think we continue to improve as a football team; I think the best is yet to come'
13nmsuweekdontesnap5tn12.jpg (29063 bytes)Donte Moore
'Their fans gave us all that we could handle; their players were a little rough, but I credit our team for doing what it takes to come out with a win'
13nmsuweekkutzsnap2tn12.jpg (26387 bytes)Michael Kutzler
'I was surprised that everyone should be happy we won the game, but we are also disappointd we didn't play our best game'
13nmsuweekdbsnap1tn12x.jpg (28984 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'We've been emphasizing being a four quarter football team; we still have to learn how to play four quarters'
UTSA postgame
13utsapgdbsnap2tn12.jpg (26083 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'We had no turnovers; that's one of the reasons we won today.  We don't need to be great, we need to be consistent'
13utsapgphillipsnap1tn12.jpg (25856 bytes)Phillip Gaines
'We have a bend but don't break mindset; so if you get bad field position, then just hold them to three'
13utsapgdparkssnap1tn12.jpg (26490 bytes)Dennis Parks
'It all starts with the O line; they gave Taylor great protection, and he put the ball where only I could catch it'
UTSA week
13utsawkjrdsnap5tn12.jpg (29800 bytes)Darik Dillard
'Once I caught it, everything just went numb for a second; next thing you know I had the entire team out hitting didn't register right away that we'd actually won the game'
13utsawkmoochsnap1tn12.jpg (27966 bytes)Stuart Mouchantaf
'Winning games like that, going to war with the man in front of you, it gets your blood pumping; it makes you happier about the work you put in during the week'
13utsawkdbsnap1tn12.jpg (26559 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'We've got to come out and be a better offensive football team in the third quarter, and that's one of our goals this week'
Tulsa week
13tulsawksnapdbtn12.jpg (28023 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'We haven't been in a good rhythm. We need to get it back where we are making plays, where we're in a rhythm and we're comfortable and confident'
13tulsawksnapmhilltn12.jpg (28465 bytes)Malcom Hill
'We talked about it in the huddle -- "We've got to get a turnover" -- when I got the ball, I thought, "This is the big play; this is the play you want to make"'
13tulsawksnaptptn12.jpg (28673 bytes)Turner Petersen
'You're not going to harp on the good things, and you're not going to hold on to these negatives. Each week is a new week. For that matter, every play is a new play'
FAU postgame
13faupgsnapcody5a12.jpg (27746 bytes)Cody Bauer
'As a team when your offense is struggling, your defense has to step up; you have to rely on each other..we had a blitz called; the ball came out somehow -- it worked out'
13faupgsnapbryce1a12.jpg (27808 bytes)Bryce Callahan
'I love when they throw outside; it gives me opportunities, and we saw it on film that they like to go deep a lot off the play-action'
13faupgsnapjamesr1a12.jpg (27625 bytes)James Radcliffe
'We knew we had a chance the whole game; they had had one big play and one trip in the red zone - and that's all'
13faupgsnapdb1a12.jpg (32720 bytes)Coach Bailiff
The defense continued to make plays; they never quit; all they was saying was, 'the offense is struggling; we need to make plays'
UH week videos
13uhweekdbsnap4tn12.jpg (28321 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'The win had so much to do with field position, our defense was just outstanding all night; pleased with the defensive line, how they played; Michael Kutzler continues to amaze....'
13uhweekkutzmug5tn12.jpg (27236 bytes)Michael Kutzler
'I’ll play wherever they put me; as a defense, we are a completely different team than we were in the past; the effort’s incred- ible; we’re a closer team than I’ve ever been on'
13uhweekbozsnap1tn12.jpg (26620 bytes)Chris Boswell
'The main point is that we won; if I don’t have to kick any field goals, that fine; if I need to kick ten to win, that’s OK, as long as we win'
KU Postgame
13ukpgdbmug1xxx.jpg (29658 bytes)Coach Bailiff
’It’s a lot easier to teach players when they’re winning than when they’re losing. We’l get a lot out of this video because of the way we hung together. You should have seen the locker room'
13ukpgmkutzmug5xxx.jpg (28115 bytes)Michael Kutzler
'It’s a route we saw on film this past week, so I knew it was coming. I just glad I caught it the second time after the tip'
13ukpgbozmug2xxx.jpg (27286 bytes)Chris Boswell
"As soon as it hit my foot, I knew it was good. It just felt good. It’s kind of like golf; you know, the one you don’t feel off the club'
13ukpgcrossmug1xxx.jpg (28726 bytes)Charles Ross
'I think that was one of the things I needed to work on after last season, just getting in better shape so I can get better as the game goes on'
KU Week videos
13kuweekdbmug1.jpg (34655 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'I thought we played with unbelievable effort throughout that whole football game... Turner Petersen will be able to play this week; his shoulder was not fractured
13kuweektmacmug1.jpg (34616 bytes)Taylor McHargue
'The A&M game kind of solidified our thoughts about who we are as a team, especially offensively...
13kuweekchriscmug1.jpg (31928 bytes)Christian Covington
'We're going to take the KU game film as it is; we're going to establish what we can from it. It's a stepping stone for our season
A&M postgame
Coach Bailiff
13tamupgsnapsdb3xx.jpg (42957 bytes)
'We were dreaming big; we were coming in to win this football game. The team is hurt right now...but we are on the right track
McHargue, Ross, Covington
13tamupgsnapplayers3xx.jpg (49450 bytes)
'The effort was there; we just have to clean up some of the mental saw on the field how good we can be; we'll come back in two weeks....
A&M week press conference
13tamuwkgabesnap1tn12.jpg (29177 bytes)Gabe Baker
'It's going to be loud; it's going to be crazy; we just have to control what we can, which is to be able to commu- nicate on our end
13tamuweektmac1a12x.jpg (28048 bytes)Taylor McHargue
'We were able to install the offense and defense in about three days; it normally takes a week and a half
13tamuweekdbmug1a12x.jpg (26367 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'We're a pretty good football team; we're excited about going up there and play one of the best..and see what we can do
Media Day interviews
09tnpstgamecrossmug3xx.jpg (1782 bytes)Charles Ross, Turner Petersen
'It was an accomplish- ment for the team, to be able to be there, and get a bowl win
13dpattersontn12.jpg (28901 bytes)Coach Patterson
'I do feel a lot better because of the speed we have on this team...that was a big focus this past summer
paulpmug2.jpg (16248 bytes)Paul Porras
'Winning the conference championship would mean the world; it's amazing what winning a couple more games can do for a program.   It's going to be a fun year
13MDdbmug1a12a.jpg (22779 bytes)Coach Bailiff
'This camp has got to be about daily improvement.  As good as we may feel, we've got to go out there each day and go to work -- and we can't have any bad days
Caravan videos
13caravanreagan4x224.jpg (32734 bytes)
OC John Reagan

13caravanchris2x.jpg (34504 bytes)
DC Chris Thurmond

2013 Blue-Grey
13sgmugDB3x.jpg (36481 bytes)
David Bailiff
12apapgdbetaltn220.jpg (43027 bytes)
Coach Bailiff, Paul Porras, Cam Nwosu

"We came out in the second half and made a couple adjustments – and they were more importantly some attitude adjustments, not so much from coaching but from the team leaders
12apapgotherstn120.jpg (40191 bytes)
Jordan Taylor, Jared Williams, Driphus Jackson, T Petersen

'This makes it all worth it, all the hard times we’d been through together. This is a great group of guys – and you can see it by the way that we all pulled together out there on the field


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