Call for Rice-Hawaii road trip snapshots...

Due to the expense of relocating our massive staff for road trips, we won't be traveling to Hawaii for the game Saturday. In prior years, player parents have been nice enough to help us out by sending snapshots of the trip -- not only scenes from the game, but also the hotel, the beach, and various extracurriculars.  We'd like to post a scrap-book of photos from this year's Hawaii trip, as well -- including game photos. So you moms and dads -- and all Owl fans in general -- who'll be making the trip, please shoot lots of pictures, sift through them, and if you'd like to see any of them posted, email the photo files to us.

And if any of you'd like to do some serious shooting, we can even lend you some of our equipment.  We've got a Canon D60 digital SLR with a zoom lens that actually is very easy to use -- just set it on "automatic -- sports" and fire away. Email us or call if interested in doing some 'big-time' sports- shooting.

The Webletter Guys

Owl family photo album, senior photo info

Here's what we have cooking on the photo front...

(DEC. 29 --We're running a little late on the schedule set out below.  Had to migrate to a new computer.  Will be back on it soon.)

1.  You're of course welcome to download all the photos posted in this album, or, for that matter, anywhere else in the Webletter.   Note that for each photo posted in the family album, as well as most other photos posted in Fall '02, usually we have much better versions of those pictures, larger and with a higher resolution -- the ones posted are shrunk down to 72 pixels per inch in order to economize on file size, OK for web pages but not very good at all for photo prints.   We'll print all of these family photos and also, as time allows, burn them onto CD-R's and they'll be available for going through at the football office some time in January.  We'll post a notice when they're ready.

2.  As for seniors only, we're doing a package of prints of the family photos we have for them, as well as some of the better action photos -- and we're trying hard to get those in the mail to everybody by Christmas.   That's going to take top priority, then.  Eventually we'll make availabe the JPG files burned onto CD-R's as well. (Note that it's OK for us to make prints for graduating seniors -- but we have to turn the prints in for undergrads to the football office.  Don't want to be breaking any NCAA rules here, for sure.)

As for any seniors that we missed taking family photos of, we apologize.  We can still do it, if you'd like -- just email us and we'll make arrangements to get together with you down at the football offices some time when it's mutually convenient..

3.  As for any special requests, feel free to e-mail us, and we'll do our best to get it done for you.   Just give us a little time, over the winter....


Rice_Owl.jpg (6233 bytes)A message to Owl families,
Rice students, alumni and fans

The Rice Football Webletter is gearing up for what promises to be yet another interesting and challenging Rice football campaign. This fall, you can expect even more exhaustive coverage of each game and of the team, with lots of action photos every week of the season. The same group of contributors and columnists should be back on board with us, but nevertheless, we can’t help but feeling the medium remains somewhat underutilized.  While we try to maintain professional standards of editing on the Webletter -- well, maybe semi-professional -- it's meant to be wide open to any and all members of the Rice community who're interested in participating , Owl parents, Rice alumni, students and fans alike.

We're particularly interested in contributions from sources with unique perspectives on Rice football, and the Rice experience in general. That means you, out there, Owl moms and dads, and even little brothers and sisters -- we have an opening for a road-trip diarist, and more. That means you, the die-hard fans in the colleges, whose good friends are out there giving it up on the field -- your   thoughts are worth something to the team. And it means you Rice fans whose college days were spent inside hedges that defined a place with a last name called "Institute" -- we really do like to hear those old stories. Amateur photographers who follow Owl football -- you snap a good one, we'll post it, especially on road trips.

So if you have a hankering, by all means let us know, and we'll try our best to match you up with a fun assignment that makes a contribution to the cause.  You know, there's been the feeling the past couple of years that the Owls are just that far from breaking through to the championship level.  There's a feeling of wanting to do a little extra, to do one's part to maybe help nudge the Owls over the top.  Coming to the games as often as possible, digging a little deeper for that Owl Club membership, making the call to that local radio sports talk show -- all those things just eventually have to add up.  Consider this yet another way you can do your part for the Owls, off the field  -- so they're in just a little better shape to do their job, on the field.

Rice Fight Never Dies!
Paul Hlavinka (Lovett '72)
2044 Bissonnet
Houston, Texas 77005
713.521.3107 fax

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