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Frosh quarterback reached
his comfort  zone in a hurry
04nevadaweekarmstrong2b.jpg (29818 bytes)
Joel Armstrong on his 61-yard run:  "That was all the line"

HOUSTON (Oct. 11) – For Joel Armstrong, the outcome was worth the wait. In fact, it really wasn’t all that much of a wait, when you get down to it.

The redshirt freshman quarterback from Longview  earned the first start of his collegiate career Saturday against SMU, when internal bruising caused Rice team sawbones to hold starting senior QB Greg Henderson out of the game.

Joel had already shown what he could do a couple of weeks earlier, the very first time he strode onto the field as a collegian. It was then, late in the Texas game before 80,000-plus at Memorial Stadium, that he impressed friend and foe alike with a sudden, 44-yard touchdown run. That’s as long a run the Texas defense has had pulled against it all season.

Then last week in the Twilight Zone game against San Jose State, Joel came in late to spell Greg again. That time, he was two for three, leading the Flock on two touchdown drives, but coughing up the football one time. (160 bytes)              Webletter local media survey... updated.gif (971 bytes)

Rice 44, SMU 10
backtrack.jpg (20523 bytes)
04smuslmisstexas1.jpg (76764 bytes)

Miss Texas 2004, Jamie Story, is a Rice grad -- and a mathematician, too   (P.T.H. photo)
Team effort, revamped back- field lead Owls to easy win

04smuobaileyscores2.jpg (44774 bytes)
Ed Bailey barrels goalward for one of his four TDs on the night

HOUSTON (Oct. 10) – San Jose? We don’t know no San Jose.

The Rice Owls shrugged off last week’s weird loss to San Jose State en route to a methodical, 44-10 win over the SMU Mustangs here Saturday night, in a game that featured consistent perfor- mances by the Feathered Flock in all phases of the game while revealing an encouraging degree of Rice backfield depth.

The Owls, after spotting SMU a 3-0 lead at the outset, rode the backs of reserve freshman quarterback Joel Armstrong and fifth-year senior fullback Ed Bailey to 44 straight points, putting the Mustangs effectively out of the game in the second quarter by converting turnovers and alert special- teams play into three straight touchdown drives, none of which had to cover more than 28 yards.

It was as if the California Nightmare had never happened.

"It was a difficult week for a lot of reasons, one, because of everything that happened last week," Rice coach Ken Hatfield said afterwards. "This game tonight was a total team effort. I thought we won all three parts of the game — offense, defense and kicking."
Story...  Box score, game summary....     Snapshots from San Jose... 

Coverage of Owls lags behind UH

Editor's note:  As a special feature provided this fall to the Webletter by a neutral source --  guaranteed  -- we'll be presenting an occasional update on coverage of the local football teams,  both college and pro, by the Houston Chronicle.   Table and MS Excel file download...

HOUSTON (Oct. 11) -- It looks like October will be remembered as the month of the clich'. Will the Cubs make it to the post season or yet again be subject to charges of el foldo? Will the Red Sox end the curse of the Bambino? Will the Astros ever win a playoff round? Will Mack Brown and the Longhorns finally beat the Sooners?

These are the questions that will dominate the media during the next weeks. It seems to be easier to retread old stories instead of working on real news and analysis. "Look at this running back recruit that got away from Texas!" "Mack tells his team his job is safe!" "Mack is serious about defense this year, he hired NFL Coaches!" In fact, I really wish that these teams would win so we could dispense with the curse stories and clich's and get down to some real journalism.
Story....       Table....

Rice experiences rare good fortune
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 13)
Pack 'D' faces offensive extremes in 7 days
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Oct. 13)

Owls featured in PBS documentary
( -- Oct. 13)
Fresno playing catch-up
(Fresno Bee -- Oct. 13)

Pack to face Rice for Homecoming
( -- Oct. 12)
Owls have seen this movie before
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 12)
Ault makes decision:  Rowe is the quarterback
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Oct. 12)

Rowe keeps starting role at QB for Nevada
(KESQ-TV -- Oct. 12)

Bailey wins second WAC Player of Week award
( -- Oct. 11)

Ed Bailey named Chron WAC player of week
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 11)
Hawaii didn't need much time to roll over Pack 'D'
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Oct. 11)

Pack coach will end two-QB rotation
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Oct. 11)

Rice coasts to snap two-game skid
(Houston Chronicle -- Oct. 10)
Rice options unlimited in 44-10 defeat of SMU
(Dallas Morning News -- Oct. 10)

SMU quarterback shuffle yields scant dividends
(Dallas Morning News -- Oct. 10)
SMU can't solve Rice's option
(San Jose Mercury-News -- Oct. 10)

SMU no match for Rice
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- Oct. 10)
Bailey scores four TDs as Rice defeats SMU
( -- Oct. 10)
Nevada loses, 48-26, in Hawaii
(Reno Gazette-Journal -- Oct. 10)
After blowout loss to Rice, Pony fans contemplate abyss
( discussion thread)

Rice_Owl.jpg (6233 bytes)rfsp.jpg (10927 bytes)
A whole sports section full of  Rice football links

Rice_Owl.jpg (6233 bytes)Rice's 2004 season, week-by-week....
Rice's 2003 season, week-by-week...


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Next game:

University of Nevada
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Saturday, Oct.16, 2004
8:05 p.m. (C.D.T.)

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