Rice Stadium is one of two university stadiums
to have hosted a Super Bowl.

ricestadiumaerial.jpg (52773 bytes)On January 13, 1974, the Miami Dolphins
defeated the Minnesota Vikings 24-7 in
SuperBowl VIII at Rice Stadium.  A crowd of
71,882 saw Miami continue its domination of
the NFL against a Minnesota team that offered
little serious competition.  Viking Coach Bud
Grant, obviously not very happy over the
anticipated mismatch, had groused about
inadequate training facilities (at Del Mar
Stadium, not at Rice) and had a word or two
to say about the dressing rooms at Rice.
Otherwise, there was hardly a negative word
about Rice Stadium, as a venue, and the fact
that Houston has not again been selected as a Super Bowl city was reflective more on hotel and
training facilities than on the stadium.  Phyllis George and crew held forth in the recently
constructed R-Room facility at the south end zone, where a panoramic view of Phyllis, with the
stadium and field unfolding behind her, was afforded to television viewers. (BTW, the other
college stadium, extant, to have hosted a Super Bowl is Stanford Stadium.  The old Sugar Bowl,
on the Tulane campus, once hosted one, also, but it's long gone.)

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ricestad2.jpg (15806 bytes)


Rice Stadium as it looks today
(before the steam-cleaning job in
September, '98)






ricecons.jpg (17643 bytes)


Rice Stadium under
construction in 1950,
viewed from West to East.
Old Rice Field is shown in
the upper right-hand corner.





foleys.jpg (13591 bytes)


Foley Brothers department
store throws out the welcome
mat for Santa Clara, Rice's first
opponent in the new  stadium,
September, 1950. (Could you
imagine a major Houston
department store doing a
store display for a Rice home
football game these days?
Times've changed.)



ricestad.jpg (17724 bytes)


It's a packed house in
the 50s.  Rice officials
managed to park close
to 10,000 cars in the
open space surrounding
the stadium.




   (B&W photos courtesy Glen Krajca-Radcliffe)